Monday, June 19, 2006

I've let someone that is not important in my life hurt my feelings and I've been dealing with it for the last couple of hours. Why do I allow that to happen???? I need to figure out a way to push it out of my mind and just enjoy this great life I have, but it's nagging in the back of my mind. Maybe taking a few minutes to write about it a little will help me!

Time to Play:
I still have more to do in my home but I'm done for today! I got alot accomplished and actually quite happy with myself. Now, it's time to look around my sewing room and attempt to get inspired - maybe a little straightening would help. HMMM

The quilt on the bed makes me smile - it's a pattern called Square Deal and it was in AP&Q last fall. 30's prints are so sweet and summery.

2nd THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Let go of stress. Spend some time in a place that is soothing and tranquil.

Friends that accept me for who I am
New friends that are wanting to get to know who I am


Tracey said...

A 'newbie' to your blog and I'm so glad that I took the time to pop on over!'ve got yourself some SERIOUS quilts there!! Oh my gosh...when I saw your cupboard with all of those quilts...!!!! And that isn't all of them?!? You're my hero! :oD

Welcome to blogland!

anne bebbington said...

Darlene - it's easy for me to say but as the saying goes 'nil carborundum illegitimum' - don't let the b@st*$ds grind you down. Strange isn't it how something from someone unimportant can really play on your mind - channel your disquiet into something productive instead :o)

Patti said...

I'm so glad to see you are posting again! Some weeks are just like that - it seems the harder you try the worse things get. Looks like you made lots of good progress however. My problem is always getting started. Once I get started I can get a lot accomplished, but I often need that "kick in the you know where" to get me to tackle an unpleasant class.

As far as people who hurt your feelings - they certainly aren't your friends. It's way easier said than done - and is something I struggle with a lot - but I still like what my Mom taught me. "If you let them hurt your feelings then they have won. If you ignore them and move on with your life then you have won."

Just think of all the new friends you are making here in blogland!

Mama Koch said...

I found you thru another blog and your quilts are georgous.
BTDT--been there done that...I've had so-called friends step on me too..and it does hurt. But yaknowhwat?..pick yourself up and know that you didn't do a thing wrong and they can just 'get over it'.
Keep posting...because we're still reading!

Karen said...

Hi, Darlene, wow, what a stack of scrumptious quilts in your cupboard!!

Vicky said...

Darlene, that's happened to me a bunch lately, too. Especially getting blamed for things that happened more than a week before I even knew about them. But to explain that takes more energy than I want to expend on it. I figure truth and justice always prevail, and I shall wait it out.

Hang in there. It's just like your Mom said!

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