Sunday, July 02, 2006

Oh my goodness I've actually completed part of block 1 and have another section ready to sew down. Yeehaw! I am so excited! LOL Now I want to find the other projects I have and get busy. Oh, that's probably not a good idea. Better to just continue plugging along on this one. :-)

OK, Vicky are you ready???? Pull your Pumpkin Hill pattern and all your fabric out and get started. :-)

I wish I could tell the whole world how excited I am. Silly I know!

I went to sew with my buddies on Friday night and they were shocked when I pulled out my light box and Pumpkin Hill pattern and started tracing more of the blocks. I can hardly wait to see them again to show them what I've done.

Thanks for all the comments and compliments on my pattern selection.

Off to play some more!


kcamou said...

You did a wonderful job! No wonder you are so excited!

The Baynes Family said...

Whoa.....their girlie better just stick to this one first looks like a big one. Dont want to get overwhelmed. It is looking GREAT though can't wait to see more. Wishing you happy sewing!

Vicky said...

Oh, goodness, those are totally gorgeous!!! Within the next week or so I'm going to get mine going. I've got to finish up a quilt for my niece for Christmas first. :(

I'm to proud of you -- but the fact that you're enjoying applique is what really makes me smile!

(((HUGS)) for you!

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