Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pumpkin Hill - More Progress!

Block #3 is done, done, done! I went to sew with my buddies last night at one of the local quilt shops and they couldn't believe how far I've come. :-) I sat all night either finishing up this block or tracing the next three blocks. I was really excited because I got a lot of tracing done and then realized I'd made a huge boo-boo - so all my tracing was a waste of time. AARRGGHH!! Oh well, it happens. So, after I'm finished with this update I'm going to sit down with my light box, box of freezer paper and marking pen and start all over again. I'm thinking about just tracing the next block and prepping all the pieces cuz there's a baseball game on tonight and I need to be ready to sit and sew. :-)

It was so nice to see my sewing buddies last night - such a relaxing time. We're 9 women who came together completely by accident over two years ago at a time when we were all at loose ends with our lives. One of the ladies says it was a "God Thing" and I completely agree. We're a very diverse group - all ages - we're moms, grandmas, career women, retired women and quilting is our bond. We'd been sewing together once a month at one of the local quilt stores and my 50th birthday was approaching so I asked them if they'd like to go north to the mountains on a quilting retreat with me to help me celebrate my birthday. I couldn't believe it they all jumped up pulled out calendars and said "Absolutely". I believe it was that trip that helped us bond - we've been sewing together twice a month since then and we go on a retreat four times a year now. In fact, we're going again the first week end in August and I'm looking forward to it - we're going to celebrate my 52nd birthday while we're there. :-) They went in May but I couldn't join them because I was recovering from surgery and didn't feel it would be a good idea to go. I'm really looking forward to this one coming up. Lots of sewing, eating, laughing and relaxing.

Thought for today: "Well behaved women seldom make history" ;-)


Mrs. Moody said...

Your applique is coming along quite nicely. It is inspiring me to pull out my freezer paper and actually do an appilque for a change.

The Baynes Family said...

OOOOh....I really like this one! I have to say this block so far is my favorite. The new project looks real fun too, but be a good girl and finish this one first. Come on it won't be long cause your movin so fast its crazy what you have done already. Looking good keep it up! ;o)

kcamou said...

It is wonderful! You are making this for me right. ;c) Your retreat plans sound so great! I know that one day when my kids are older I will get to do things like that too. I hope you have the best time!

Vicky said...

Okay, you've got us hooked with this beautiful quilt! I was talking to my friend today and she is getting ready to start it, too. I think you two are teaming up on me!

It's stunning, Darlene! Fabulous job you're doing!


Nadine said...

Hi, Darlene !

Woohoo... this quilt is going to be such a nice one ! You're very talented and what a nice pattern !
Sometimes I feel exactly the same as you do : I LOVE appliques, I really do (it's like "painting" !) but there comes a time when you HAVE to stick on something else. I always have two or three quilts on the stove (handpiecing, machine piecing, quilting...).
Thanks for your visit on my blog.
I'll come back later to visit yours completely, as I have lasagna cooking in the oven for tomorrow (we all have to feed the nest, don't we ?)

Friendship threads from
NADINE in Belgium.

Shelina said...

You really are coming along with the blocks. This one is great. Your quilt group sounds amazing, I'm jealous! To have a big group you can sew with, and go on retreats with.

kim said...

You are making lots of progress! I really like the quilt, and can't wait to see it all put together. I dream of the time when I finally meet a group of ladies that get together like that. I know it will happen one day- when 'my life' stops getting in the way of 'my plans'. You are truely an inspiration to me.
Kim :-)

The Calico Cat said...

So where are you in AZ? I live in Prescott & Avondale - near Glendale for a few years. (I also lived in TX for more than a few years - in the Hill country - my dad is now just south of Houston.)

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