Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Favorite!

I was making up my bed this morning and as I put this quilt at the foot of the bed I realized that it looks a lot like the quilt some are making in the hour a day sewing challenge. I made this one about four years ago and it's definitely a favorite! (of course, it's Robyn Pandolph fabrics LOL)

Thought for today: Everyday should be full of joy!

A full day to sew
Pretty fabric to sew with
Full bobbins
A sharp rotary blade


Dawn said...

Oh how pretty! It does look like the hour a day challenge! I just love seeing everyones quilts - even if it is a quilt you made a long time ago!

cher said...

yes, it fits right in...thanks for sharing.

Carol said...

A favorite of mine also!

Linda_J said...

What's not to like, LOL? There is just something about that fabric line!

Vicky said...

Gotta love that RP! I've got a Cottage Rose line quilt on my bed, too! LOL! I think we are kindred souls!

Beautiful quilt!


Susan said...

Same block, but a variation and different block borders. The feeling is a lot the same. Love the softness of yours. The Shoo-fly block has become one of my favorite ones!

Lisa D. said...

That's really beautiful, Darlene. I can see why it's a favorite! Just lovely!

Jan Mac said...

I love these soft colours and also the quilt in your previous post.

Tazzie said...

On my first glance at that quilt, I did think it was the hour a day challenge!
It looks just lovely, well done!

jpquilter said...

Wow - I go away for a few days and look at how much you have done! Your quilts and blocks are lovely - thanks for posting such inspiring photos - Juliann

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