Sunday, August 27, 2006

It's Done :-)

When I finish piecing a quilt top I usually sing "another one bites the dust, another one's done and another one's done and another one bites the dust (boom boom)" LOL It's a bit busy but I really like the way it turned out. I love quilting week ends - don't you?

Why Do I Quilt?

I've thought and thought about this question that Patti posed to everyone late in the week. There are so many reasons but I think primarily because it's a stressbuster. I'm a worrier - my DH says that I worry when I don't have anything to worry about. I think that he's right! LOL I find that when I spend time sewing (machine and/or hand) my mind is at peace and my heart is very happy. I love to spend time in my sewing room and find that I can lose myself in my thoughts about patterns, fabric, more patterns and more fabric. In other words I don't have time to worry and fret. :-) I really enjoy sewing but have been down the garment road and really didn't enjoy that one bit. I was a quilting wannabe for a long time and honestly felt that I couldn't do it. I was attributing it to my frustration with garment sewing. UGH!!!! And, then in 1999 I had a strong desire to learn how to quilt so I visited every quilt store in the area to see how I would be treated as a "beginner". One of the owners of one of the quilt stores actually took me by the arm and showed me the beginner project and then showed me what I could do once I took my beginner class. I was so impressed with the way that she treated me that I signed up immediately and the rest is history. LOL

It's only been recently that I've started doing more handwork (Oh I've always been a needleworker - cross stitch and embroidery) but now new doors have been opened in the quilting world and a new kind of peace has happened. I truly do enjoy sitting and watching my needle pulling thread through the project of the day.

My mother in law once paid me the ultimate compliment "give Darlene a needle, thread and fabric and she can do anything". I can't tell you what that did for me. :-) A paintbrush and I do not get along so I completely avoid those type of activities. I do enjoy crocheting however it's been more than 25 years since I've done that. I won't bore you with the reasons I avoid other interests.

So, in a nutshell I quilt because it provides the peace and simple bliss I need in my life.

Why do I blog?

I discovered blogging when I accidently found Jeanne's blog in June. I'd read a few other blogs before that but I read Jeanne's entire blog and decided this might be the place for me.

Like so many of you I too belong to many e-mail groups and find that I primarily "lurk" - never quite feeling comfortable enough to post. And, when I do post I feel a bit self-conscious. (remember I'm a worrier - LOL)

I'm not necessarily a shy and introverted person however I do find that I'm slow to join. Actually I'm not much of a joiner - I do enjoy spending time with me, myself and I. If I don't join something I don't have to worry about being accepted - yes the fear of acceptance truly exists. Blogging means I can share my quilts and quilt tops and I don't have worry about someone rolling their eyes at my fabric choices or how big or small my quilt is or why I chose that pattern. I just post a journal type entry and hope that those that like I what I did will comment and I try not to worry about those that don't.

Blogging is a place to hopefully be accepted and be part of the "inner circle". I've already made several cyberfriends that I enjoy counting as friends. Blogging is a perfect fit for me and I've truly been enjoying it.

Thank you for letting me share!

Now it's time to search for a new project :-)


The freedom of speech


Susan said...

No need to worry about it, it's always interesting. =)

I, too, like your busy top. Thanks for putting down your thoughts about quilting and blogging.

Libby said...

I love your quilt -- that is such a fun pattern. Did you get yours from Quilt In A Bag?
Quilting is very mind-freeing and stress relieving. Let's just face it, quilting is the perfect hobby *s*

Tazzie said...

Your quilt looks just lovely! And thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

Linda_J said...

Darlene, we are happy to have you along for the ride! The fabrics in your quilt look very cheerful and that border really picks up the colors in the blocks wonderfully.

I like that--Queen lyrics to celebrate an completion.

Doodlebug Gail said...

That's a lovely quilt - I particularly like your striped border. You and I have similar thoughts on why we blog - I'll have to find some time to address that question on my blog.

Nancy said...

Your weekend project is wonderful!

And thanks for sharing your thoughts on why you quilt and why you blog. I've been very interested in reading what everone has to say on both these subjects.

Norma said...

I love your quilt. I don't find it too busy at all. I think you did a great job putting together all those colours!

Judy said...

You know what it IS busy...and fun and striking and WONDERFUL!! Such a fun happy quilt! I love the colors and the way they dance and play off each other!

Simply fabulous!

Bonnie said...

Love your quilt top - the bright colors and of course, the striped border. It all works wonderfully well together.

Vicky said...

That's dynamite! Not too busy at all -- just perfect!

I enjoyed reading about why you quilt. I've been pondering that question, too.

Have a great week.


Hedgehog said...

Wow! What a fun quilt. And I still love the stripes!

cher said...

well, it's quite the lovely top-and you know? it would never have occurred to me to add that flowered square-which is why I enjoy reading other's quilty's so much fun to see how others put colors/patterns/choices together and how it comes together in the finished quilt. thanks for sharing why you quilt - quilting can really make my heart sing too! and why you blog-glad you realize you can find acceptance here.

May Britt said...

Good morning Darlene. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about quilting and blogging.
And your ninepathc is lovely. Reminds me of an ufo I have somewhere LOL should I finish it??? It has even been a picture of it in McCall magazine togheter with several ninepatch quilts my quiltgroup made.

Esteemarlu said...

Darlene I quilt for the same reasons you do.I find it so relaxing. Although some friends think that's crazy. When I'm blogging or quilting, time just flies for me. I don't think your quilt top is too busy, it's a beautiful quilt top made by someone who loves to quilt. Your MIL gave you a very nice compliment.

The Calico Cat said...

I like that quilt top. (I have something similar brewing in the back of my mind...) Great way to use a stripe.

I enjoyed reading about your reasons for blogging and quilting.

KCQuilter said...

Wonderful cheery top! I just realized that you are on PrimFolkApplique group too!!! I'm the same way--I tend to not post too much. I agree with everything you said about joining, acceptance, and worrying LOL. Me to a tee also. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Cynthia said...

I seem to repeat myself whenever i look at the quilts you make...another lovely quilt.

Your thoughts on quilting and blogging is exactly how i feel.

Dawn said...

Yeahh!!!! Another one done! I know the feeling. I love it!

And what fun to read why you quilt and why you blog!

Tracey said...

Slow down, would ya?? Gol-ly girl...I can't even think that fast let alone make a quilt that fast! :oP And it's gorgeous!! Job well done. :o)

Patti said...

Love your answer to my question, Darlene. And I think the new quilt top is beautiful. You chose a wonderful selection of fabrics for the top. Not busy, just very bright and cheerful!

Lisa D. said...

Wow - I love the setting fabrics in your 9-patch quilt. It really makes the quilt lively. Great job! I still don't understand how you can accomplish so much in a weekend. You don't sleep, do you?

Suze said...

Your quilt is a delight to behold and also an inspiration for one I might make.

Thank you for sharing your feelings. I thought for many years I was the only person that was concerned about being accepted.

Finn said...

Hi Darlene, love the newly finished project!! I'd be singing too...*VBS* I don't find it all that busy but bright and happy.
So glad you joined up in blogland. It really is a great way to share. What we love, what we do, and even what troubles us. It's your space to do with what you want and say what you think. And best of all, share our quilts..*VBS* Hugs, Finn

Mary said...

I love finishing a top - almost as finishing the whole quilt. This one looks great and I love the progress you're making on your hexagon flowers.

I haven't worked much on mine but did make another 2 flowers. I was looking for the paper pieces for leaves I'm going to use and couldn't find the right size. I have some larger ones so I'm going to cut them down and use them. I'm ready to get both the nine patch top and the hexagon flowers done but I'm not making much progress!

EileenKNY said...

All right-another Queen fan!!! I do like that top, it's so happy looking.
I'm a worrier too. I just can't always identify why I worry. ;)
When I read people's blogs, I feel like they've opened a little door into their lives, and I can't help wishing I knew you all personally. My problem is that I'm spending too much time with the 'puter and not enough at the machine.

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