Friday, August 31, 2007

Why Do I Blog????

A few weeks ago I was telling some of my local friends about the world of blogging and how much fun it is - yada, yada, yada. Well, I had to contend with eyes being rolled, reasons why the Internet is such a dangerous place, snide remarks about how desperate I must be for friends. I told them they were wrong and that I was having a great time. The subject was finally dropped and believe me when I tell you that I will never bring it up again. LOL

Anyway, since then I've really been asking myself "why do I blog"? I know exactly why I blog however it was a question I still had to ask myself. :-) I have made so many wonderful friends since I started this blog and I've said it before and will repeat it again - this is my international guild where I feel welcome all the time. There is so much inspiration in the blogging world.

Today my question was answered loud and clear by several "Earthly Angels". Late one night Linda and I were chatting via e-mail about the magazine that she'd been 'lusting after' for a few years and I told her that I understood exactly how she felt as I had a little tidbit I'd been wanting from AU very badly but had not been able to locate it. She immediately called Kim at Honeysuckle Cottage in AU and these two wonderful women put the wheels in motion to locate what I was coveting. I received an e-mail from Linda this morning telling me that my elusive tidbit will be arriving at my home very, very soon. I couldn't believe it when I read this e-mail and I'm not ashamed to admit that I had tears in my eyes.

This is why I blog!

I hope that you've had a wonderful day and that you've enjoyed your needle and thread. Thanks for stopping by blog and I hope you'll come again because I intend to continue to blog for a very long time.

In Friendship!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Supporting Cast

I'm getting ready to start doing some Fall decorating (it's time to take down the patriotic stuff - LOL) and decided it might be a good idea to quilt another flimsey from the pile. I'm very disappointed in my quilting decision - I was rushing and thought "oh I'll just put some loops all over this one and it'll be fine" - wrong! I agonized about whether or not I should sit and rip out the stitches and then decided that every quilt can't be a Super Star and have it's name in lights - there must a Supporting Cast. This one will have a 'bit part' and not even be mentioned in the credits. LOL I've come to terms with it and decided that it will look great folded with other Fall quilts. The best part - it's out of the pile of flimsies - that's a really good thing. :-) Now I must find the binding and call it DONE.

I had a wonderful surprise phone call yesterday - Angie called! We chatted; we laughed; we chatted; we laughed................................ We are so much alike it's a bit scary. You must go visit her blog and check out her wonderful Fall projects.

Thanks for visiting, I appreciate that you do. Come again soon!

In Friendship!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Handwork and More

I was awaken yesterday to the sound of raindrops on the skylights on the roof of my home. I excitedly jumped out of bed - could it really be rain - would we have a full day of rain (remember I've been craving rain) - was someone playing a cruel joke on me. It was definitely raining - WOOHOO - taking a peek at the sky indicated that it just might rain most of the day. Well - it was a very cruel joke cuz the sun decided to make an appearance and then wouldn't leave. Only rained for a little while :-(

I love to play in my sewing room on dreary, rainy days so when I thought we might have rain for the day I ran into my room and stood in the middle - "what to do, what to do"? I decided it would be the perfect day to prep handwork. I traced four Polka Dot girls for embroidery and then got busy prepping block #1 of my newest hand applique project - Vintage Charm in Simply Vintage. I must do more hand applique. I couldn't believe how rusty I was doing the prep. I'll prep block #2 later this week as I want to keep up with the project - I know 'famous last words' LOL - but I'm going to try. :-)

I hope you're having a great day! Thanks for sticking with me and stopping by. Come again!

In Friendship!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Crossing Off a Flimsey

Finished quilting this today! This is called Lucky Stars by Atkinson Designs (of Yellow Brick Road fame) and it's made with Ella's Linen Closet by Blackbird Designs/Moda.

I made the binding when I finished piecing this but I need to dig a little in my sewing room. Hopefully, I won't have to dig too deep! LOL

Again, thanks for popping in - you know I love it when you do.

In Friendship!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

(two posts - keep reading) LOL

The past few days are truly a blur as I've been meeting myself coming and going. Having a bit of trouble keeping up with the demands of everyday life. Sigh! :-) I've even been second guessing my blog; whether or not I should continue blogging. I'm having trouble keeping up lately. No, I'm not THAT busy but I'm not using my time very wisely. I'll figure it out - I can't give up my blog I'd miss it and all of you. :-)
Edit: it's just the Dog Days of Summer - it's been too hot for too long. We had 27 days of over 110 degree temps and now it's just been 103 degrees. I'm craving rain!

When I'm away my DH is really great about putting my mail in a pile and I will usually take my time going through it - remember I love 'fun mail' and my mail is usually 'fun mail'. LOL Sunday evening I looked at the pile and didn't feel like looking through it then and now three days have passed. Yesterday we were out with friends all afternoon and evening so when I dropped onto the couch at 9:00pm I decided it was time to go through my 'fun mail'. I found a new BOM package, some magazines, catalogs and a HUGE surprise - an envelope from Bren. I tore it open and inside was this wonderful and beautiful totebag. Bren, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You've put a huge smile on my face and in my heart. It was a truly incredible surprise.
Bear in mind that Bren was bagophobic like me and asked Linda for guidance and assistance - now she's making these very cute bags. :-)

A Touching Award!
Just before I took my break from the heat I received this wonderful "Nice Matter's" award from Hanne. Thank you so much, Hanne, your thoughfulness means alot to me. I do try to treat others as I like to be treated. I don't do well when I feel used or unappreciated and find that it causes me to put great distance between me and that person. I'm glad that you consider me to be a nice person and that me and my blog inspire you. Thank you, my friend.
I've decided to nominate ALL of you that read my blog for this award - you are a wonderful group and I thank you for your hand in friendship.
Thank you again, for reading my blog and for leaving a comment when you can.
In Friendship!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm Back!!!!!!

Back to the Surface of the Sun late Sunday afternoon and we were ready to go back when we read the thermometer in the car for the outside temp - 110 degrees. YUCK! Oh well, it was nice to have a cool break in the cool pines.
I thoroughly enjoyed relaxing and sewing with friends. It was a great respite! Lots of sewing was done - I managed to finish two and a half projects.

Four Square by Cozy Quilt Designs and Fat Quarter Baskets (aka Picnic Baskets) by Thimbleberries. I had a really great time and enjoyed getting away but I sure enjoy being home now. I'm such a homebody! :-)
I have to sit and catch up on e-mails and blogs! I'm so addicted to blogging and my blogging friends - LOL.
I hope you've all missed me as much as I missed you. :-)
In Friendship!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I have an opportunity to escape this heat and head to the mountains with a few friends! I've thrown together a couple of projects, clothes in a bag, my Janome Jem Gold is by the front door and I'm almost ready to leave!

Couldn't pass up this opportunity - see you Sunday! Stay cool and sew like the wind. :-)

Don't forget me and I hope you'll miss me!

In Friendship!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Journey of a Quilter"

I've been promising Kathy that I would share the first six blocks of my Quilter's Journey stitchery project. Well, here I am finally - thanks for waiting patiently Kathy. :-)

Yes, I'm in desperate need of a design wall but until that happens this is the
best I could do :-)
#1 - blocks 1 & 2
#2 - blocks 3 & 4
#3 - block 5 & 6

I think there are only two totally completed blocks and the other four still have a few finishing stitches I need to do. Now I need to piece and trace the final three blocks.
I absolutely adore all the stitchery designs that come from the wonderfully talented Australian designers. This project is by Leanne at Leanne's House and Natalie at Cinderberry Stitches has some adorable whimsical designs, Rose at Threadbare has some inspirational designs and Gail Pan at new to me but I've fallen in love with "Flowers for Thee".

If you have a minute or two please take a few minutes to visit their blogs. I like to order from Honeysuckle Cottage - don't miss that website, Kim's a delight. Believe me when I tell you that postage from AU is very, very reasonable.
Thank you again, for popping by to sit and share with me. I appreciate that you do!
In Friendship!
Edit - sadly, I've struggled with Blogger and my pictures so I'm so sorry they are scattered! :-(

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My heart was warmed recently when Linda honored me with this "Nice Matters Award" - thank you so much, Linda! I appreciate this more than you'll ever know but I only treat others as I want to be treated.
Blogging has opened up a world of friendship that I never knew existed. I have enjoyed so many new friends throughout the world. I've found so much encouragement and inspiration it truly boggles my mind.
Apparently I'm supposed to nominate 7 to receive this "Nice Matters Award" and I simply cannot limit it to 7 so I'm going to just nominate ALL of you that visit my blog and find encouragement and inspiration when you visit. And, thank you so much for visiting!
This award originated here
In Friendship!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Just Babble! and a little whine!
I'm back! I'm sorry if I misled you into believing that life was not good - I just had to be away for a few days to take care of some personal business that needed attention. Everything is fine - thank you so much for your kind words and messages!
Yesterday I managed to do some sewing and finished all the baskets using my Susan Branch fabric. I'm ready to lay them out however I'm not sure what to use for a setting fabric, as the baskets are set on point. I need to play a bit and then get busy!

A little box arrived on Friday with two Moda Jelly Rolls - Sweet Baby Jane and Holly Jolly. Need to find projects for these adorable prints.

And, yesterday I had a wonderful surprise! For my birthday, Buster (my boyfriend - giggle) gave me a BOM project from The Quilted Crow called Vintage Charm from this book "Simply Vintage" by Blackbird Designs. There was a little confusion and an incorrect BOM was sent and finally yesterday the first two blocks arrived. Now, I'm just hoping that I'll be able to follow Vicky's lead and do these blocks as they arrive. I'm really excited about this one and the fabric they've selected is yummy so I'll get busy in a day or two. :-)
A Little Whine!
I've been saving many comments that many of you have left on my blog with good intentions of responding to each and everyone of them. The list is over 500 comments and e-mails and I'm finding this task quite daunting. So, I'm here to whine and ask your forgiveness as I don't think I'm going to be able to fulfill my promise to respond to each and every one of them. I have a new game plan for responses so hopefully this won't happen again!
Thank you for the birthday wishes! I appreciate your kind words!
Thank you for the celebratory wishes on my 200th post!
Thank you for playing my silly pincushion game - I hope you're all enjoying them!
Thank you for chatting about your sewing machine maintenance, etc.
Thank you sharing your quilting/stitching nest - descriptions and pictures!
If you've visited my blog for the first time and left a comment and I haven't acknowledged it please forgive me however I thank you from the bottom of my heart - please visit again!
And, a huge THANK YOU for all the comments and compliments you leave!
In Friendship!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Oh No!

This is not a good idea! :-) I took my rings off the other night and set them on the paper in my printer! Yes, you see what's about to happen. A while later I hit the 'print' button and out of the corner of my eye saw my rings heading into the guts of the printer. Oh no, Oh no, - dang it, too late! I managed to pull out one set but the the other ring was lodged inside - now what??? - I opened the printer and could see the ring but could not reach it - dang it - then I shook the heck out of the printer and managed to shake it out. Whew! Catastrophe averted!

Life has tossed a few minor challenges my way so I need to take a mini-break away from the computer and blogging! I'm too addicted to stay away completely so I'll pop in and out over the next couple of days but I need to focus more attention on a few other things for now.

See you in a couple of days!

Thanks for visiting!

In Friendship

Monday, August 06, 2007


Something's gotta give!

I spent the afternoon going through some boxes and Rubbermaid bins of fabric that were still packed from our move two years ago. I've decided that I need to get reacquainted with some of this stuff and start making some decisions - some of this stuff has got to go. I asked myself several times today "what were you thinking when you bought this"? LOL I still have quite a few boxes to unpack - AAACCCKKK!!!!

After I spent time playing with fabric I decided it was time to take a look at my flimsies - I wasn't sure if I should Sigh, Cry or Laugh. I got reacquainted with each and everyone - I'd forgotten how cute some of them are and how much I love them. Sigh!!!!! I have a new count - are you ready?

without backings - 57
with backings - 44

I need to consider changing my focus - quilt the flimsies, work on embroidery/stitchery, hand applique and less actual piecing. HMMMM - must think about this. ;-)

So, after spending some time with fabric I haven't seen in awhile and the piles of flimsies I have confirmed in my own mind that I'm very sick - this is a true addiction and obsession. I really do love to sew and quilt!

I'm going to go sleep on this. Nice to 'see' you!

In Friendship!!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Bits and Bobs! A little post with Bits and Bobs -----------------

Friday brought lots and lots of 'Fun Mail' - oh how I love 'Fun Mail'. teehee

These are goodies I received from Miss Finn! She had a fun give away recently and my name was drawn. She asked for my address and I told her that she really didn't need to send anything to me and to feel free to send the goodies to someone else. Well, she didn't listen and sent the treasures in the picture. There are two redwork stitcheries, some feedsack fabric and a wonderful C & H Sugar sack. Finn you are a true delight with an incredible soul. I thank you!

A couple of weeks ago I won a package of charm squares from Sharon's personal stash (she cut these herself) and I was expecting the package from her. However, I was a bit surprised when it was a much bigger box than I anticipated. Inside I found little birthday surprises - the pattern that's upside down in the picture (I'll post a new picture later - lol) and the cute ME slipper pincushion. I can't remember how many squares are in the little mini stack but it must be a squillion and they are all different (no duplicates). I must find something to do with these treats very, very soon. Sharon, thank you so much for adding more fun to my birthday!

Walnut Litter - this is what I use to 'stuff' my pincushions. The first time I bought a 7lb bag and went through that very quickly. Recently my DH dropped me off at the pet food store so I could run in and grab another bag - imagine his surprise when I walked out with this 25lb bag - LOL. All he said was "WOW". :-)
I use crushed walnut shells because it's a good solvent for your pins and needles (removes oils and such).
Thanks for stopping by; you know I love it when you do!
In Friendship!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Picnic Baskets

I hope you'll agree that these baskets are beyond cute in Susan Branch's new line of fabric Martha's Vineyard Watercolor. Connie and I have chatted off and on about our little bundle of cuteness - neither wanting to untie the ribbon holding all the fat quarters together. Silly! When I saw Sharon's quilt on her blog and realized that I owned the book with the pattern I knew I had to make these delightful baskets! The pattern is called Fat Quarter Baskets and it's in Sunshine and Shadow by Thimbleberries.

I know, I know I needed another project like I need a hole in the head but I couldn't help myself. LOL And, my friends I have two more basket blocks quilts in the cutting stage. There will be short baskets, tall baskets, tiny baskets, etc. I'll show those to you when I get one or two put together. :-)

As always, thank you for visiting and come again soon! You make my day when you do!

In Friendship!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

3" Cuties

These are the first of my 3" finished 9 patch cuties. I'm having a blast with these!
Blogging, Inspiration and More

I love the blogging world - I call it my International Guild! Lots of new friends and inspiration. Blogging brought and brings new friends; blogging has helped me do and try new methods i.e. hand applique; blogging inspired me to get back to embroidery and stitchery and on and on and on.

I am constantly inspired by what everyone is doing and unfortunately I have a tendency to be a big copycat. Thanks for indulging me!

I haven't been doing much sewing in recent days - mostly flitting from project to pattern to fabric back to project to another pattern or book, more fabric, etc. LOL However, I have a good friend who just celebrated a BIG birthday - she's 65. We've never exchanged birthday gifts - just good wishes. Well, this year I decided that she needed a special gift. I've been working off and on, on a quilt that will have 65 friendship stars - took a little paper, pencil and calculator to come up with a simple design that would look good with 65 stars. Sadly, I don't have EQ6 but that's OK, I've got it all figured out and now I just need to keep making stars. Yes, I will be very late but she'll appreciate it and be surprised anytime I give it to her. I'll give her a little sneak peek soon. *snicker*. BTW, she's a Thimbleberries fanatic so I found some T'berries yardage to use for the background of the entire quilt and I used to do Thimbleberries so I have some scraps and fat quarters that will work great.

I've got to get busy working on some 3" finished 9 patches that a friend and I are going to exchange every month. I'm excited about this because I've been wanting to do a one-on-one exchange with someone. These little cuties will be great in a quilt. No real plan for now we're just going to exchange blocks and work on a layout as we go along - we're not even sure how long we're going to do this. LOL This is definitely flying by the seat of our pants. LOL

Thanks for popping by - please stop by often!

In Friendship!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Packages, Packages!

It was pincushion package central in my kitchen this morning as I was preparing to seal all the boxes sending all those cuties to their new homes.

If you were a winner of a pincushion last week watch your mailbox for your brown box!

Thanks for stopping by - I hope you're having a great day!

In Friendship!
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