Monday, December 31, 2007

Prairie Sweets Progress

This project has been consuming my sit down time this past week. 23 blocks completed; 19 to go. I'm hand appliquing the rings so it's a perfect sit down project.
We moved into this home over two years ago and I still have packed boxes of fabric and such. My mind set has been "out of sight, out of mind" - LOL. Yesterday I decided it was time to start dealing with some of those boxes. I had so much fun getting reacquainted with fabric and projects that I had pushed out of my mind. It's so easy to concentrate on the newest things and completely forget about those things I had to have way back when. LOL I still have some boxes to go through but I'm really looking forward to it. I had to concentrate on unpacking and sorting and not allow myself to get sidetracked to plan a new project or two.
I've been following the "fabric rutt" thread on the Prim Yahoo Group and while unpacking I discovered that I'm definitely not in a fabric rutt - LOL. I seem to love it all - except Batiks. Of course, just looking through the piles of past projects really tells the story that I really do love it all. :-)
I hope that you have had wonderful holidays and found time to do a little reflecting. I've been quite a bit of time reflecting about 2007 and wondering what's in store in 2008. I'll be back later to share!
Thanks for popping by to visit - it's wonderful that you do.
In Friendship!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Secret Santa Gifts! :-)

My Secret Santa Christmas package arrived from Jenny in AU and I was elated when I found these goodies enclosed. I've never seen a bag like the one in the picture on the left - I'm going to assume that it was knitted and then felted. I can't wait to show it off! LOL
And the goodies in the other picture - a calendar with pictures of AU and note the Kanagroo buttons taped to the calendar. I need to find a special project to use the buttons. Probably should use the fabric with koalas in the same project. Isn't that card adorable? This package put a huge smile on my face. Thank you so much, Jenny!

And a huge thanks to Donna for organizing the Secret Santa Exchange. I don't know know whether or not my partner received the package I sent but hopefully she did.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were wonderful in my household and I hope they were in yours, as well.

Holiday Blessings In Friendship!

Monday, December 24, 2007


The End!

November and December snowpeoples (as Yvonne calls them - lol) are done! Everytime I finish one I declare "this one is my favorite" but truth be told they are all my favorite. :-) I will put them aside as I contemplate how to set them into a quilt - any ideas?

Thanks for your get well wishes - I'm feeling much better! :-)

Can you believe it's Christmas Eve? I hope that you have wonderful plans with your loved one(s) to celebrate the season and lest we not forget the 'Reason for the Season'.

Holiday Blessings In Friendship!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

May & October - Done!

I haven't been feeling up to par the past couple of days but I did manage to finish two more bluework snowpeople. This is 10 down and 2 to go! :-)

I hope that you're enjoying the holiday season! Take care of you and yours and thank you for visiting with me!

In Friendship!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mr. September :-)
Spiffy new beanie - check
Apple for the teacher - check
Sharpened pencil - check
Writing pad - check
He's ready to start a new school year! :-)
Thanks for popping by to visit - come again!
In Friendship!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Here's August! :-)

Thanks for visiting with me today.
In Friendship!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Prairie Sweets and Men in Blue :-)
I've been asked if my Prairie Sweets (Fig Tree Quilts) project involves curved piecing. NO! Here's a picture of the pieces parts and a picture of the assembled block. This pattern is the latest issue of Fresh Vintage by Fig Tree Quilts. I was finally able to get back to this fun project yesterday. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
June & July bluework snowmen (aka Men in Blue) :-)
Please take a few minutes for yourself! Thanks for popping by - come again, please!
In Friendship!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Friendship Blessings!

The following goodies arrived in the mail from Nadine several weeks ago! The totebag with the bluework bunny on one side (I'll share the redwork side later) is adorable. Look at all the other goodies - I snickered when I saw the "Cuppa Candles" - Nadine and I exchange e-mails titled "having a cuppa with you". My friend, thank you so much for being a friend! I feel very blessed to call you my friend!

You may have seen the picture of the adorable pillow on Wendy's blog several weeks ago - I was the lucky recepient of this cutie. Wendy and I have been exchanging 3" nine patches since August and she enclosed these treasures in my November package. Thank you, Wendy for your friendship! You are a blessing!
If you visit Kim's blog you know that's she incredibly talented! She shared her talent with me - look at that adorable Gingerbread Man on the towel. He looks very cute with the other 'men' adorning my kitchen! Kim, thank you so much for being such a fun blogging buddy! I appreciate the blessing of your friendship!

FedEx left a small package by my front door recently. I was a bit perplexed because I wasn't expecting anything that had been shipped via FedEx. Imagine my surprise when I found this beautiful ornament nestled in a box of tissue from Nan. She was compelled to send this beauty because she was troubled that all my Christmas ornaments and such had been stolen. It was such a wonderful surprise. This treasured ornament will have a special spot on our tree for many Christmas Seasons. Thank you, Nan for sharing your friendship with me! You've truly touched my heart with this blessing!

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope that you'll stop by again.
In Friendship!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

It Hit Home!

You must read the current issue of "Quilter's Home" - you really must. A dear local friend pointed out this particular issue to me on Friday night. She lurks on my blog and knew it would 'hit home'. (Hi Gwyn!)

The following articles hit home with me:

1. Mean Girls - How to put Quiltzilla in her place (remember I blogged about Quiltzilla on 11/19. Lots of great tips on how to deal with 'her'. :-)

2. Tips to Rev Up Your Quilting - great tips to get your Mojo back. (mine is returning slowing)

3. Managing Your Mess (the piles of magazines and such that are difficult to give up)

I hope that your days of full of happiness and joy - if you're experiencing extremely cold temps, please stay home - keep warm and stitch to your heart's content.

Thanks for popping by to visit with me! I'll be back later with many, many pictures and updates.

In Friendship!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Officially on Vacation!!!!!! :-)

I've finished working for 2007 and I'm officially on vacation till the end of the year. Wahoo!
Now it's time to do all the Christmas shopping and then hopefully spend lots and lots of time with my needle and thread. Bliss! :-)

On the left is my "Night Before Christmas" stitchery project by Cinderberry Stitches. It's been finished for a few weeks but I can't find a suitable fabric for the outer border. Sigh! I don't want to settle so it'll wait. :-)

On the right is a new stitchery project. I lurk on Linda's Redwork Yahoo Group and discovered these cuties there. I thought I'd trace them and work on them through the year but I've stitched these four this week. LOL This project will be finished before I know it.

Time to go to bed - tomorrow I'm off to do all or most of my Christmas shopping!

Happy holidays and thanks for stopping by to visit with me!

In Friendship!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm Sewing!!!!! ;-)

Not just sewing but having a blast! This new project has put a bounce in my needle and thread and this new bounce has been a very long time coming. LOL

Let me tell you about this pattern. When I saw this quilt on Joanna's blog several months ago it spoke very loudly to me. I knew immediately that I would make this quilt as soon as the pattern was available. And, it became available this week. It's called "Prairie Sweets" and it's featured on the cover of Fresh Vintage, Issue #6 by Fig Tree Quilts. When I realized on Monday that it was available I ordered it immediately and it arrived today! WooHoo! I pulled out my Allspice Tapestry fat quarter bundle (also by Fig Tree Quilts/Moda) and got busy. I need to scour the on-line shops to find a few more background prints but in the meantime I can get a few more blocks done. I've decided to hand applique the circles so it could take me awhile to get this project done.

It felt so good it felt to sit at my machine with a joyful heart today.

Thanks for visiting - come back soon!

In Friendship!

More Gingerbread Men! :-)

I bet you're sick of seeing the "Men" that are adorning my kitchen this holiday season! :-) I couldn't help myself, I had to share these cuties.

As I look around my home and realize more and more than I am seriously missing the 'Decorating Gene' I can't help but make a HUGE decision! Yep, it's a decision I've been contemplating for a while now.

Are you ready for this?

I've decided that when I grow up I want to be Kim. She just continues to amaze me - this woman has some serious decorating and talent genes. Yes, she does!!!! She pieces flimsies and then quilts them herself on a domestic sewing machine; she designs and does beautiful applique; she paints; she cooks; she makes journals - and, this my friends is just the tip of the iceberg. Whew! I've tried really hard to be her QBFF so that hopefully she'll share some giftees with me but I've failed miserably. LOL

I have a major problem to overcome! Can you help me? I absolutely refuse to grow up so I'm not sure when I'll be able to become KIM. :-)

I hope you're finding time to relax and enjoy the busy days that are surrounding us right now. Thanks for visiting and laughing with me.

I'll be back later or tomorrow with pictures of giftees and treasures that have arrived from Nadine, Wendy and Nan.

In Friendship!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Twinkle Time!

This baking Santa and tiny tree sit on the bar between the kitchen and living room! I couldn't figure out how to hide the base of the tree (it's really tacky) so I stood it in the red gingerbread men pie plate and piled on the Starlight Mints (I saw a similar idea on someone else's blog but sadly I don't remember who it was - I'm sorry!).

edit: Actually, on the blog I can't remember, had a standing in a bowl of Starlight mints but I liked the idea to hide the tree base.

The tree is sparsely decorated because I ordered some tiny gingerbread type cookie ornaments and I think they are too small. This will have to do. The only thing that matters - he makes us SMILE :-)

Happy Holidays and thanks for visiting with me!

In Friendship!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

OOPS! ;-)

I welcomed you and yours into my home however I failed to introduce you to my favorite nutcracker in my family of nutcrackers. I do believe he's the first thing you'll see when you walk into my home! Just say 'Hi'.

He stands approx 3 ft and has a twin brother (he's stored away for now).

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet compliments and comments.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

This is the entry way to our home! So, if you come to visit this will greet you! Feel free to stop by anytime!
Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Sunday, December 02, 2007


May I have a drumroll, please! The envelope, please! :-)

Mar, Juliann & Hanne please send your mailing address so I can pop a surprise in the mail very soon!

Thank you one and all for leaving all the kind, sweet and encouraging words regarding my recent "rant" posting.

Thanks for visiting my blog - I love that you do!

In Friendship!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Still Here! :-)
(have ya missed me?)

It's been a week full of a whole lot of nothing and then some. :-) That doesn't make sense, does it? LOL

The highlights of my week:

Dogsitting "Buster the Dog" for three days
Finished "The Night Before Christmas" stitchery
Quilted and bound my Secret Santa gift
Quilted and bound my Trees on the Table topper
Stitched and made a cute "Fresh Baked Cookies" pillow

Started Christmas Decorating but I have a couple of things working against me (I was not born with the Decorating Gene and several years ago all (yes all) of our Christmas decorations were stolen so the desire to decorate is very not very strong.

I don't usually decorate with a theme however this year I couldn't resist decorating our kitchen in a "Fresh Baked Cookies" (Gingerbread Men) theme and I'm loving it!

I decorated two trees in my kitchen with mini cookie cutters and mini cooking utensils.

Don't want to bore you so I'll share more pictures later this week! :-)

I promise to return tomorrow to post winners of my "Rant Surprise Giveaway".

Thanks for caring and for visiting my blog!

In Friendship!!!!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Whole Lot of Nothing!

I hope that you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with lots of food, fun and laughter - making new memories! We had a wonderful day!

I don't like to shop so I stayed home most of the week end. Did venture out on Friday afternoon to Joann's to take advantage of the sale on quilting notions.

Last night I went to stay with one of the little men in my life, Eli (he's three) while his mom, dad and big brother, Seth went to a concert. He's a real kick so we had a great time together! :-)

I spent today with my newest stitchery project - The Night Before Christmas by Cinderberry Stitches. Two stitched panels done/two to go! Hoping to have it done by the end of the week so I can use it with the other Christmas decorations.

I've been thinking quite a bit about my lack of desire to sew the past few months. I've decided that there are many contributing factors.

1. The stash is overwhelming and paralyzing.

2. I've been chastised and criticized for blogging.

3. Then last week I was criticized for having so many flimsies (aka quilt tops) and quilts.

I need to figure out how to handle the STASH but I can't do that until I figure out how to get past 2 and 3. Right? Well, I need to dust off the heart I wear on my sleeve (I get my feelings hurt very easily) and just continue doing what I enjoy without worrying about what others say or think. So, wish me luck with all of this - LOL!

Yes, yes I promised a surprise! 71 comments were left on my "Rant" post and I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the encouragement, support, words of kindness etc. I'm going to toss all of you (oh, ok, your names - LOL) into a drawing for a few surprise giftees. So sometime tomorrow or Tuesday I'll post the winning name(s). Yes, I do plan to draw more than one name. :-)

In Friendship

Thursday, November 22, 2007

My family and I wish you and yours a wonderful and bountiful day.
We have so many things to be thankful for and in the daily grind of life we have a tendency to forget. I'm thankful for more than I could ever list here. However, right now I'm especially thankful for the kind and thoughtful words so many of you took the time to leave for me regarding my "Rant". Thank you! More about that later - I have a surprise! :-)
In Friendship!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I Need to Rant!

I'm a little dismayed this evening! :-( And, quite frankly near tears!

I live in a retirement resort with very (emphasis on very) few resident quilters. A few weeks ago I was asked if I'd help start a mini quilting group and offer lessons. What the heck! We met for the third time today and it was great - new quilters are so much fun.

Anyway, back to my rant! One of the new quilters stopped by home to pick up some fabric and such before our gathering. She's never been in my home so she was in awe of all my quilts. I felt quite proud of myself. LOL While we were at our gathering she shared with everyone what she'd seen in my home and the woman who asked me to help asked why I had so many quilts and what were my plans. Well, my plans are to just own them and love them. LOL She was stunned and dismayed with me - saying she didn't understand why I would want to make and own so many quilts. I just smiled sweetly and said I'm just very obsessed by it all and really enjoy it. She just walked away shaking her head and telling the others that she'd never understand.

I don't understand why it would bother her so much that I make so many quilts and that I spend so much time sewing. And, why would she judge me like she did?

Yes, I could give all my quilts to others and/or charity but I do my fair share of charity quilting, I just don't talk about it. And, my friends and family have been recepients of many quilts - again I just don't talk about it. Why can't I just sew for the sheer enjoyment?

Thank you for letting me rant. Obviously this will not help my ho-hum mood!

edit: I had a long chat with my best friend (my DH) and he attempted to help me work through this. We chatted about why I sew as much as I do and why do I own so many quilts and flimsies. It's very simple - it makes me very happy. My quilts and flimsies hold so many memories - shopping for the fabric or pattern; who I shopped with; when and where I shopped, etc. I truly believe that every quilt tells a story and my quilts have many stories to tell. I don't want to feel ashamed of something that gives me so much joy.

In Friendship!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Mar says that medication (the chocolate) arrived and that soon I would be sewing. LOL
Look I've been sewing today, although I didn't do a very good job. AARRGGHHH My pinwheels look awful, I had a battle with my Tri-Recs Tools, my iron wasn't hot enough (why does it shut itself off just before I need it???)

I've been looking at Marcie's Trees on the Table topper and thinking about making one but putting if off. Kim issued a challenge recently but I just sat back and watched everyone else make one. It was time to make one. I have a dear friend who loves all the seasonal table toppers that I've made in the past and secretly would love to own one. LOL! I think she'd love to have one of these but not this one! I'll keep this one for our table and make another one for her. Actually, I probably should make two or three more.

Marcie, thank you for providing such a terrific pattern. (Marcie offers this pattern as a freebie on her website

I hope that you've all had a wonderful week end. Thanks for visiting!

In Friendship!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I participated in the Chocolate Swap on Sharon's blog and my sweet treats from Debbie have arrived. Look at the adorable boxes (they're small hat boxes). The small one with the pictures of the M&Ms is full of chocolate Kisses - big favorites of mine. The large Happy Thanksgiving box has goodies from See's Candy and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. The small packages in front of the boxes are Chocolovers Eau de Toilette Natural Spray and Chocolovers Creamy Bath Foam (both smell really yummy) Debbie and I have very similar taste in chocolate so we were both able to shop as we were shopping for ourselves. teehee :-)

If you visit Debbie's blog you'll notice how creative she is; I hope she won't be disappointed when she received the goodies I sent because I am definitely not as creative. Maybe it's just about the chocolate! LOL

A huge thank you to Debbie for all the wonderful goodies and to Sharon for putting this fun swap together!
On the sewing and stitching front there is nothing new to report! Still very Ho-Hum! :-)
I appreciate everyone's comments and words of wisdom regarding my Ho-Hum status - you're all so sweet to take the time to leave a comment. I'm just going to ride this out and hope it'll pass soon. :-)
In Friendship!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


That's how I've been feeling the past few weeks. I'm not inspired to do anything - nothing, nil, zilch, zero. I told you that my machine has been quiet and my hands very still. I've managed to do a little embroidery but not enough to tell anyone about. I haven't done any hand applique and I don't have an excuse. And, piecing on my sewing machine has not happened in quite a while - OK a little piecing to do along with the little embroidery project but again not enough to tell anyone about. Ho-Hum!

I took a quick stroll through this messy closet looking for the project to inspire me. It was a boring stroll. Ho-Hum!!!!

These are pieces parts of various applique projects that just need to be assembled
or more blocks need to be made. You can see my Pumpkin Hill blocks and my Rabbits Prefer Chocolate blocks are there, too. And more! Not interested! Ho-Hum!!!!!

Yes, I've been visiting all of my favorite inspirational blogs but nothing has called out to me. Ho-Hum!
I had a lightbulb moment! I'll visit my favorite on-line shops and order a whole new project. Nothing inspired me! It was a very dim lightbulb. Ho-Hum!!!
Is it a slump? No, I don't think it is. And, I'm not concerned either but I do want to be busy. So, do you have any suggestions? Can you help me? What would you do?
Ho-Hum! and a big SIGH!!!!! ;-)
In Friendship!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I've been anxiously waiting for this new book to arrive in my mailbox and there it was today! WooHoo!!!!!
If you've enjoyed Kim Diehl's first two books, Simple Traditions and Simple Blessings, you are going to love her new book, Simple Seasons! I want to make every quilt in this new book. Like the first two books this one has a great mix of piecing and applique.
So, don't walk but run to your nearest store and purchase this book!!!
I haven't been doing much of anything the past few days so I don't have anything wonderful and inspirational to show you. Maybe I should do something out of this new book! :-)
I sincerely appreciate that you stop by to read about all the doings in my little corner of the world. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please stop by again and often!
In Friendship!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Check it out!

Leo - July 23 to August 23 (I'm a Leo to a fault - LOL)

Being one of the most creative signs Leo quilters make wonderful masterpieces. I certainly wouldn't call my stuff 'masterpieces'. LOL

As they are generous and warmhearted their friends and family are usually lucky recipients of their beautiful creations. Not true - I've been called selfish. :-)

They love to read all the patchwork and quilting magazines looking for ideas that they can use. They are always up-to-date on the latest crazes. That's definitely true about me!

Although they know quite a bit about their chosen craft and can usually discover straight away where a quilter has run into problems in their projects, they tend to be too bossy when attempting to help fellow quilters. ROFLOL

They are great as companions to go fabric shopping with, as they know where the best deals are to be found. They are also great help in selecting coordinating material but be prepared to go along with their decisions or suffer the wrath. They don't like to waste their precious time providing opinions that get ignored. If we're going to help you spend your money then you must be willing to listen. LOL

Friday, November 09, 2007

It's Time!
Having to pull out the old rake again to clean my sewing room. Every surface has a pile of stuff and now I'm piling on the floor. AARRGGHH!!!
I was telling my Sweetie this morning that I was going to rake my room again and he said I sure have a lot of weeds. I seem to be raking very often lately. LOL I have to admit that he's right. :-)
The past few months my sewing machine has not seen much action. I've really been enjoying plying my needle and thread by hand however my sewing machine has been tugging my heartstrings. So, I'm hoping that after I rake out the mess I'll feel very inspired to pull out a machine project. I have two projects that are very near completion however maybe I need a new project. HMMM - something to ponder while I'm raking. :-)
I knew I could count on YOU!!!!!! Thank you, thank you so much for all the great ideas you left yesterday regarding my little stitchery project. I should have it finished very soon and I'll post a picture.
Enjoy your Friday! And, thank you for popping in!
In Friendship!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

More Playtime!

Yes, I've been playing again. teehee This time I need YOUR help ....... is it too plain? What does it need? It's only approx 8" x 10" so I don't want to overload it but.....

Please help me!

In Friendship!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Quiet Machine and Still Hands
Things have been a bit quiet for the past fews days in my sewing room. I haven't had much desire to do much piecing so my my sewing machine has been very quiet. And, I don't have anything prepped for hand sewing i.e. hand applique or stitchery so my hands have been very still. This is very unusual for me however I'm not concerned because I'll get back in the swing of things soon. Just need to figure out what's next.
Making plans
Today, I'm going to quilt the cute doll quilt I made recently for my blogging friend who's smitten with doll quilts and wants to start a collection. I can sit tonight and sew down the binding and pop it in the mail this week.
I have a list of promised giftees that I need to make and get out the door. Since I plan to mail the doll quilt this week maybe I should finish those giftees and make one trip to the post office.
I need to spend some time with my recent applique and stitchery projects and do some much needed prep work . BTW, I don't like prep work :-)
The picture is a sampling of 3" finished 9 patches that Wendy and I have been swapping since August. We swapped 15 in Aug and Sept and because we're super excited about this project we raised the number to 20 each month for Oct, Nov and Dec. The 180 blocks that we'll have by the end of December should be plenty to make a nice sized quilt. I did make the 20 blocks for November already so those need to go the post office this week, too.
I think I have a good "to do" list to keep me busy the rest of the week. :-)
And, I need to wish my Sweetie a very happy birthday today!
Thanks for popping by to see what's happening in my corner of the world!
In Friendship!

Friday, November 02, 2007


If you've been reading my blog for awhile you might realize that the tagline in my header is my all time favorite saying!

I decided that I wanted to make a small wallhanging for my sewing room to make a statement to all who walk into my 'haven'. :-) After I finished the stitching it still needed a little something but what. HMMMM - I pulled out my Clover Yo-Yo maker and made those three really cute yo-yos that I will stitch in place after it's quilted! Maybe the yo-yos need buttons? Something to ponder. :-)

Thank you for your wonderful comments and compliments on my Quilter's Journey flimsy! I appreciate that you took time to say something! Stop by anytime and please leave a comment!

In Friendship!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Please celebrate with me! :-)

I have finished my "Journey of a Quilter" by Leanne Beasley of Leanne's House. I am beyond excited. I've been dancing, twirling and skipping across the Surface of the Sun as I celebrate this completion. It's been a true labor of love and one that I have enjoyed immensely.

If you're responsible for inspiring me to start doing embroidery or responsible for introducing me to all the wonderful stitchery designers in Australia I can't thank you enough.

It's important to say thank you for all the inspiration that so many bloggers provide everyday!

In Friendship!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Question :-)

Why do you quilt and how long have you been quilting?

I decided to take the plunge into quilting because I needed another outlet for my passion for a needle and thread. I'd been a x-stitcher for approximately 20 years. I've been quilting since October 1999 but had been a quilting wannabe for many, many years. There was a tiny quilt store in a cute cottage across the street from my corporate job and I used to spend many lunch hours browsing and dreaming. I'd look through books and patterns; pet and caress all the beautiful fabric but didn't believe it was something I could do. In the Fall of 1999 I visited every quilt store here on the Surface of the Sun and explained that I was a beginner and asked about classes, etc. Most just pointed me toward the classroom and told me that the samples were in there, except one store owner she took me by the hand and showed me the beginner quilt that was being taught. Then she showed me the other classes I could take to continue to enhance my skills.

I made the quilt in the picture sometime earlier this year with charms.

Thank you for visiting!

In Friendship!

Block #9

I know I said that you wouldn't see this project again until I had all the blocks sewn together! I couldn't help myself, really I couldn't - I had to share. :-) I've made a few changes along the way to make this my own; including adding my name! It had to be there! It's really difficult to express via the written word how excited I am that I'm seeing the end of this project. It's been so much fun to do.

I'll be back later with my Question du Jour. Teehee!

Thank you, thank you for popping by to visit. I always enjoy your comments so please leave one.

In Friendship!

Monday, October 29, 2007

What are you doing?

Yes, this a boring post - no pictures to share!

What's happening in your little corner of the world? What's keeping you busy?

I was inspired to pull out my Quilter's Journey blocks and get back to stitching. All the blocks are now pieced (that's a tedious process because I have a tendency to over think random scrappy - LOL) And, I'm trying very hard to get all the stitching finished! I just can't stitch fast enough. :-) My goal (probably a bit unrealistic) is to finish this project by the end of the week. I'm sure you're tired to seeing block after block after block so the next picture I post should be of the completed quilt top.

Are you tired of my silly questions? I have another one to post but don't want to bore you. Let me know!

Have a wonderful Monday and thanks for popping by!

In Friendship!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

In The Land of Blog

Once upon a time in the Land of Blog a quilter named Sharon held a contest on her blog. The prize was a lovely little assortment of 30's prints (92 4 1/2" squares) and I was the lucky winner. It should be noted right now that I haven't won another thing on Sharon's blog :-( (OK, I'm over it and moving on with my story) I've had this little assortment sitting on my sewing table waiting for inspiration to strike.

In the meantime there was another quilter, Libby, who's been making some adorable doll quilts from a book called Prairie Children and Their Quilts. Her quilts are soooooo cute that everyone is wanting to join the doll quilt craze (aka Monkey See, Monkey Do - LOL). Yes, yes me too but so far I've only been dreaming about making one or two. During this craze a little bird told Carol that I was coveting that book so she surprised me and sent one to me. Lucky me :-)

I know another quilter in the Land of Blog who has been wanting to make some doll quilts just like Libby. This quilter has one of the most giving spirits I've ever encountered and I'm lucky to call her a friend. As you travel through the Land of Blog you might notice little treasures that she sends to fellow quilters. Remember I've been waiting for inspiration to strike so I could make something with my cute charms I won from Sharon and it finally happened this morning! :-)

The doll quilt in the picture is the result of my inspirational moment. I cut all the charms in half, threw that cutie together and still have enough to make one for another someone and one for me. I plan to quilt this very, very soon and pop it in the mail to surprise my friend in the Land of Blog!

And, the quilters all live happily ever after in the Land of Blog!

Do you think she'll like it and be surprised? I just hope it's not too big!

Thanks for visiting and reading my silly tale!

In Friendship!

Monday, October 22, 2007


I've been dreamin' about being in Norway with Hanne and May Britt taking classes from and listening to Leanne Beasley of Leanne's House. Can you imagine how much fun they are having? Sigh! :-)

I had BIG plans to do a ton of handwork prepping this week end and all I managed to prep was block #8 of my Journey of a Quilter project (this way I could pretend I was in Norway - LOL)

I think it would be so much fun to take a trip to Australia to spend time in a workshop or two with some of the incredibly talented stitchery designers. Yes, more dreaming! :-)

Wait, I did manage to get 20 3" 9 patches completed for my exchange with a fellow blogger. I was sewing away and kept thinking that something was wrong with my blocks but couldn't put my finger on it. Well, duh - they were suppose to be 3" finished and I was making them 4" finished. So, I had to put my trusty friend, Sir Seamripper to work. All is well - 20 blocks are done and will be in the mail TODAY.

Today I was suppose to be on the road heading to Fall Market in Houston but unfortunately life forced me to cancel at the last minute. Big Sigh!

Enjoy your Monday and thanks for stopping by to visit!

In Friendship!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Chapter 5 - Storage for Works in Progress (aka WIPs)

I'm back with a new question for my 'book'. Bet you've missed these! LOL!!!

How do you keep all your stuff together for your current Works in Progress (aka WIPs)? I'm asking about anything and everything that you are currently working on - not future projects or those you've stored away for awhile. Yes, this is very similar to a question Kim asked awhile back on her blog, but I need more information. :-) teehee!

What do you use to keep your current hand applique project ready to work on when you can sit for awhile to stitch. I keep all the blocks together on skirt or pants hangers (you know the ones with clips) so I just add the finished block to the hanger with the 'project du jour'.
Current stitchery and my English Paperpiecing projects are kept in baskets with everything I need for that particular project. I've decided I need to add a pair of scissors to every project basket.

Of course, if I'm not interested in a particular project for the moment then I use all types of plastic storage boxes and add them to the stack in my closet. :-)
I also use these types of boxes to store future projects and such!

So, what do you do? I'd love to hear about it.
Once again, thank you for indulging me with your answers to my questions and for stopping by!
In Friendship!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The NEW Look! :-)

Yes, my blog has been redecorated and has a new look! :-) My DH has been playing with the new banner for awhile now and then yesterday he said "so, what do you think?" I like it very much and especially love that those are my quilts hanging on the clothesline. teehee! He's having WAY too much fun with this but if it keeps him entertained and doing his best to keep me happy, who am I to question.

Today is prep day - applique, embroidery aka stitchery and hexagons for English paperpiecing (yes, I've pulled that project out again).

Thanks for your kind comments and compliments! I truly do appreciate that you stop by!

In Friendship!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Swell Strawberry Lemonade :-)

9" x 11" pieces of Moda's new line call Swell by Urban Chiks . It's has a 40's retro look to it - oh so sweet!

The fat quarter bundle is Strawberry Lemonade by my friends Me and My Sister Designs. It's quite whimsical and oh so yummy.

These sweet and yummy treasures now reside in my sewing room. WooHoo!

Thank you so much for answering my question regarding responding to comments left on blogs, etc. I got alot of great insight and have a new plan.

Whether you're a regular visitor or a first time visitor to my blog thank you so much for stopping by! Please come again.

In Friendship!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Catching Up :-)
(long winded this morning)
Look at these terrific Rocky Road to Kansas blocks I won and received from Elaine. I purposely flipped one over so you could see that she used telephone book pages as a foundation. Great idea! If you visit her blog you'll see that her quilt top is done and she's beautifully handquilting it.

Elaine, thank you so much for sending these to me - I love them and very soon I will use them to make a quilt.

Recently Connie presented me with this "You Make Me Smile Award" - thank you so much Connie.

I absolutely adore Connie and would love to get to know her better! She's truly a kind soul.

I'm suppose to nominate someone but I've decided to nominate anyone that reads my blog!

keep reading.................................... LOL

And, last but not least, May Britt tagged me for the 4 Things About Me-Me!

4 jobs I've had
String Maker
Key Punch Operator
Director of Human Resources

4 films I could watch over and over:
Dirty Dancing (love the music)
An American President
You've Got Mail
Pretty Woman

4 TV shows I watch
Criminal Minds
Law & Order (all of them)
CSI - New York
Cold Case
4 Places I've lived

4 Favorite foods

4 Favorite colors

4 Places I would love to be right now
I'm a homebody so I'd love to just be home doing anything I want and be stressfree

4 Names I love but would/could not use on my children
Brian (never had a boy)
Rolf (DH's middle name I would have used if I'd had a boy)
Shelby (wanted another girl)
Darlene (my name I should have used for my one and only DD)

4 People I'd love to Tag
Yes, I still have more to say - LOL! I'm a bit chatty this morning! teehee! Aw come on keep reading!!!
When I first started blogging I used to respond to every comment left on my blog and in the last couple of months I've been very remiss in doing that. So, now a question for you my readers and commentors of my blog. When you leave a comment on a blog do you expect a response to your comment? Please be honest because my guilt is really getting the best of me! :-)
And, last but not least thank you for popping by to read about the happenings in my world. I appreciate it so much!
In Friendship!
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