Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'm Shaye, Darlene's granddaughter, I hope you remember me.  :-)

My momma, Kristie and nana, Darlene need your help, please.  My little sister will be here soon and they need help with a couple of things
They need to get busy on her nursery but my mom can't decide on fabric. 
They've looked at Moda & Riley Blake collections. 
The one Moda collection she is crazy about won't be available in yardage until the end of October.  That's really cutting close to my sister's anticipated arrival cuz my mom never carries full term. 
Do you have suggestions - help us please!  :-)

Bear in mind that my mom doesn't always use typical nursery prints. 
For instance, she did my room in Bliss by Bonnie & Camille.

And, my sister doesn't have a name yet because my mom and dad can't seem to agree. 
 I've suggested Elmo and Mickey but they don't like either one. 
I don't understand.  :-)

So we need nursery and name suggestions. 

Big Hugs and Kisses,

Sunday, September 01, 2013

First Class, Air Mail or Priority Mail Postage Stamps

None of the above ... thank you! 
The only postage stamps I need are all in my
postage stamp quilt. 
Can I get a

I started this quilt with a certain size in mind. 
After I laid it on our bed I decided it had to be bigger.

I managed to put a huge dent in the container filled with 2" print squares. 
I used all of the 2" white squares, as well. 

Every line of fabric Bonnie & Camille have designed for Moda is represented in this quilt:
Cotton Blossoms, Simple Abundance, Bliss, Ruby, Vintage Modern, Marmalade, Happy Go Lucky and Scrumptious.
Here it is in all it's glory; big enough for our king size bed. 

The stats in case you want to make one, too. 

84" x 90" finished
1680 - 2" print squares
1680 - 2" white squares
Total - 3360 - 2" squares

When I decided in May that I wanted to make this quilt I was chatting with
 Carol (Brown Quilts 4 Me).
We decided it would be more efficient for me to make 16 patches. 
It was much easier to keep my 2" squares straight (we feared individual rows might bow)

14 - 16 patches per row
15 rows

This quilt was so much fun to make.
I hope you'll make one, too.
Start cutting your 2" squares. 

 Thank you for stopping by to visit with me. 
I've had a couple of very pieceful days - I hope you have, as well.

In Friendship!
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