Thursday, July 28, 2011

Go! Cutter Winner


Shaye and her daddy Gino have pulled the winning name out of the hat

drum roll please

I'm excited to announce the winner of a shiny new Accuquilt Go! Cutter and three cutting dies!!!!!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes (teehee - shameful way to get lots of wishes)

In Friendship!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Giveaway is officially closed


Back in a bit with a winner!

Let's Party!

(today is my birthday)

The kind people (aka Carolyn) at Accuquilt have given me the go-ahead to announce a give away for a Go! Cutter!

Here's a chance for you to win your very own Go! Cutter and three dies - Woohoo!!!!

I'm going to keep it simple - it's easier for me that way. teehee!!!!

Two questions to answer in your comment:

1. Why is today (7/26) special to me?

2. What's your favorite Go! Cutter die?

See .... easy peasy!

I'll be back tomorrow evening (Wednesday 7/27) to announce the winner!

Good luck!

In Friendship!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Remember Me?

Shaye Ilyana

6 months old

I've got something on my mind!
I'm a bit dismayed with my Nana Darlene so I decided to hi-jack her blog (snicker)!
psst - maybe you can help me?
I know I can count on YOU!

My mommy (Kristie), daddy (Gino), big brothers (Seth & Eli)
and I moved into a big new house a couple of weeks ago - Yeehaw!!!!!

I have a new room and have been waiting for my Nana to come over to measure my windows for curtains but she's been way too busy working. I'm glad she's working but I need her and NEED her NOW.

EEEEK - I'm pulling my hair out!!!!

I've been waiting for a new quilt too but she's been working, working, working - sigh!
And, next week she's going to take my big brothers shopping for school - wait a minute - wait a minute - what about ME - I need curtains in my new room!

Please tell my Nana that I need her!!!


smoochies & huggies for YOU!!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Envelope Please!

I've been working lots of hours this week so there hasn't been much time at the machine - sigh! Just when I get in the mood to sew, too. Ugh! :-)

Anyway, I did manage to sort through the "bin o'kits" for small quilts and picked one. :-) woohoo! The envelope wasn't postmarked but the receipt inside was dated Nov '09; I think it's been properly aged. LOL


I need to find time to quilt these little ones or my stack of small quilt flimsies will be as big as my stack of large quilt flimsies :-)

I hope you won't be too bored with my blog because I think it's going to be all about small quilts for awhile - I'm having way too much fun. teehee!!!

I hope you're having a fabulous week! I'm working later today but then I'm off tomorrow - woohoo!!!!!

I always appreciate your visits - thank you!

In Friendship!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Little Sewing!

I'm going to blame Kathie from Inspired by Antique Quilts and Vicky from LA Quilter - LOL! They have been making some adorable and fabulous small quilts and have been encouraging me to join them. They have been having so much fun and I decided I wanted to have fun too. :-)

Three small quilts using monthly kits I've received from The Temecula Quilt Co.

I've been receiving monthly kits for small quilts from The Temecula Quilt Co for longer than I can remember. When they arrive I admire them and then toss them in my 'to be done someday bin'. I'm going to sort through the bin and get busy - I have some ideas to decorate my home with these little quilts. :-)

Thank you for popping by to visit with me - come again soon.

In Friendship!
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