Friday, September 18, 2009

Extra, Extra
Read All About It!!!

Some of you already know that Darlene's quilting MOJO is gone. We're not sure if it's 'burn out or a slump' but we do know that she's not spending any time with her needle and thread.

So, since it's been more than 10 days since Darlene has posted we're here to make an official announcement.......................

This blog is officially on a hiatus until further notice.

Please feel free to e-mail Darlene at any time as we know she'd love to hear from you. She appreciates all the sweet e-mails she's received recently - keep 'em coming.

psst, psst if you can think of anything that will help us help Darlene get back to her quilting please leave a comment with your suggestion.

In Friendship,
The Wabbit Daze Gang

Monday, September 07, 2009

Needle Inspiration
(need a little inspiration)

Yesterday I spent all afternoon and evening working on this adorable project. This is Kaaren's (The Painted Quilt) First Friday Freebie. Thank you, Kaaren, for sharing your talent with the world!

I've been thinking about my September project for Kelly's Charming Girls' Quilt Club and have decided on two new projects- woohoo!

#1 This book from Kim (Magnolia Bay Quilts) , is fabulous. The timing for working on a project from this book couldn't be more perfect! Why? In the introduction to the book, Kim writes about her friend who once told her that she felt 'burdened' by her fabric collection - screeeeeech - that's exactly how I've been feeling! I've challenged myself to make a quilt called "Kitchen Sink". BTW, every pattern in this book is based on 2 1/2" strips.

#2. I have yards of this fabric - it's an oldie by Sandy Gervais called "Nature's Kalidoscope". I don't do much in Fall colors but I'd love to have a new Fall quilt to hang in my entry way. Many have asked me to write the pattern for my "16 Patch" quilt so I've challenged myself to make the quilt while writing the pattern using this fabric and matching fat quarters. :-)

I hope that you'll stop by to cheer me on with these two new challenges! I'm going to need all the cheering I can get. LOL

Thanks for stopping by and thank you especially for all your encouraging and kind words.

In Friendship with Gratitude!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

The End!

Earlier this week I finished stitching the final Truly Scrumptious block - Gracie! All nine blocks have been stitched, blocks are assembled and now it's time to put the entire quilt together. Hopefully that will happen very soon.

Still no desire to sew and/or quilt - it's been several weeks since I've spent much time in my sewing room. Yes, I know, this is growing tiresome and I'm sure some are tired of hearing about it (second verse, same as the first - LOL). However, can you imagine how I feel - incredibly frustrated! I have finally figured out exactly what's bugging me and now I just have to work on getting past it.

On a happier note - all the Random Act of Kindness goodies are finished and will be hitting the mail on Tuesday. I can't wait to make others smile and hopefully put a song in their hearts'.

Are you enjoying time with your needle and thread - do a stitch or two for me.

I appreciate that you're still visiting and I hope that you'll continue to do so.

In Friendship!
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