Wednesday, October 31, 2012


"Listen to the whispers of your heart"
My new favorite quote I found on Pinterest.
So, I did and took a tiny quilting and blogging break. 
 It's time to show my completion for the month of October for Another Year of Schnibbles hosted by Sinta and Sherri.  We had the option to make Hubble or Bounce.  I was super excited when this was announced because I'd already made Bounce back in July.  WooHoo!  I used Hello Luscious and Bella white both by Moda. 

Bounce by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.
made with Luscious by Moda

 Here we are on Halloween talking about Christmas.  LOL  It's really difficult to believe that Christmas is less than 2 months away.  Cheryl's been really diligent about posting ideas and tutorials on a very regular basis hoping to help you get those gifts made early so you can have a stress-free holiday season.  I've nagged you quite a bit, although, lately I've been a bit quieter.  LOL
The Christmas Through the Year Christmas Train is pulling into it's next stop - October 31.  If you've made a gift or two during the month of October please add your name/blog to Mr Linky.  Don't forget you're eligible to win a prize from Cheryl and she'll post a winner in a day or two. 

I hope your days have been pieceful.

Don't forget to
"Listen to the whispers of your heart". 

In Friendship!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Final Swoon

 I spent the afternoon and evening finishing my Swoon quilt. 

Swoon - block #7

Swoon - block #8
That's Inspector Cooper in the upper right hand corner  :-)

Swoon - block #9

Swoon - Finished! 
(the cream background looks like two but it's the photography)
This quilt has been on my 'quilting bucket list' for almost a year.  I'm glad I waited until I found fabric that would work for me; I'm beyond elated.  I'm anxious to get it quilted so hopefully that will happen very, very soon. 

Thank you so much for sharing my little Swoon journey with me; it's been fun. 

I can hardly believe that tomorrow is Friday - where do the days go.  Seriously, where do they go? 
I hope your Friday is pieceful.

In Friendship!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Snow Flies Again :-)

Remember my Roh-Roh post about my Snowmen A...Zzzz and Kona white/snow? 
Thank you so much for all your in put and advice.

An executive decision has been made :-)

I took a trip to Joann's and purchased enough yardage of Kona for all the blocks.  I'm continuing on with the letter G - Gifts and others that have not been stitched yet.  When I have finished then I'll check to see whether or not the first four blocks I stitched last month (B,C,D & I) look good and if they don't look then I'll restitch them then.  I think it's the best solution for now. 
After I printed G-Gifts I realized that was my last sheet of Sulky printable solvy so I traced the letter
H - Holly Berries and it's been slow going. 
 I have a tendency to trace very lightly because I fear my traced lines will show.  Bird Brain Designs to the rescue - a new package of printable solvy has arrived.  WooHoo!!!! 

Swoon block #7 was finished today :-)
Two to go!

Wishing you a pieceful Wednesday.

In Friendship!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

4, 5 and 6....check

Saturday was a total bust :-( 
My needles and thread did not meet.  

I made up for it today - woohoo!!!  

Swoon blocks 4, 5 and 6 were completed today.  I'm a very happy girl because this means that I'm two thirds of the way through this project.  :-) 

Swoon - block #4

Swoon - block #5

Swoon - block #6
I hope you had a pieceful week end. 
Wishing you a very pieceful week.

I appreciate your visits - come again soon.

In Friendship!

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Swooning Continues

This morning I couldn't wait to get back into my Happiest Place on Earth to make another Swoon block or two.  :-)
These blocks are not big - they are HUGE!  (24.5" x 24.5")

Swoon block #2 (needs to be pressed)

Swoon block #3
There are a total of 9 blocks; stay tuned.  :-)

I hope you enjoy a pieceful week end. 
 Thank you so much for all the compliments and comments on my first Swoon block. 

In Friendship!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I'm Late, I'm Late.....

I may be late but I have finally arrived. 
I'm finally doing the Swoon.  :-) 
Everyone has been doing the Swoon for a long time except me. 
What's the Swoon? 
Well, it's Camille Roskelley's pattern....Swoon. 
It took the quilting world by storm when she released it a year ago. 
I purchased it as soon as it was available but kept putting off working on it. 
Only because I couldn't decide what fabric combination I wanted to do. 

Block #1 - eight to go
Today I pulled out my Swoon pattern and decided it was time to make a fabric decision.  I've had a second fat quarter bundle/tower of Aster Manor by Three Sisters for Moda sitting on a shelf for a very long time.  I pulled it out and while looking through the fat quarters I could imagine my Swoon quilt in the pinks, brown, reds and golds.  I had one problem - I didn't have the required background yardage.  Sigh! 

And, then I saw it -
 there it was up high on a shelf in a bin -
big folds of fabric -
could it be enough for my Swoon quilt -
pulled down the bin allowing the lid to hit me on the head (I didn't care - I was on a mission)
immediately measured three different cuts of the fabric -
the angels sang and I was more than enough

It was meant to be!

 After a quick outing with Mr Daze I was home and ready to start pressing, measuring, cutting & sewing. 
The design wall is no longer bare - woohoo! 

I have pieces/parts cut for the next two blocks - stay tuned.  :-)

Enjoy a pieceful Friday and I thank you for popping in to visit with me.

In Friendship!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cherry Christmas - YUM!

 I had a fun afternoon in my "Happy Place" today. 
Cherry Christmas Piece of Cake 3 is an official flimsy.  This quilt is interesting because it only has top and bottom borders.  I hope to have backing fabric soon because I'm anxious to quilt it. 

Cherry Christmas fabric by Aneela Hoey for Moda
Piece of Cake 3 by Thimble Blossoms (Camille Roskelly)

 This is my bare-naked design wall.....ACK!!!  LOL 
Need to find a new project and soon.  :-)

Wishing you a very pieceful Thursday.

In Friendship!

Crazy Tuesday!

A crazy Tuesday with little to nothing accomplished!  Sigh!  :-)
I'll be back later today to, hopefully, share something. 
In the meantime I need to spend a little time responding to the wonderful comments that so many have left.  I've been a little remiss.

I hope your day is pieceful.

In Friendship!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Quilt - coffee stained ;-)

Today I finished quilting and coffee staining my Fall quilt. 

Before quilting and staining.

2/3 c boiling water, instant coffee and mister

Make sure the instant coffee is completely dissolved

Fill the mister (don't burn your fingers)

I draped the quilt over the island in my kitchen and started misting with the coffee mixture - very scary - LOL
I misted it quite heavily not knowing what the end result would be.

Here you can see the difference in the coffee stained block and non stained block - I really like the results of the first block so I continued but with a 'lighter' hand (knowing I could add more if needed.
Here's the quilt after I coffee stained all the creamy white areas and I'm quite pleased with the results.  The creamy white areas do not look as bright.  :-)  The picture may not show the difference but trust me it looks much, much better.  :-)

I tossed the quilt in the dryer hoping the heat would set the coffee staining (as it would any other stain) but it may wash out the first time it's washed with detergent. 
 One of the local quilt stores carries a distressing/aging liquid that may be more permanent so I'll pick some up soon.  In the meantime I'll bind it and hang it for decorative purposes.  :-)

In Friendship!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Christmas Through The Year

 I have not nagged you about making a Christmas gift (or two) in quite awhile. ;-)
I hope you're beyond thinking about making gifts and starting to do your sewing because this jolly guy is coming whether we like it or not. 
Can you imagine sitting back a few days before Christmas relaxing with a nice cup of hot cocoa, tea or coffee knowing that all your gifts have been made? 

The Christmas Through The Year train will be pulling into the next stop on October 31.
Cheryl and I hope you'll be aboard with a few gifts completed. 
If you're stuck for ideas you need to visit Cheryl - she's been posting so many incredible tutorials.

Enjoy a pieceful Monday.

In Friendship!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Quilt - check

I spent most of the day working on my Fall quilt project and it's officially a flimsy.  I'm not crazy about the way the creamy white looks.  Way too bright for the other more subdued colors.  Tomorrow before I start quilting it I'm going to take it outside and spritz the white areas with a tea dye mixture.  I think that will help tone it down. 

It will never be my favorite quilt however it will serve the purpose intended - decorate my entry way for the next six weeks and eventually be used to provide comfort and warmth. 

Sweet Pea by Healther Mulder Peterson (Anka's Treasures)
with Natures Kaleidoscope fabric by Sandy Gervais for Moda
Are you interested in seeing it again after it's spritzed and quilted?  

I hope you're having a super pieceful week end.
I appreciate you - thank you for popping in to visit with me.

In Friendship!

Friday, October 12, 2012


Thursday was a crazy day for me - the moon and stars were definitely NOT aligned.  
It was a day full of angst for me - sigh - don't ask.  LOL 

My Cherry Christmas layer cake project has been put on the back burner for a few days - sigh - don't ask.  :-)

Fall is on the bottom of my list of favorite seasons so I don't have many Fall themed quilts. 
I hit 'pay dirt' today because I discovered a bin filled with an old line by Sandy Gervais for Moda called Nature's Kaleidoscope.  Rusts, rusty reds, greens, gold, purples and blacks - very yummy!  There was a pile of fat quarters, border, binding and backing fabric.  Wowzer! 

I spent the majority of the day searching for a pattern; once that was found then I started cutting so I can spend Saturday sewing, sewing, sewing.  woohoo!  I'm anxious to get it pieced so I can quilt and bind it.  I think it'll look beautiful on my quilt rack in my entry with some Fall decor. 

I hope your days have been pieceful.

In Friendship!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Christmas Cake - YUM!

A Cherry Christmas layer cake sliced and diced.  :-) 
Another Christmas quilt - this might be the last one. 
However, I reserve the right to change my mind. 

Cherry Christmas by Aneela Hoey for Moda
Wishing you a pieceful Thursday.

In Friendship! 

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Quilts for Kids - Ahoy Matey

During the month of September while I was sewing every day I decided I had to request a kit from Quilts for Kids, Inc.  The kit arrived on Saturday; it's pieced and quilted; tomorrow I will add the binding and send it back in a day or two.  I made a quilt for them a couple of years ago so I'm way overdue to make another one.  In fact, if you're looking for a way to bring joy to a child in need then please visit Quilts for Kind, Inc and request a kit.  The kit comes completely precut and ready for you simply start sewing. 

I hope this quilt bring a smile and joy to a child in need because it definitely did it for me.  :-)

There's a label included in the kit and I'm to add my first name and the name of the quilt - Ron suggested "Ahoy Matey".

I'm still working on my stitching/fabric challenge - I think I have a viable solution.  Thank you ALL so much for all your suggestions. 

Make tomorrow a pieceful day. 

In Friendship!

Monday, October 08, 2012


Yes, I'm channeling Scooby Doo because I've made a mistake and I need some help. 

I'm ready to start stitching G - Gifts from my "Snowmen A....Zzzz" project and have run into a snag.

I decided to do my blocks on Kona Snow, cut a handful of squares and prepped them for stitching.  I've completed those letters and now I'm ready to move on to do more prepping and stitching.  Guess what?  The Kona Snow I have does not match the Kona Snow I've already used.  I took a swatch to Joann's to purchase more yardage and brought home a yard that does not match either.  There's definitely a dye lot difference - I know that all whites, snows, creams, etc are not created equal - ACK!!! 

"Snowmen A...Zzzz" by Crabapple Hill Studio

I'm at my wit's end here because I don't know what to do.  Should I just go buy lots of yardage and start anew?  Should I use the new Kona Snow and hope it doesn't matter when the whole project is completed? 

I've considered using the new Kona Snow (need to go purchase more) and then when the whole project is completed put it in a dye bath with a teeny, tiny drop of tea or coffee (just enough to make everything blend).  

I'm a fast stitcher so I'm tempted to just start all over again - big, big sigh!

What would you do?  Help, please!!!!
It's been a very frustrating day.
(I'm tempted to scratch the whole project)

I hope your day was pieceful - mine was not!  :-(

In Friendship!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

A Day of Rest

Hello, my name is Molly.  As you can see I'm a Janome Memory Craft 6600 and Darlene's "Bestie" (we like that better than BFF). 
It certainly feels that way because lately we've been joined at the hip. 
She's been giving me quite the work out - whew.
Today was a day of rest for me....for the first time in many days and weeks she did not sew. 
Hard to believe but it's true. 

Do not worry or fret because I overheard a conversation regarding a layer cake, a jelly roll and a honey bun - they sound really yummy.  But, what the heck is a fat quarter bundle. 

I need to get a good night's rest because something tells me she'll be spending time with me again tomorrow.
(please don't tell her but I did miss her today - shhhhh it's our secret)

Wishing you a pieceful week.

In Friendship,

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Outside my Comfort Zone

You already know that I've been "playing" outside my comfort zone this week. 
Here is my "Ladies' Stitching Club" meets Greek Cross - it's officially a flimsy.
I don't think it needs a border - just a strong binding to frame the quilt. 
I made this quilt with a layer cake some Bella yardage for the background; there are 25 blocks and the quilt is 60" x 60"
I am not aware that this is an official quilt pattern.  I found the block tutorial here
If you scroll through the blog you'll see the beginnings of a quilt.  Needless to say I was instantly smitten because I knew the block would be perfect for "Ladies' Stitching Club".  I think many would agree.
Speaking of 'outside my comfort zone'.  :-)  I got to meet a fellow blogger and friend Carol from Carol's Crafty Creations.  She and her hubby were participating in an SSR Fanatic run to an area near my home.  They were to meet at the Chevron gas station right outside my subdivision.  She sent an e-mail telling me that she was there right now and would I come meet her.  Initially I hesitated because I just don't do that - looked for a reason to not go and then decided to smear make up on my face and dashed out the door.  They were still there and I recognized her right away.  We exchanged a few hugs, she introduced me to her husband, we chatted a bit (especially about others we'd love to meet) and then I headed home.  
I was really excited when I got home because I feel like I've known Carol forever - we've been blog friends for a very long time. 

And, a huge thank you to all who understood my need to whine yesterday!  My 'want' will pass but why does it have to take so long.  LOL

Are you having a pieceful day?  I sure hope so.

In Friendship!

Friday, October 05, 2012

I Came to Whine - LOL

I need to whine!  I hope you don't mind but I seriously need to whine! 

A couple of nights ago I popped into a local quilt store to make a small purchase for a giveaway ( Hi Debby).  I seldom visit the local quilt stores because as you already know - I hate to go out.  :-)  And, I don't do much shopping because the budget is very tight. 

I looked above one of the cutting tables and the Angels sang - ahhhhhhh (loud, too)
I was instantly smitten - in love - downright crazy about the quilt hanging above the cutting table. 
Be still my quilting heart.  
Why was I at the cutting table - I didn't need to have anything cut - BIG BIG SIGH!!!!
The cute sign on the quilt said "kit available" - hmmmm - took a gander over the kit section and sure enough there they were.  Sadly, the price $80 was way over my budget.  So I asked if they had just the 13 fat quarters required - nope - all gone.  :-(  See if they'd had just the fat quarters then I could have improvised for the rest of the required fabric (it needs a couple of yards of a background fabric - I have a bolt of white) and there is a yard piece required that was also gone but surely I could find it on line (I've looked and it's definitely available).  I can get the fat quarters on line, as well, but I don't know which ones were used and besides I can only find fat quarter bundles.....I only need 13 fat quarters.  The fat quarter bundles are approx $75 - might as well just buy the kit - it would be cheaper. 
I failed to mention that the fabric is Flea Market Fancy. 
Did you hear the angels?  LOL

So, I took my sad little face home.  Sigh! 

I'm whining because I can't stop thinking about the silly kit so I figured if I whined the moment would pass. 

Feel free to laugh at me - just the whims of a quilter.  LOL

I'm sewing and thinking about the kit that will never live at my house - LOL

Have a pieceful evening.

In Friendship!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Greek Cross

Greek Cross meets Ladies' Stitching Club (more to come)

This is all I accomplished today. 
Definitely not as much as I would have liked but that's the way it is.  LOL

I'm feeling a little tired tonight so I'm going to bed much earlier than I usually do.

Wishing you a pieceful Friday.

In Friendship!

The Ladies' Stitching Club

I've been wanting to play with this layer cake ... The Ladies' Stitching Club by Liesl Gibson for Oliver + S and Moda
 Yes, it's a little outside my comfort zone but oh so yummy!  LOL 
I found the perfect block while cruising Pinterest - Greek Cross. 
 I'd been chatting with a friend earlier about what color would work best for the background of any project using this line of fabric .... we decided it had to be white (the colors just POP)
These are my first two blocks.  I don't know how many blocks I'll get out of the layer cake but I'm going to keep making blocks until I can't make any more.  How's that for a plan?  LOL

I hope you're enjoying a pieceful week.

In Friendship!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

"3 In A Row" - done

The fun continues - woohoo!!! 
I spent my afternoon working on "3 In A Row" from Quilts & More in Reunion by Sweetwater for Moda and it's now officially a flimsy. 

Throughout my sewing/quilting craze during National Sewing Month I had quite a few regular cheerleaders that left supportive and encouraging comments - thank you! 
If you left a comment I tossed your name in a jar with plans to do a little something at the end of the month.

Debby, you're the winner of two Tapestry Mini Charms (aka Moda Candy). 
Please send me your address so I can put your cuties in the mail.  :-) 

Christmas Through the Year September participants thank you so much for being patient with me. 
The winner of the Full House styled table runner is Andi in AZ.  
Congratulations, Andi, please send me your address and I'll put your stocking and table runner in the mail!
Thank you so much for all the wonderful supportive and encouraging e-mails.  Stay tuned because there's more to come....I'm having way too much fun and plan to do lots more sewing/quilting. 

Enjoy a pieceful day.

In Friendship!

Monday, October 01, 2012

National Sewing Month - Reflections

 If you follow my blog you know that often times I've suffered from major loss of sewing/quilting MOJO.  I've wasted lots of time questioning why I quilt (the closets are overflowing with finished quilts & flimsies).  Close friends have listened to me moan and groan about why I continue to sew.  I keep thinking I should be doing what everyone else is doing (sew alongs, etc) rather than following my heart and simply sewing.  Because I have those self doubts I walk into my sewing room only to turn around and walk out because I don't want to do what everyone else is doing but I feel I should.  Does that make sense?  Additionally, I question why I continue to blog - sometimes there's just nothing to blog about because I'm not quilting and this is suppose to be a quilting blog.  :-)

When I realized that September was National Sewing Month I decided to challenge myself to sew and blog every day in the month of September.  Guess what?  I did it - yes I did sew every day and I did blog every day.  Some days I didn't sew much so I didn't have much to show or say but I did both...didn't want to be a failure in my own eyes.  :-) 

While I was measuring, cutting, piecing, embroidering by hand, etc I had lots of time to think.  I've come to the conclusion that I sew/quilt because it really is a true passion and does "put a smile on my face and a song in my heart".  Quite frankly I have no right to question what I enjoy so much.  You have no idea how much fun I had - it was incredibly eye opening for me. 

This is not to say that I won't have the self doubt or allow my MOJO to suffer ever again but I can say that I'm determined to continue to have fun. 

I hope you'll continue to visit this silly blog of mine as I continue my quilting journey.  I have plans to do lots of sewing/quilting in October - sew alongs with a couple of friends, projects that hold so much anticipation. 

My husband, Ron (aka Mr Daze) is the most incredible husband (yes, I know, yours is too) .... every day he'd say "you have to sew today - get busy".  This man could care less whether or not our home is tidy or if I'm going to cook a meal - "let's just fend tonight", he says. 

Today he helped me take pictures of my September projects throughout our community - lots of pictures ahead.  Thank you so much, Sweetheart, for spoiling me for almost 36 years.  :-)

The Sweet Life - our home in the desert

Betsy's Closet - pieced in Sept.

Spools (quilted in Sept)

Under Wrap Quilt - Blitzen by Moda

Ruffles - Halloween scraps

Vintage Holiday - Vintage Modern by Moda

 Lincoln - Cinnamon Spice by Moda

 Speck - Little Bites - Marmalade

Joy(ful) Gifts - Joy by Moda

 Mite - Little Bites - Clermont Farms +

 Tea Party - Marmalade by Moda

2008 FQS Designer Mystery blocks (still searching for finishing kit)

Snowmen A to Zzzz.... by Crabapple Hill Studio

The End - "3 In A Row" - Reunion by Moda

I appreciate all your support and encouragement as I played through the month of September.
I did notice that I gained a handful of followers - thank you and welcome.

I have a surprise for one 'cheerleader' - come back tomorrow. 
I'll post the CTTY winner tomorrow, as well.

Enjoy a pieceful week.
In Friendship!
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