Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CGGQC March Accomplishments
(picture heavy with repeats)

I had quite a few accomplishments and some failures. :-)

An Accomplishment:
Two Simple Abundance Piece of Cake quilts finished and delivered to two special people.

An Accomplishment & Failure:
Just A Breeze (Aster Manor Jelly Roll Project) - not quilted (ran out of batting - sigh)

An Accomplish & Failure:
Aviary Turnover project (not quilted)

An Accomplishment:
March Year of the Schnibble - Roundabout w/Make Life by Moda (quilted & bound)

An Accomplishment:
Rabbits Prefer Embroidery - quilted (binding needs to be sewn down)

A Bonus Accomplishment:
Year of the Schnibble - Picnic - quilted (binding needs to be sewn down)

Another Bonus Accomplishment:
Frosted Squares by The Pattern Basket with Moda's Gingham Rose (ready to be quilted)

Another failure (no picture):
Didn't quilt my State Fair Schnibble - couldn't find my backing & binding - Huge Sigh!

Despite the failures I think it was a good month. LOL

Thank you so much for sharing your "Someday" dreams with me - yesterday. I hope that you will all give yourself a "Someday"; you definitely deserve it.

The winner of the flimsy is
Thank you for visiting. Y'all come back now!
In Friendship!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

(gratitude & generosity challenge #2)

You might recall a few posts back where I said I needed an 8th day of the week and I'd call it "Someday". So many of you said that you, too, would enjoy an 8th day of the week.

So....I had a long talk with the Big Guy (yes, God - we chat often) and he has refused to give us an 8th day of the week. Apparently he doesn't trust us - we've seriously blown it with Sunday (the day of rest - we simply don't rest). Then he gently said "I didn't have an 8th day and look what I've accomplished". Dang it he was right but I begged, I pouted, I cried and he simply would not budge. Can't say that I blame him. Sigh!!!

Then, I went to President of the United States and Congress (maybe they had some pull). LOL - they're too busy fighting with each other about anything & everything. Nuf said! :-)

I believe we should have that elusive 8th day - "Someday" - to relax & enjoy all things we say we don't have time to do Sunday through Saturday. Even though an 8th day of the week is NOT going to happen I've been thinking about what I would do if I did have a "Someday".

"Someday" I would.....

stop being rude & respond to every comment left on my blog (I'm soooo bad about that)

finish adding all the Charming Guys & Girls bloggers to my sidebar

acknowledge publicly the awards other bloggers have bestowed on me ... Allie & Jocelyn presented me with The Lemonade Stand Award. Thank you, Ladies!

quilt & bind all my flimsies

Post pictures of the sweet things I've either won or simply received from my bloggy friends. Loris had a giveaway for the sweet sewing tin (it was filled with the adorable socks, two pink fat quarters, notepad, needles & long gone chocolates; Kathie had a giveaway for the delightful pile of Marcus Brother fat quarter bundle (behind the needles); RAK Autumn wool candlemat from Karen (she knows I can't work with wool); Beautiful Gingher embroidery scissors Carol sent for Christmas so I could put my damaged scissors away (the ones I've had for over 20 years that my Dad gave me one year for Christmas - dropped them on my tile floor & bent the tips). Ladies, thank you so much!

My "Someday" list is actually much longer but I won't bore you. :-) I think you get the idea!

Here's my Gratitude & Generosity Challenge #2 for you......

Leave a comment and tell me what you would do with an 8th day of the week - "Someday"! Remember, it must be all about YOU and what YOU would do.

I have a flimsy (it's not quilted - I need my "Someday") to give to the winner and that winner will be announced tomorrow (Wednesday) at the end of my Charming Boys & Girls March post.

Enjoy your day! Thank you for stopping by to visit. Come again soon.

In Friendship!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

National Quilting
Week end

Before I tell you about my National Quilting week end I need to tell you about my sweet hubby. Friday evening he asked if I planned to sew on Saturday and if so did I need anything i.e. thread. I told him that I did intend to spend most of the day in my sewing haven; in turn he told me to play as much as I wanted and not to fret about dinner and such. His mom, Dru (may she rest in peace) raised this wonderful man - thank you, Mom!

I exercised on National Quilting Day - no not THAT kind of exercise - my prerogative! teehee! I couldn't decide what to do with the piles of fabric I showed you on Friday so I checked my closet yet again and found a huge pile of Moda's Gingham Rose fabric - I had yardage for background, border fabric, fat quarters, etc. I pulled my Frosted Squares pattern by The Pattern Basket and cut my own Layer Cake (10" squares) and got busy! Saturday I got 25 of the required 30 blocks done - woohoo!

Sunday morning I was back in my sewing haven and at the end of the day (10:00PM) I had the quilt top assembled (well, all but the top and bottom borders). I'll show you the entire quilt top after I add the top & bottom borders.

This quilt reminds me of something I'd find in an old trunk - I LOVE it so much and plan to quilt it very, very soon.

I really enjoyed working with an older line of fabric so stay tuned because I'm planning to use more the stash.

I appreciate your visit - please come again very soon.

In Friendship!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Springing into
National Quilting Day
(picture heavy post)
Tomorrow (Saturday) is the first day of Spring (my favorite season) and National Quilting Day. A day to enjoy my needle and thread with wild abandon. teehee!

In my attempts to keep Mrs. McNasty from accusing me of lacking originality or being a big ole copy cat I've been digging through my stash. I've found two wonderful piles of fabric and now I'm attempting to decide what pattern to use. Any thoughts or ideas?

How about this one - any thoughts or ideas?

March Schnibbles Roundabout is officially a flimsy - I used Make Life by Sweetwater/Moda and love the results. Need to order backing & binding early next week.

The Aviary Turnover project is also officially a flimsy. Need backing & binding for this one, too.
Two Simple Abundance Piece of Cake quilts have been delivered - woohoo. I think the recipients were surprised, excited & pleased.

These three sweet angel stitcheries - Hope, Faith, & Peace have been delivered to a fellow blogger. I think she was surprised, as well.

And, I finished the March Snowbound blocks for Kelly & Terry but failed to take a picture before I mailed them. They are safe & sound with Kelly & Terry. WooHoo!

This is what happens when I don't update my blog for almost two weeks - whew! LOL

I hope you're enjoying your day - you've made mine by stopping by to visit with me. Thank you so much!

In Friendship!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Just a Breeze
(jelly roll project finished)

In searching for a Jelly Roll project to use either Aster Manor or Dandelion Girl I was flipping pages through "Scrap Basket Surprises" by Kim Brackett of Magnolia Bay Quilts. I love her Summer Breeze pattern with Robyn Pandolph scraps but why not Aster Manor??? :-) Have to call mine Just a Breeze because it doesn't indicate any particular season.

Here's my version - Just a Breeze. I don't have binding or backing fabric for this one so I'm not sure how soon it'll be quilted.

I'm ready for my next March project - Aviary Turnover.

I hope that you've been enjoying your needle and thread. I appreciate your visit - come again soon.

In Friendship!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Charming Guys & Girls Quilt Club
March Goals

Every month I set goals and only manage to accomplish a few but this month I'm determined to accomplish every goal. Here we go; the list is long :-)

1. Roundabout Schnibbles pattern for The Year of Schnibbles club

2. Carol sent this sweet kit to me for my birthday last Summer and it screams Spring so it's a must do (psst, Carol, thank you, again)

3. A project using one of these Jelly Rolls - Aster Manor on the left or Dandelion Girl on the right
4. Quilt and bind my State Fair Schnibbles that I made last Spring - do you remember? Sigh!

5. Finish my Rabbits Prefer Embroidery project - it's been languishing in a basket.

6. I've spent the last two days quilting these two "Piece of Cake" quilts. I'll spend a few evenings binding them and then mail them away to two special friends. I'm hoping to have them in the mail by Saturday. (pattern by Thimble Blossoms & Simple Abundance fabric by Thimble Blossoms & Cotton Way/Moda)

Wish me luck! LOL I really believe I can achieve these goals. Stay tuned. :-)
Thanks for stopping by - I do appreciate your visit. If you need me I'll be with my BFF, Molly (my sewing machine)
In Friendship!

Monday, March 01, 2010

February Schnibbles Quilt
Sunday Best

It's time for the February parade of Schnibbles quilts - I've shown mine before because I actually made mine in January (it was a stroke of luck). I'm anxious to see the rest of the parade.

I need to say thank you to Sherri and Sinta for all their hard work in the Year of Schnibbles and a special thank you to all the shops and Carrie of Miss Rosies Quilt Co for providing prizes and such. I won a $25 gift certificate from Cottage Quilts for my January Schnibbles quilt and am anticipating a package from them soon.

Thank you again for stopping by - come again soon.

In Friendship!
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