Monday, August 19, 2013

I've Been Working on the Railroad

I could use a crew to build this Short Line Railroad
Are YOU available???? 
I am definitely having fun working on this railroad. 
This is my first experience with Moda Honey Buns (1.5" strips). 
I'm glad I have two more planned Honey Bun projects, as I've really enjoyed myself. 
I think Moda has discontinued Honey Buns; much to my chagrin.  :-)

It's time to make more little soldiers.  :-)
I hope you're enjoying lots and lots of pieceful days!
I'll be back to share more progress soon.
I do appreciate your visits and comments.
In Friendship!

Monday, August 12, 2013


I promised I would be back "tomorrow" to share progress on my projects. 
I didn't say which tomorrow.  LOL
The week end was busy so there was little time to spend at the machine.
But...there has been some progress  :-)

Lots of progress on my postage stamp quilt. 
I knew this would be a fun project but I had no idea how much.
 I find myself smiling as I sew, sew and sew. 

This is the beginning of my 'slightly tarnished project' ... Short Line.
Lots and lots of strips! 
Have you started looking through your stash in search of a 'slightly tarnished project'? 

The strips became little soldiers lined up waiting to become blocks. 
I hope to spend more time in my sewing room this week. 
I promise to share as soon as there's something to share.
Are you enjoying pieceful days?
In Friendship!

Friday, August 09, 2013

Slightly Tarnished Project - Found

When I opened the stash closet door I was prepared to spend a few minutes (or longer) searching for my 'slightly tarnished project'. 
Imagine my surprise when I spotted that 'diamond in the rough' - it was sparkling and taunting me.  :-)
I discovered four Honey Buns of Happy Camper by American Jane for Moda. 
 I had enough background fabric so it was obvious to me; it was meant to be. 

Back in 2010 Carrie of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co introduced a pattern called Short Line using these fabrics. 
Who am I to argue? LOL
 I pressed my background fabric and one Honey Bun and got busy. 
I'm sewing miles and miles and I'll be ready to show some progress tomorrow. 
I hope you consider digging through your stash in search of a 'slightly tarnished project'. 

Pieces parts of my Postage Stamp quilt. 
I'll be working on another section this week end, as well. 
One more thing - September is coming - do you know what that means?
I'm off to enjoy another pieceful day - I hope you're doing the same.
In Friendship!

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Time to Ride Again!

Actually, it's Time to Sew Again!!!
I'm ready...
1.  new blade in my Olfa cutter (Splash is hiding - grrr) - check
 I have one blade holder marked "used" and one marked "new".
This way I dispose of the old blade in a safe manner and don't confuse myself at the same time.
2.  new needle in my machine - check
3.  10 bobbins wound - check
After I've used all ten bobbins I know it's time to do some dusting & cleaning
4.  chase the dust bunnies out of my machine - check

Now it's time to find a project.  I find myself getting distracted by the 'shiny things' (new fabric/new patterns). 
I completely dismiss the 'slightly tarnished things' hidden in my stash closet.  Sigh!! 
They once were shiny things I had to have ... why did they lose their appeal? 
 I've decided I need to right that wrong. 
I'm going to dig for a slightly tarnished shiny thing to start working on. 
Hopefully I won't have to dig too deep.
Wish me luck and stay tuned. 
Have your days been pieceful?
In Friendship!

Monday, August 05, 2013

Borders, Bindings and Backings

I've had a handful of fun 'pieceful' days.
I hope you have, as well.
And, now it's time to make some borders, bindings and backings decisions.
Remember this one? 
This is Dashing by The Pattern Basket made with Happy Go Lucky by Bonnie and Camille for Moda.
Last time you saw it I needed to add the final border (I selected my binding, as well).
Now, it's time to select my backing. 
Remember the Avalon jelly roll I cut last week? 
This pattern is Hash Tag by Camille Roskelley and designed specifically for a class she's teaching on Craftsy. 
 I already have backing however, I need to select the border and binding.   
Do you have any suggestions?

Last but not least another section of my Postage Stamp quilt.
Wishing you lots of pieceful days.
Thank you for visiting!
In Friendship!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Something New and More!

August is a new month!

A new project with my Avalon jelly roll by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda.

Remember when I cut 2" squares from scraps of Bliss, Ruby, Vintage Modern, Marmalade & Happy Go Lucky by Bonnie & Camille for Moda? 
They took another tumble in the dryer because I added some Scrumptious.  :-)
I have finally started what I'm calling my Postage Stamp project.  There are many definitions of Postage Stamp quilts - in my world - this is a Postage Stamp quilt.  LOL
I'm lovin' it and will share as it grows. 
Recently I had some problems with my e-mail - I could see the icons but couldn't actually see the e-mails.  My Tech Guru (Mr Daze) and I decided I needed to delete everything so he could work on reinstalling stuff.  Everything is working again - whew - so if I missed an e-mail from you please forgive me. 
I appreciate your visit and wish you pieceful days!
In Friendship!
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