Thursday, June 22, 2006

Quiet Days

I live a very quiet life, so most of my days are quiet ones. I'm not going to complain because I love this lifestyle. :-) I'm a friendly and outgoing person but I truly do enjoy being a homebody - don't get out much and I like it that way. LOL


The little quilt at the top is a small 15" x 15" log cabin from Jo Morton. I have a friend who made a quilt very similar and I admired it a lot so she pulled scraps for me to make one just like it. Thank you my friend!!! I absolutely adore this little quilt. (it's still a quilt top - sigh). And, the other one is currently hanging in the entry way to my home.

If you take time to read this silly blog - thank you!
If you're taking the time to get to know me better - thank you!
If you left me a supportive message about the hurt I experienced earlier this week - thank you!

Thought for today
Appreciate the present, it's a gift we receive every day!

Monday, June 19, 2006

I've let someone that is not important in my life hurt my feelings and I've been dealing with it for the last couple of hours. Why do I allow that to happen???? I need to figure out a way to push it out of my mind and just enjoy this great life I have, but it's nagging in the back of my mind. Maybe taking a few minutes to write about it a little will help me!

Time to Play:
I still have more to do in my home but I'm done for today! I got alot accomplished and actually quite happy with myself. Now, it's time to look around my sewing room and attempt to get inspired - maybe a little straightening would help. HMMM

The quilt on the bed makes me smile - it's a pattern called Square Deal and it was in AP&Q last fall. 30's prints are so sweet and summery.

2nd THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Let go of stress. Spend some time in a place that is soothing and tranquil.

Friends that accept me for who I am
New friends that are wanting to get to know who I am
Big Sigh!
Somedays I feel like I'm just spinning my wheels - just don't get anything done! Haven't done any real sewing in almost a month. OK, so I put the borders on my scrappy done with Poetry Collection by Moda but that's been all. My sewing room is a big mess - stuff everywhere and I'm just not feeling inspired lately. What's wrong with me?????? Actually, everything is a mess - my poor house has not gotten a good cleaning since before I had surgery in late April; the laundry has piled up; the quilting magazines have piled up on my side of the bed; WHAT A HUGE MESS. So, today I'm going to try to get some of my life under control. I'm going to do some cleaning everywhere except the sewing room. I've already started the laundry and cleared some of the pile by the bed and then maybe I can concentrate on cleaning my room and look for some inspiration. Life's a big sigh these days - LOL.

Thought for today: Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

My home

I'll be back later with hopefully some quilty news!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Me, Myself & I
Recently while reading a post on one of the Yahoo e-mail groups I tripped across and visited Jeanne's blog. Her blog led me to many others and I spent more hours than I care to count, reading current and archival posts. I'm not going to dwell on that - suffice it to say that I had an absolute BLAST reading about a variety of quilting ventures, etc.

I'd been encouraged to start my own blog so that I, too, could share my quilting challenges and ventures. I thought it might be better if I did my blog in a "secret" mode - not wanting anyone to know who I was. Why??? Well, I didn't want to worry about seeking acceptance or
worry about rejection. There's a huge problem with that entire thought process, though, I want to make friends via this blog. How is that possible if I'm in a "secret" mode????? Patti sent me an e-mail and "tagged" me - "consider yourself tagged and tell us more about yourself". I panicked when I read that however it made me think long and hard about this blog. Oh, I could go on and on but why beat a dead horse. I've decided that this blog cannot be in "secret" mode and I can't be incognito - I am who I am and I shouldn't be ashamed! Hopefully I'll be accepted by all who stop by to read my blog and share in my quilting.

Since I've been tagged by Patti -

ABC's of Me

Accent - None
Booze - I only drink Diet Coke (prefer caffeine free)
Chore - Mopping floors
Dog/Cat - None right now
Essential Electronics - Sewing machine and computer
Favorite Perfume - None
Gold/Silver - Gold
Hometown - San Antonio, Texas (but I've lived all over the world)
Insomnia - Absolutely
Job Title - I'm currently self employed but in the corporate world I'm a Human Resources Generalist
Kids - Three; daughter Kristie (Seth & Eli), son Steven (Steven Jr, Angel & Sienna), son Neal (Kassandra)
Living arrangements - single dwelling home
Most Admirable Trait - Hard worker
Number of Countries Visited - 12
Overnight Hospital Stays - 3
Phobias - Snakes (I got queasy just thinking about it - ugh)
Quote - "I may have been born at night but it wasn't last night"
Religion - Nondenominational
Siblings - one sister (15 years younger)
Time You Usually Wake up - 5:00/5:30am
Unusual talent - none
Vegetables I Refuse to East - Garbanzo beans (they taste like dirt)
Worst Habit - worry way too much
X-Rays - Yes
Yummy Foods I Make - I don't really like to cook
Zodiac - Leo

Quilt in the picture - Buzzsaw - just one of my favorites!

Thought for today: "Care about people's approval and you will be their prisoner" Tao Te Ching

A quiet Saturday in my sewing room with Me, Myself and I :-)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Life is full of ironies and this one gave me a huge chuckle today! Yesterday we hung my new 4ft+ Black Rolling Pin on the wall above the bar between the kitchen and greatroom. That silly rolling pin makes me smile every time I look at it.

Another quilt top pulled off the pile and quilted - pattern "Rolling Pins" by Me and My Sister Designs. While I was working on the binding, I looked up at the black rolling pin and started giggling at the IRONY. :-)

Thought for today: Accept yourself unconditionally. Accept, believe and respect yourself no matter what!

Warm Chocolate Chip Turtle Cookies - yummy
Lunch with friends

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Just a Day!
I enjoy reading the newspaper every morning with one or two cups of coffee however I've always found the Tuesday newspaper to be a bit boring. So, like the newspaper on Tuesdays my day was a bit uneventful, bordering on boring. :-) It was Just a Day!

I've been thinking about my stack of quilt tops that really should become QUILTS. I was going to count them but I'm a little afraid of the number. So, today rather than just thinking about those tops I pulled one out and quilted it and tonight while watching the baseball game I did the binding. One down and ? to go. HMMM, maybe I should count them.

Thought for today: "If you don't know what your passion is, realize that one reason for your existence on earth is to find it. " Oprah Winfrey

quilting one of my quilt tops - ahhhhh
a simpler way of life - ahhhhh
popsicles - yum

Monday, June 12, 2006

I realized today that I have not done any sewing in almost three weeks and I don't know why! While I was thinking about this little tidbit I remembered a recent converation with a good friend. She asked me what motivates me to sew!?! She told me that she's not motivated lately but is amazed by all that I do. HMMMM - so why am I not sewing lately? I spent several hours in my sewing room and took a good long look around. I have several projects cut and ready to go - no, not interested! I have a quilt top that just needed outer borders so I got busy and finished it. Then I thought "oh no, another one for the pile of quilt tops". I didn't have backing fabric but I did have the binding fabric so I ordered some backing fabric and made the binding. The backing should arrive by the end of the week and after it arrives I'm planning to quilt it immediately. So, I still don't really have the answer to "what motivates me to sew". I love to sew - maybe that's it! I love quilts - maybe that's it! I love to create with a needle and thread - maybe that's it! I think it's a combination of those things so I need to get busy again.

Thought for today: No more self doubt, because you feel competent in everything you do.

air conditioning
ice cold water
new cyberfriends

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I finally took the time to start my blog and it's an exciting thing for me. I'm looking forward to posting about my quilting and daily life.

Thought for today: Slow down and take some time for yourself. You need it and your family needs it.

A good book to read
A long nap

MORE! I love these smaller quilts in my fabric basket.


I searched high and low for "the" cabinet to show off my quilts! I love this one! How many quilts??? 50! Yep and that's just a drop in the bucket - more piled elsewhere in my home waiting for a home of their own!

Oh Me, Oh My!

This is the bed covered with some of my quilt tops (some with backings) that have been waiting to be quilted. Don't they look sad?????
I've spent many hours reading more blogs than I can count. I've always wanted to journal about my quilting so I decided that I needed my very own Blog. This thing called quilting is a very important part of my life. Why "Quilting Daze" because I do spend many daze (days) quilting and I have a tendency to be dazed by all the quilting I have stashed and ready to do. :-) Does this mean that I'm in a Daze? Something to ponder?????
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