Monday, June 12, 2006

I realized today that I have not done any sewing in almost three weeks and I don't know why! While I was thinking about this little tidbit I remembered a recent converation with a good friend. She asked me what motivates me to sew!?! She told me that she's not motivated lately but is amazed by all that I do. HMMMM - so why am I not sewing lately? I spent several hours in my sewing room and took a good long look around. I have several projects cut and ready to go - no, not interested! I have a quilt top that just needed outer borders so I got busy and finished it. Then I thought "oh no, another one for the pile of quilt tops". I didn't have backing fabric but I did have the binding fabric so I ordered some backing fabric and made the binding. The backing should arrive by the end of the week and after it arrives I'm planning to quilt it immediately. So, I still don't really have the answer to "what motivates me to sew". I love to sew - maybe that's it! I love quilts - maybe that's it! I love to create with a needle and thread - maybe that's it! I think it's a combination of those things so I need to get busy again.

Thought for today: No more self doubt, because you feel competent in everything you do.

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ice cold water
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Patti said...

Good morning! I've put your blog in my "favorites" list, and I'm looking forward to reading more. Just a suggestion, if you set your blog up so we can reply to the comments you make on our blogs it's much easier to have a two-way communication. I was like you - set it up for "no reply" to begin with because it just looked like the safer thing to do. Right away an experienced blogger suggest that I change it, so I did. I'm so glad - it's allowed me to have email conversations with other blogging quilter, something I've really enjoyed.

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