Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Great Swap of 2008

Last Spring, Carol and I were chatting via e-mail about the sweet quilt Wendy showed on her blog and how much fun it would be to swap 3" 30's rail blocks. We got super excited and we asked Wendy, Judy & Sharon to join us in swap. Kathie was going to swap with us but life got in the way! Everyone was thrilled and enthused and we started swapping immediately. We finished the swap a few months ago and my blocks have been sitting in a basket waiting to be sewn together. The other day I decided that I needed to get this quilt assembled before the new year!

Here's a word problem for you - teehee!!!

When you add five bloggy friends, Carol, Wendy, Judy, Sharon and I
Plus - 414 3" 30's rail blocks ( 1,242 1.5" x 3.5" pieces)
Plus - 374 3" white Kona alternate blocks
Plus - 78 white Kona setting triangles
Plus - 4 white Kona corner pieces

Equals - 76" x 100" adorable quilt filled with great memories!

Ladies, thank you so much for playing along with me - it's a treasured quilt and one with a great story!

This quilt would be adorable made with darker prints for the rail blocks and beige/tan/cream, etc for the alternate blocks and setting triangles (Libby made one and it's great). Whimsical brights for the rail blocks with black for the alternate blocks and setting triangles would be super cute!

Thank you so much for visiting and please come again!

In Friendship!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hug Quilt #3 & #4

I hope that your Christmas was merry, bright, and jolly!

I was able to finish and deliver Hug Quilts #3 & #4 on Christmas Eve day but this is the first opportunity I've had to post pictures. I need to get #2, #3 & #4 back to complete the bindings and labels.

# 3 - made for my friend who lost her sister this year. Her sister was very fond of dogs so I used a Moda Posh Pooch jelly roll and the Fields of Flowers pattern by Sandy Gervais. It's very blendy but my friend loved it.

Hug Quilt #4 was made for our friend who lost his son this year. I used some Kansas Troubles fat quarters with a pattern called Cake Walk by The Calico Horse. I like it's simplicity and think it looks very masculine. He was very happy to receive this hug from my DH and I.

I'm very excited that I was able to make all four Hugs Quilts for our friends. And, I'm especially excited to say that all four were made entirely from my stash! WooHoo!

I hope that you're enjoying a relaxing week end plying your needle and thread.

Thanks for stopping by and please come again very soon!

In Friendship!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008


I finished piecing and quilting Hug Quilt #2 and we delivered it this evening. This quilt was given to our friends not because they suffered a loss in their lives but because they've been incredible friends to my husband, Ron and I. They are very special friends and we decided that a quilt would show them how much we appreciate their friendship. They were thrilled with this quilt and it was fun to watch her sitting in the chair "hugging" the quilt with a huge smile on her face. No one has ever made a quilt especially for them! I opted not bog myself down with the binding so I'll get all the quilts back next week to attach labels and binding.

This pattern is called Boxed Squares and is on Mary's website. Thank you so much, Mary for sharing this pattern. I like it so much I'm planning to make one for me! :-)

I've challenged myself to make all four comfort/hug quilts from my stash. This quilt was made using a Shangri-La jelly roll and Vienna Nights scraps I had from a quilt I made a couple of years ago.

If you're living in an area that's been hit hard by snow please stay warm and safe. Perfect time to spend time with your needle and thread. :-)

Thank you for stopping by - I do appreciate that you do. Come back soon to see quilts #3 and #4.

In Friendship!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gifts for you and for me! :-)

I'm finally here with winners of my little "Can we talk" drawing! Thank you for your patience.

Without further ado - here are the winners:

Paula - A Latte Quilts
Teresa - Stitchin Friends
Sweet P - Coffee Time Stitches
Lurline - Lurline's Place
Julia - Little Girl Quilts

Please send an e-mail with your mailing address and I'll pop a little surprise in the mail ASAP!

This week the postman brought packages with surprise gifts for me.

Nan sent the sweet Snowman door hanger and there was a sweet scissor fob, too but I failed to include it in the picture. Duh! Nan remembered that I love Kim Diehl designs and knew I'd love this little fella! She's absolutely right - I love him! Thank you for remembering! :-) Thank you so much, Nan for thinking me during this holiday season! You've touched my heart - you're a true friend.

And, then there was this BIG box from Carol. The tape was removed and inside I found this.....

Wrapped in the 'cute beyond words' tissue was this........

And then I removed the bow and found this...................
wait for it
here it comes
I was stunned, surprised, speechless (that doesn't happen very often - LOL) and had tears in my eyes! I will love and enjoy this beauty for years to come. Carol, thank you so much for this gift from your heart - how do I ever thank you? I appreciate your friendship - you, too are a true friend.

I had a rough week - demands made on my time that I just wasn't willing to give. How many times do I have to say "I'm on vacation". It's been very stressful so receiving these gifts from two lovely ladies was exactly what the doctor ordered. :-)
I'm diligently working on my comfort/hug quilts for my friends. My sewing machine and I have become "One" - LOL!!! Quilt #2 and Quilt #3 are pieced and will be quilted and bound immediately. Have to make a decision on Quilt #4 but I'm sure I'll think of something. Patti asked me how I could possibly give four quilts made in time for Christmas - focus and determination will help me. :-)
Thank you so much for popping in to visit - please come again!
In Friendship!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The past couple of weeks have been super busy in my little corner of the world. Some days have gone by in a complete blur - Sigh! My 'work life' is a bit different - I am self employed and I work a parttime job, too. (and on occasion there's been a third job, too). I've been working diligently to get all my work done and out the door so I could take some much needed time off - I really do need some Darlene-Time! Call it a vacation, a staycation, a break, Darlene-Time, etc - it doesn't matter - this is a much needed break.

Wow, thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on my previous post - it's been so much fun to read everyone's thoughts, ideas, solutions, etc. I promised a give away and if you left a comment I'd toss your name in a hat/basket/jar - I'll be back tomorrow with a list of winners! Yes, more than one but I need to see how many prizes I have. LOL

I'm in the midst of making four comfort/hug quilts for four friends who suffered losses of family members this year. I decided that since this was going to be their first Christmas without their loved one and the hugs of their loved one then a quilt with hugs sewn in would be a nice thing to do! I finished one on Saturday for a couple who lost their son this year. We delivered the quilt and explained why I made the quilt for them and they were a little shocked but very excited by our gesture.

It's a pattern called Patchwork Tiles for Moda University and I used fat quarters from Aunt Purdy's Parlor by Kansas Troubles. I was trying to achieve a masculine look but keep it a touch feminine, as well.

Pieces Parts for the second and third quilts. Bear in mind that I want to have all four completed by Christmas Day
I'll be back sometime tomorrow with contest winners! Thank you so much for visiting - do come again a real soon.

In Friendship,

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Can we talk?

When I started quilting almost 10 years ago the major fabric companies had already started making fabrics in coordinating prints and everyone I knew was purchasing the coordinating prints like wildfire! I would walk into a local quilt store and purchase a fat quarter bundle (aka tower), yardage for borders, binding and backing, take it all home and make a stunning quilt. Everything matched perfectly. Made me a happy girl, after all, I didn't have to do much thinking or planning. I've never been comfortable walking into a quilt store and selecting a variety of fabric from the color walls to make a quilt. Yes, I've done it but it's very difficult for me - however I do find it easy to do it for others. Go figure! LOL

It started with the fat quarter bundles and then charm packs, followed by Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes - whew! They are very difficult to resist however I have found them easier to resist in recent months because in my mind's eye they are all starting to look alike. Please, this is just my humble opinion and I don't want to press it on you - we're just talking! :-)

So many of you have such a talent for selecting a variety of prints and making stunning quilts. You buy fabric because you like the color and/or print and then take it home and coordinate it with others in your stash! I can't do that! No, really I can't. Oh, I've purchased fabrics in the quilt store because I liked them but seldom do they get used - the drawers and shelves are stuffed with these fabrics - Sigh!

Take a look at the fabrics in the next picture - they are going to go in the same quilt and my quilt will look beautiful. Kathie shared these from her stash with me so I can add them to my Itty Bitty Basket quilt - see I'm going to needs hundreds of Itty Bitty Baskets - LOL I could never, in a million years, go out and purchase these different prints and use them in a quilt. I'll use them because Kathie makes beautiful quilts and I trust her judgement. And, how do I repay her for her generosity? I'll think of something. :-)
So, what's my point in all of this? Oh, I don't know - guess I'm just thinking out loud and would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.
If you leave me your thought and/or opinion I'll toss your name in a bowl/hat/basket, etc and have a drawing for a charm pack or two. :-) I'd love to share with you.
Thanks for visiting!
In Friendship!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

JAM or
Prim Style times Two

I do enjoy the primitive style stitchery patterns by JoAnn Mullaly - available at The Country Loft. I'd love to own every stitchery pattern that she has designed and my dream is to visit The Country Loft and hopefully meet her. Can you imagine the serious shopping I could do. Oh my! Could happen - dreams do come true! :-)

I spent a few days doing the stitchery on "Here Comes Santa" and I'll do finishing touches this week. Need to applique three stars overlapping the open area and borders and those shouldn't take long. Some simple quilting, binding and done.

And, I've finished "The Four Seasons" stitchery quilt that I've had the pleasure of enjoying this year! Yes, another JoAnn Mullaly pattern. I've received and enjoyed lots of block of the month patterns but this one had me captivated from the start. I was diligent with this project. My envelope would arrive every month from The Country Loft, I'd immediately get the stitchery done and assemble the block and then wait patiently to repeat the following month. :-)

I hope that you and yours had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday week end. My little family and I did. I can hardly believe that November is now over, soon Christmas will be here and gone and the year will come to an end, too. Where does the time go?

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit with me and my little blog. I appreciate it more than I can ever express via the written word.

In Friendship!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Shangri-La - Done!

On Wednesday I got the center of the quilt completed and then this afternoon I added the borders. This pattern is called "Split Decision" and by The Teacher's Pet. The Shangri-La jelly roll and border fabrics were deep on a shelf in my stash closet taking up space! LOL It's nice to have them out. I think I'm going to add this one to my quilting challenge pile.

I hope that you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and if you are a 'Black Friday' shopper I hope you found lots of great bargains.

Thanks for stopping by - come again soon!

In Friendship!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Enjoy your day!

In Friendship!

I'm in Shangri-La today! Big Sigh! It's a cloudy/rainy day - my kind of sewing weather. WooHoo! I truly crave this kind of weather - crazy I know but bear in mind that it seldom occurs.

I've been attempting to find a new project and all I seem to do is SIGH!!! LOL Well, I pulled my box of patterns, selected one, found the jelly roll I wanted and started cutting. Everything is cut and ready to sew.

Lady, start your engine - I'm off - vvvvvrrrrrooooom!

I'll be back later to show you what I've accomplished. :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

In Friendship!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Number 1

I quilted this one first because it's the oldest in the pile.

Obviously this is a Yellow Brick Road pattern and I used Folk Art Christmas III by Moda - designed by Robyn Pandolph. Yes, a long time ago!

When the Yellow Brick Road pattern was first released by Atkinson Designs everyone I knew was making one, two or a bunch. I have a friend who made one with every new bunch of fat quarters she purchased. There were so many - sigh! LOL One day she had a large bundle of fat quarters and she told me that she was going to make a king size quilt - I looked at her and told her that wasn't going to be a Yellow Brick Road, it was going to be a Yellow Brick Highway. LOL I made up my mind that I was not going to make one and I was quite stubborn about it. Another friend and I used to make the same quilts - yes identical and one day we were out shopping and saw that someone had a quilt made with this very line of fabric. Oh, it looked so pretty all folded up neat and tidy so my friend asked her to show us - it was the Yellow Brick Road. So, my friend looked at me and said "that's what we should make with our bundles of fabric" - I looked at her, rolled my eyes and said, "No, I told you I'm not making a Yellow Brick Road quilt, but you can feel free to do it". Well, there was no way she was going to make one unless I did because she feared I'd do something she'd like better. LOL Anyway, she begged and begged and then said "if you make this one with me, I'll buy you lunch". LOL - I finally relented and said, "OK, but just one". If you read my blog then you know that there have been other Yellow Brick Road quilts but this one was the first. As I was working with this quilt the past couple of days I couldn't help but smile and occasionally snicker as I remembered how this quilt came to be. :-) I really excited that it's finally quilted and look forward to enjoying it this holiday season.

How many Yellow Brick Road quilts have you made? :-)

Now, I need to decide which flimsy to quilt next. HMMMM!

Thank you for letting me share my Yellow Brick Road story! I appreciate that you stop by - please come again soon!

In Friendship!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Quilting Challenge!

I've decided, like so many others, to challenge myself to quilt some of the "flimsies" that are lingering in the pile. I haven't quilted anything since Peg's July Challenge so this my own Nov/Dec challenge. There are five quilt tops in the picture and only one is an oldie. Wish me luck, please! :-)

He's right! Who? My sweet and incredibly supportive husband. Why? Well, last week we were chatting about my quilting and such and he made a very valid statement that hit me right between the eyes. He said, "It's been a long while since you've worked on something from start to finish and that's not like you". OMG, he's absolutely right - I haven't done much piecing in several months. So, I've been thinking about a new pieced project and hope to get started this week. Stay tuned!
Thank you for stopping by for a visit - come again soon!
In Friendship!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just In Case!

When I work on a block of the month project I have a tendency to keep all the scraps from each block in a handy zip lock bag - just in case!

I was really glad Thursday evening when I was working on my Designer Mystery Block #6, designed by The Pattern Basket for The Fat Quarter Shop. I made a major boo-boo - see my flying geese unit in my picture - it's definitely wrong! This is the first block that has used the darker background fabric so I didn't have any scraps but I needed a 2 1/2" x 6 1/2" rectangle. Even in the scraps I had left from this block I didn't have a piece big enough. I didn't panic I just sewed two pieces together and "made" a larger piece of fabric then cut my required rectangle - I cut new pieces of the green and brown florals and completed my flying geese unit. WooHoo! You have too look really close at my block to spot my 'band aid'. And, I do plan to save the incorrect flying geese unit - just in case! :-)

Thank you for letting me share - do you do anything like this?

And, thank you for all the compliments on my Itty Bitty Baskets - they really are a lot of fun and now I have a plethora of finishing ideas. I have a squillion baskets to make so it'll be awhile before this project is completed. :-)

I appreciate your visits - ya'll come back!

In Friendship!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Itty Bitty Baskets ;-)
These itty bitty baskets (4" x 4") have been keeping me busy while watching TV in the evenings! This is one of those projects that's being planned as I go along. No duplicate baskets - all different fabrics. I have no idea how I will set them. Any thoughts??? I've considered narrow sashing and cornerstones or an alternate block but for now I'll just keep making baskets till I'm tired of making baskets! LOL
Thanks for stopping by - ya'll come back!
In Friendship!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh Me, Oh My!

I'm so ashamed of myself - if this post mentions "you" (and you know who "you" are), please accept my sincerest apology!

In recent weeks (OK, months) I've received some wonderful gifts that I have failed to acknowledge - yes I'm hanging my head in shame! :-(

The following is a picture of all the treasures I found in a birthday box from Sharon. Wait, the small zippered tote was a giftee for a swap we did with three others (Wendy, Judy & Carol). The stitchery pattern that you obviously cannot see (my camera skills leave alot to be desired) is called "Rabbits Haven" by Cherished Memories. It's darling and you'll see it better when I start stitching. :-) And, there was another surprise that arrived from Sharon but I couldn't find it to include in the picture. What? The "Square Dance" book - we were chatting via e-mail about the pattern and she ordered it and had it sent to me. I was stunned and shocked when that arrived.
So, Sharon, thank you so much for all my goodies - I appreciate your thoughtfulness!
These goodies arrived from Nan! She went on vacation and while visiting the Hershey Chocolate Factory she nabbed the chocolate candle - YUMMY! And, the adorable scissor fob. I had to go out and buy a new pair of scissors just for the fob. LOL! You should see my collection of scissors - I love scissors - yes, I do! Nan, thank you so much for thinking of me while you were traveling hither and yon - you're sweet!
And, last but not least! Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's fame has started a blog La Vie En Rosie (don't you just love that title - lol) and she recently posted a giveaway. Well, imagine my surprise when everyone that left a comment won - yes, we all won! She sent a kit for her Schnibbles pattern "X-Rated", a project bag and a ruler (the red fat quarter is just to show the ruler). BTW, have I mentioned that Carrie and I have been friends for a very long time - I knew her before she became famous. :-)

I hope that these generous ladies will forgive my HUGE Faux Pas! However, please know that I love every little treasure that comes my way!
Thanks for stopping by! Come again soon!
In Friendship!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Time to Thread my Needle :-)

I've been having so much fun! Why? I've been prepping more blocks to applique. WooHoo!!!!!!!

Don't you love my adorable party dresses? These are from Nanette's pattern called "All Dressed Up". You, too, can have this wonderful pattern by just visiting Nanette's blog.

Just need to decide on a background fabric and I'll be on my way. :-)

And another tulip block :-)

I need to add a bird and a couple of hearts. Some of you may recognize my tulips. It's a pattern that I've owned since before I started doing any kind of applique because I fell in love with it.

This pattern is called " Tulip Farm". It was designed by Blackbird Designs and released in 2001.

Thank you so much for telling me your preferred applique method. I hope you'll visit again.

In Friendship!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

"A" is for Applique

Yesterday afternoon while tracing and prepping these cute baskets I was thinking.

What's your preferred method for prepping your applique projects?

Do you applique
by hand
by machine
or both (and which is your favorite method)

Thank you for stopping by - ya'll come back!

In Friendship!

Monday, November 03, 2008

All Thumbs :-)

Thank you so much for leaving all your wonderful comments, full of compliments, thoughts and ideas. I was overwhelmed! :-)

I haven't exactly decided how I'm going to proceed with plans to finish those projects but something will happen. I like Carrie's idea to do a different project every week - rotate them weekly. Thinking and making plans!

In the meantime I finally managed to prep a new project. Eileen thought it was a tulip - yep! Good eye, Eileen. Oh my goodness my applique prepping skills are very, very rusty. I was all thumbs but I persevered. It's a little "wonky" (that's for you Nanette -LOL) but it'll do. Shouldn't take too long to stitch it down. :-)

I appreciate that you stop by to visit - ya'll come back!

In Friendship!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Letting It All Hang Out!

I have to do this - I can't help myself. LOL :-)

Two years ago Vicky and Patti encouraged me (well, Vicky shoved me off the fence) to step into the world of hand applique and I was instantly smitten.

So....drumroll, please....the following are my "in the works" hand applique projects.

This one is "Pumpkin Hill" by Bunny Hill Designs (it was the first project)
99.9% of the applique is finished - assembling and embellishing is all that's left. Sigh! :-)

This one is "Baltimore Album Meets Country Cousins" (3 of 12 blocks completed)
This one is "Rabbits Prefer Chocolate"
99.9% of the applique is finished - assembling and embellishing remains! :-)

This one is "Vintage Memories" by Blackbird Designs (Cheri Ralston)

And, last but not least - a design by Kim Diehl but I can't recall what it's called - again all the applique is finished on the blocks. :-)

I had a ton of fun getting reacquainted with these projects. Yes, I do plan to finish all of them.
There's a poll in the margin; which one do you think I should finish first?
In the meantime I'm going to get busy on one or two more. What the heck! :-)
I love it when you stop by - y'all come back!
In Friendship!!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Lightbulb Moment!

I've struggled recently with projects and such! I'm in the hand applique mood and I want to start something new. I've been really rough on myself because I couldn't justify starting a new applique project when I have several already started - kept telling myself that I needed to finish what I have before I start something new. But those projects are not speaking to me right now. Sigh! I have a tendency to be really hard on myself. :-(

Well, this morning I had a HUGE lightbulb moment when I read Juliann's blog. You must go read her "Monday Mindfulness" post - she hit the nail right on the head. Why can't I start a new applique project? Why can't I start more than one? Why can't I do anything I want? Is someone keeping score? And, in the grand scheme of things - does it really matter?

So today I pulled out an older Moda fat quarter bundle called Gingham Rose (yes, it's a bit old but I love it) and traced the first block and I'm ready to prep the first pieces. WoooooooHooooo! Have I piqued your curiousity? {giggle, giggle} ;-)

And, I might start another new one later this week once I settle on my background fabric. teehee!!!!

I spent an entire day last week cleaning my sewing room. Now, the counters are clear and I can actually walk into my "walk-in" closet (what a concept - lol).

Thanks for stopping by - come again, please!

In Friendship!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Now What?????

I finally finished all my Fall Market work and when I finished I was relieved. Lots of repetitive piecing and quilting. Ugh!!! This time the work was exhausting and stressful and NO FUN!!!! I had to take a few days to just exist.

I feel rested and wondering "Now What?" I have been working on a wonderful stitchery project and I've completed 8 of 12 blocks. This one is "Ring in the New!" by Kathy Schmitz. I'm using DMC #310 and a Moda Marble that looks tea-dyed. Just a sweet project! :-)

My sewing room is a huge disaster - piles everywhere. I stand in the middle of room and can see the piles of fabric from several long ago finished projects. Ugh! I have no desire to sit at my sewing machine and work on a large project. The idea actually makes me sick to my stomach - this could be a little burnout from all the piecing I did for WORK! I've thought about going shopping to find a new project that might provide the needed inspiration but that doesn't sound like fun either. Sigh!

So, in answer to my Now What? question I think I'm going to attempt to clean up my sewing room and then I'm going to go shopping in my stash of long forgotten "had to have projects". I'm in the mood to do more handwork so a hand applique project is sounding very appealing.

If you're still stopping by to see what I'm doing - thank you! I appreciate your visits and comments! Come again and come often.

In Friendship!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Some Fall Decor

A week or so ago I took time to do a little Fall decorating in the entry to our home. I really enjoy doing that, so I look forward to the changing seasons or holidays.

If you came to visit, this is what you'd see when you walked into our home - drop by anytime! :-)

Just a close up!

Another close up! Yes, the little Halloween pillow is dated 1996 but I don't seem to tire of including it when I pull out the Fall stuff.
The quilt draped on the quilt rack is called Tennessee Waltz and was featured in a magazine several years ago.
Since so many of you can't stop by for a cup of coffee, tea or cool drink I thank you for stopping by to visit me and my blog. :-) I love it when you do so please come again soon!
In Friendship!

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Have you missed me? Even if you haven't, tell me that you have - it'll make me feel good. :-)

It's Fall Market crunch time so I've been busy proofing patterns, sewing small quilts, etc. for my friends, Me & My Sister Designs. So, it's been a hubbub of activity. Sigh!

All work and no play tends to make me very unhappy. :-( So, I worked for a few hours this morning and then gave myself the rest of the day off. I finished assembling the blocks for "Summer" of the "Primitive Four Seasons" block of the month by The Country Loft. Hopefully, the first "Fall" block will be here today. And, I finally got around to making block #4 of the Designer Mystery Block of the Month from The Fat Quarter Shop - block #5 will be here soon. I've done a few embroidered blocks for a new project but they need to be pressed - I'll show them to you soon. BTW, if you sent an e-mail about The Sewing Bird and didn't hear from me it's because you're set up for "no reply". The pattern is on a CD by Kathy Schmitz and available from Colonial Crafts.

A few friends, Carol, Wendy, Judy, Sharon, and I recently completed a block swap for an adorable quilt. In the final package of blocks we all sent treasures to each other. I can't show you what Sharon sent because Judy has not received hers and I don't want to ruin the surprise!

The following mini quilt is from Judy - isn't it adorable? Gotta love those cute cards, too. :-) Thank you, Judy!
From Carol - a wonderful sewing machine cover and pretty post its with matching pen. How did she know I'd been wanting a sewing machine cover? Blue and red - my favorite colors. Thank you, Carol.

From Wendy was this beautiful Schlep Bag and cute mini book titled "The End". I've been using my bag often and really have enjoyed it. Thank you, Wendy!

I wish I had more to show and share but this is it. That's all folks! Thanks for stopping by - please come again soon and often!
In Friendship!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just Stitching!
(don't miss the BIG news at the bottom of this post)

As I was preparing to trace a few more stitchery/embroidery projects it occurred to me that I have not shared what I have finished in recent days.

Pumpkins from Bird Brain Designs and Sewing Bird from Kathy Schmitz. The polka dotted fabric is just being auditioned with the pumpkins - need to finish them this week end - October is coming! :-)

Big News - Huge - Really Big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nanette at Freda's Hive has just released two new patterns - All Dressed Up and Leafy Treetops. They are absolutely wonderful. The best part - they are both available for purchase and are downloadable. WooHoo!!!!! I tried to snag pictures from her blog but blogger wasn't playing nice - grrrrrr! Go take a gander and tell her I sent you. :-)
Thanks for popping in - come again soon!
In Friendship!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Something for Me!

A PIF package arrived today from Mar. Not an ordinary package - a package of goodness, sweetness and joy. Two tea towels embroidered with adorable motifs - will be perfect in my kitchen. And, the large project bag - will be perfect for my embroidery project(s). These treasures will be loved and enjoyed - thank you, Mar!

The generosity of so many in the blogging community is amazing. I have received so many wonderful treasures and gifts from so many all over the world. It truly has touched my heart.

For approximately six weeks I've been struggling with some challenges in my life. I won't go into the long sordid tale because I don't want to air my troubles. I only mention it because maybe it will explain my absence from blogging. I appreciate that you continue to pop in to visit.

In Friendship!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Butterfly Fling/Cheap Trick

A Butterfly Fling Layer Cake some white yardage for the background and a Cheap Trick pattern = this cute quilt. :-)
I finished the center over a week ago and now I'm waiting for Butterfly Fling yardage so I can add the borders.

Maybe I should title this post "ode to the locals" :-). The Butterfly Fling fabric is designed by Me and My Sister Designs for Moda (Barbara and Mary) and the Cheap Trick pattern is by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co (Carrie Nelson). These ladies are all local designers, I've known all of them for almost 10 years and I'm happy to say that I can call them friends. I like to say I knew them before they were famous. LOL I have a long list of stories I could share about all three but my post would go on and on. Let's just say we've laughed, cried and sewn together. :-)

Thank you for your kind messages asking if I'm ok - all is well - thank you for caring.

I do appreciate that you stop by even though my blog has been boring. LOL Don't give up on my silly little blog - come again and come often!

In Friendship!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


If you visit Wendy's blog you'll see an adorable quilt made with the samee stitcheries I'm showing here. I had a huge light bulb moment - a few years ago I worked on some of those same stitcheries - this sent me digging in a Rubbermaid box. Lo & behold I had done more than I remembered - WooHoo!!!!!!!!! LOL I need to look closely at each one but it appears that I just have a handful of finishing touches and all twelve will be finished. This would be adorable in my kitchen so I need to get busy. :-)

By the way, I visited the post office earlier this week and put all the fabric baskets in the mail. So, now all my obligations are completed - Big WooHoo!!!!!!

Thank you so much for your sweet comments about Cooper - he's settling in nicely and we're having fun.

I'll be back soon to tell you about a Cheap Trick. :-)

Thanks for visiting - come again soon and often.

In Friendship!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Here's Cooper! :-)

Cooper is a 2 month old Shih Tzu and a new addition to our family. It didn't take long for him to capture our hearts. :-) We've been without a pet for over 8 years and decided it was time. Isn't he adorable?

Thanks for stopping by - come again soon!

In Friendship!

Friday, September 05, 2008

(taking care of business)

I guess I've kept you waiting long enough however I do appreciate your patience. :-)

Pay It Forwards have been happening all over blogland for quite awhile now and I've participated in three! I've taken care of sending treats/treasures for the first one I signed up for. I decided to pick 6 fellow bloggers to receive a treat/treasure rather than open it up for sign ups on my blog. This prevents anyone from having to "pay it forward" and feel obligated. I hope all of that makes sense. LOL

Six baskets will go to:

1. May Britt - her blog inspires on a daily basis

2. Kathie - she is always there to share her vast and incredible knowledge of quilting

3. Swooze - just because :-)

4. Hanne - she has an inner spirit that shines through her blog

5. Caroline - her blog always takes my breath away

6. It could be yours!

Please send an e-mail with your mailing address!

Six baskets will go to:

1. Linda - thank you for keeping us on task during the pin cushion swap

2. Loz - thank you for Miss Millie and my adorable pin cushion

3. Karen B - thank you for sharing the basket template

4. Pat - thank you for the gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop just because I fell on the floor :-)

5. Cheryl - thank you for the adorable drawstring bag

6. Peg - thank you for inspiring so much fun with the 'Finish Five in July Challenge'

Please send an e-mail with your mailing address!

I wish I could send a fabric basket to everyone!

Cupcake Pincushions!!!

Look at these cute Cupcake Pincushions - don't you just love them? I made these a couple months ago but couldn't share till I sent my Cupcake Swap package. I got carried away and kept making them. LOL

Thank you stopping by - I appreciate that you do - come again!

In Friendship!
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