Friday, September 05, 2008

(taking care of business)

I guess I've kept you waiting long enough however I do appreciate your patience. :-)

Pay It Forwards have been happening all over blogland for quite awhile now and I've participated in three! I've taken care of sending treats/treasures for the first one I signed up for. I decided to pick 6 fellow bloggers to receive a treat/treasure rather than open it up for sign ups on my blog. This prevents anyone from having to "pay it forward" and feel obligated. I hope all of that makes sense. LOL

Six baskets will go to:

1. May Britt - her blog inspires on a daily basis

2. Kathie - she is always there to share her vast and incredible knowledge of quilting

3. Swooze - just because :-)

4. Hanne - she has an inner spirit that shines through her blog

5. Caroline - her blog always takes my breath away

6. It could be yours!

Please send an e-mail with your mailing address!

Six baskets will go to:

1. Linda - thank you for keeping us on task during the pin cushion swap

2. Loz - thank you for Miss Millie and my adorable pin cushion

3. Karen B - thank you for sharing the basket template

4. Pat - thank you for the gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop just because I fell on the floor :-)

5. Cheryl - thank you for the adorable drawstring bag

6. Peg - thank you for inspiring so much fun with the 'Finish Five in July Challenge'

Please send an e-mail with your mailing address!

I wish I could send a fabric basket to everyone!

Cupcake Pincushions!!!

Look at these cute Cupcake Pincushions - don't you just love them? I made these a couple months ago but couldn't share till I sent my Cupcake Swap package. I got carried away and kept making them. LOL

Thank you stopping by - I appreciate that you do - come again!

In Friendship!


em's scrapbag said...

Delightful pin cushions. Just want to eat them up their so cute.

Hanne said...

Me ?? One of your lovely bags ??
You are so generous Darlene! Thank you very very much :-)

Hanne said...

PS. I forgot to compliment you yummy pin cushions - they look Great !!

Wendy said...

Oh Darlene those cupcakes are just the cutest thing ever, I gotta get me one of those sweet things.
Congrats to all the girls receiving a wonderful basket.

Nanette Merrill said...

Darlene, I've missed you. We are both pretty busy. I love the cupcakes. What pattern have you used? That box is so so cute with them all inside. I love them.

Dawn said...

The pincuchions are sooo cute! And they look darling in the box.

Mar said...

how adorably sweet and no calories!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Your cupcake pincushions are absolutely darling! How sweet of you to "gift" your darling baskets to special people!!!

May Britt said...

Oh dear, I just read my name. You are so kind Darlene. Remember you also have a wonderful blog that I love to visit!!!!
And those great pincushions you have made...........yummy yummy... be careful not to eat to many :)

May Britt said...

Oh dear, I just read my name. You are so kind Darlene. Remember you also have a wonderful blog that I love to visit!!!!
And those great pincushions you have made...........yummy yummy... be careful not to eat to many :)

Unknown said...

Oh wow thank you so much Darlene, I'd be honoured to be one of the lucky ones to receive one of your buckets....How sweet of you. I just looooove those cup cake pincushions, care to share the recipe/pattern? will email you my new address.

Anonymous said...

How cute and putting them in the box adds a finishing touch!!

Stina Blomgren said...

Thats a brilliant idea... still have one unannounced PIF...and maybe i will copy that idea...:o)
And the cup cakes Darlene...that is the sweetest I have ever seen!!! :o)

Pat said...

Darlene, Thanks you so very much. I love the bag and the pincushions. I am ever so glad that I didn't step on you when you were on the floor.

Kim said...

Those cupcake pincushions are wonderful.. I was trying a pattern I got off the internet for my swap partner and I just failed so here it sits... those look good enough to eat.. and you buckets are so cute too! Thanks for sharing..

QuiltNut Creations said...

these are absolutely adorable!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG those pincushions are adorable. Did you send those to Dora???

Lorraine said...

Darlene...thank you so much....I really enjoyed making Millie and sending her to gave me a lot of pleasure.....I just love those pincushion cute....!! thanks again for sharing one of your bags with me....!

Karen said...

Those cupcake pincushions look ever so yummy! What a cute idea. Where did you find a box to put them in?
And you are going to give me one of those bags! Oh, boy! Just get on your bicycle and peddle it on over to me along with the quilt you were going to bring. LOL! I wondered why you were making so many bags and now I know the answer. You are a very thoughtful person. Thank you.

Knot Garden said...

Thank you so much Darlene, I would LOVE one of your baskets! That's so nice of you :)
The cupcake pincushions are little works of art and look adorable in their box.

Erin said...

your pincushions are adorable! where did you get the box? how sweet it all is!!!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said... am speechless....thankyou so very much, that is just so very generous of you....xx

swooze said...

Adorable! I could eat the whole box! LOL!

Beertje Zonn said...

What lovely your Cupcake, I like it.
Kind regards

Sonnja & Beertje Zonn

Ginger Patches said...

How did I miss those cupcakes??!! They are adorable!!

Linda said...

Those are so cute and I just love the box. You have such wonderful ideas....I get so imspired from your blog. Hugs, Linda

Nan said...

Those cupcake pincushions are just too devine, packaging and all! It's making me hungry!!
You are such a big-hearted person. How wonderful of you to give all those lovely ladies one of your adorable bags.

Tracey said...

OMG, The cupcakes are soo cute. You really made alot. Do you have a tutorial for them. I'm looking for one for my needles. Can you believe I haven't got a needle holder. Your have a great blog by the was. Way too many cute things. Hugs, Tracey

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