Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Veggie Tale

I've been spending way too much time sitting like eggplant and laying like broccoli.  LOL 
I'm sure this behavior would be acceptable in the produce aisle at my local grocery store but in this house it's definitely a complete waste of time. :-)
I usually 'fly by the seat of my pants' but it's obviously not working for me. 
I've been thinking long and hard about where I need to make changes and adjustments.  Would a daily list, weekly or monthly list work?  I already know that when I take time to pre cut projects I can be very productive.  Should I take time to prep a variety of projects?  I've found that when I finish a project I waste time trying to figure out what's next.  Sigh!  Some days I feel like a little dog chasing my tail.  LOL
There are many bloggers who are incredibly productive and organized.  The list is very long but Kathie at Inspired by Antique Quilts and Yvette at BOM Quilter are two who come to mind.  I chatted with Yvette earlier this week about her discipline and organizational methods. 
Enough said - Friday evening I made a short list of things I wanted to accomplish on Saturday.  I'm happy say that I accomplished every thing on my list and a few more.  WooHoo
Simply Charming mini - quilted and bound
Topsy Turvy by Cotton Way Quilts made with Noteworthy by Sweetwater for Moda
I've been working on Topsy Turvy by Cotton Way Quilts with Noteworthy by Sweetwater for Moda for a couple of weeks.  Yesterday I added the yellow outer borders.  Ready for quilting!  This particular pattern called for a much wider inner border and narrower outer border.  I used the same pink for the inner border that I used for the corner stones and decided it was way too bright to be super wide - think Pepto Bismol - LOL  I really enjoyed making this quilt and am looking forward to quilting it.
Backings & Bindings for Topsy Turvy & Rockin' Bobbins
I pieced the backings and bindings for Topsy Turvy and Rockin' Bobbins - woohoo!  I'm hoping they will be quilted very, very soon.  :-)
Will you please leave a comment telling me how you organize yourself to get your projects done?  I'd really appreciate it. 
Thank you!
I hope your days have been more 'pieceful' than mine.  :-)
I appreciate your visit; come again soon.
In Friendship!

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Little Brag :-)

This morning my daughter, Kristie and I were chatting about a cute tidbit we both pinned on Pinterest.  She said that she had a 16 x 20 canvas and was thinking about making something similar for Shaye's room. 
She didn't let any grass grow under her feet - here it is!
Made by my daughter, Kristie, for Shaye's room
She explained how she did it but this Mom doesn't do paint so her entire explanation went over my head.  LOL 
BTW, she sews and quilts, too.  :-)
I HAD to blog about it because I'm super proud of her. 
Thank you for letting me brag a little.  :-)
In Friendship!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rockin' Bobbins

Several months ago when I was doing some prepping and precutting I showed a cute red block on this post.  I referred to it as a lifesaver and thought it would be cute skipping across a quilt. 
My friend, Carol, and I often plan many projects together and we discussed making a quilt using that 'lifesaver' block with Mama Said, Sew by Sweetwater for Moda.  Months went by and I kept dragging my feet coming up with a pattern. 

Finally a couple of weeks ago I got busy!  Rather than lifesavers I decided they looked more like bobbins and immediately came up with a name for the quilt....
"Rockin' Bobbins". 

Rockin' Bobbins
Mama Said, Sew (pattern is my design)
approx 60" x 68"

I think a red or black binding will add a nice frame to the entire quilt. 

I hope my design makes you smile :-)

One final note - today, February 12, my sweet hubby, Ron, and I are celebrating our 36th wedding anniversary.
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart - I love you more & more every day!

Enjoy a pieceful day.  Once again I do appreciate your visits.

In Friendship!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Back to Blogging :-)

I think I'm finally back in business.  :-)  My hubby set up a 'new to me' computer and I'm super thrilled.  Thank you, Sweetie!  You ROCK!  :-)
If you're playing along with Kathy and I on our Simply Charming mini quilt along please don't forget to visit Kathy's blog to link up your finished quilt at the end of February. 
Our challenge is easy peasy - make a mini quilt from the book every other month - February is our first month.  By the end of the year you'll have six mini quilts finished. 
This is a stress free fun challenge - you pick the quilt you want to make from the 20 quilts featured in the book.  Easy peasy! 
Take a few minutes to visit Tara Lynn Darr's website for a few corrections to some of the patterns in the book. 
I'll be back later to show what I've been up to in the past week. 
I've started a new embroidery project - needed a break from all the snowmen (aka Snowmen A to Zzzz)  LOL  And, I've finished a quilt with Mama Said, Sew by Sweetwater for Moda.
I hope you've missed me.  I appreciate your visits - thank you!
Enjoy a very pieceful day.
In Friendship!
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