Thursday, January 29, 2009


No, not me or my blog - it's my quilt. LOL

The additional background fabric arrived this week - woohoo! And, now it's done! This pattern is by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co and is called X-Rated (it's a Schnibbles pattern). The pattern is actually for a 31" x 31" quilt requiring two charm packs. I wanted a larger quilt so I used a Civil War Crossing Jelly Roll (there are 4 charm packs in a jelly roll). I was a little sad to see this flimsy finished because I really enjoyed working on it.

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me - come again soon!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

For Sale

The following items are "For Sale". I hope to have a few things listed every Tuesday till the overload is gone!

Send me an e-mail if you're interested and we can chat about shipping costs at that time. Keep in mind that I'll prefer a Postal Money Order.

Winter Blooms by Pat Sloan - 18 fat quarters - $27.00

September Morning by Thimbleberries - 30 fat quarters $45.00
Please take these off my hands! :-)
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Can you say CUTE?????

I couldn't help myself; I had to do it! I kept thinking that Anne's (aka Bunny Hill Designs) first Mystery BOM would be adorable in redwork and here it is! My sweet hubby reduced the pattern for me and I was excited to get busy. It's going to be a sweet wallhanging. :-)

Thanks for visiting - come again!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Screeeeech/Moving On! :-)

edit: I found it - I found it - I found it!!!! Wahooooooo! I'm doing a very happy dance!!! Wahoo!

Sadly, my project du jour has come to a screeching halt - the background fabric is all gone. Sigh! I'm on the hunt for more. Tomorrow I will let my fingers do the walking and hopefully I'll have some in my possession very, very soon. I spent some time on the phone with Carrie of Miss Rosie's fame yesterday discussing my background fabric. This particular print has been used in several Moda lines; Gingham Rose, Hollywood & Vines, Moda Favorities II and soon it will be making an appearance in their new line called Aviary. Sigh - they are all just a shade different. And speaking of Carrie and Miss Rosie's Quilt Co, this is one of her Schnibbles patterns and is called X-Rated. I'm using a Jelly Roll by Moda called Civil War Crossing. A Schnibble wouldn't do for me - I wanted a larger quilt and thought I'd have enough background fabric. Duh! Oh well - this will work out - I know it will. :-)

I can't sit around twiddling my thumbs - I must move on to a new project! LOL In 2003 I printed a freebie pattern off a website and have been searching for THE black fabric to use in this particular quilt. I not only found the black I wanted but two other prints that coordinate well with it. Now, I need to make 58 - 6" churn dash blocks. I put the pieces/parts away for my X-Rated quilt and got busy with the churn dash blocks. Thanks for popping by for a visit - please come again and come often!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I think we would all agree that life is full of ironies but here's one in blogland! Mary at Quilt Hollow is working on a quilt and is 'begging' for more background fabric for her Buzz Saw quilt. I'm working on a quilt today that I'd love to make larger but can't because I only have one yard of my background fabric. I've got my fingers, toes and eyes crossed in hopes that I won't run out of fabric. And, I've knocked on wood three times!!! LOL

Here's the irony - Mary and I need the same print - her's is the lighter cream and obviously mine is the darker cream. I thought about begging here on my blog but I'm just going to settle on the smaller quilt (assuming I have enough fabric - LOL) Edit: I just took a closer look at Mary's Buzz Saw blocks and now I think we might be using the same color background. Bigger irony!!!! LOL

It's now referred to as Moda 3 Sisters Favorites II but I believe originally it was part of the Gingham Rose line. I've searched on-line to no avail. :-(

It's definitely a small world! Thanks for letting me share!

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cute and Done!

Cooper is cute and the quilt top is done! This was a fussy quilt to make and I did not enjoy it one bit.
(don't pay attention to Cooper's dusty toys - they get carried in and out of our screen room)

Don't forget to visit Kimberly blog - she's giving away a terrific pineapple ruler - go now - don't stop - go now!!! LOL
Thanks for stopping by - come again!

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Check it out!

Run, don't walk to visit Kimberly's blog - she's got a wonderful giveaway and a terrific blog!!!! Tell her I sent you!

And come back later cuz I'm almost finished with those strips I showed you yesterday. :-)

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Catching Up!

The BIG SORT has come to a screeching halt - for now! Why? The crud decided to make itself at home in my body and I have not felt well most of the week. I've been doing quite a bit of snoozing and sitting. Have tried not to waste time while I'm sitting though - because if you know me you know I can't just sit - it's impossible! LOL So, while sitting I finished stitching this cutie. Isn't she just the sweetest? She's called Anika's Angel and is a pattern by Bird Brain Designs. Take note of her wing - it's a heart in hand! You can't help but love her.

Today is a day for me to spend in my sewing room but not dealing with the BIG SORT - today I'm going to sew. Come back later to see what I'm doing with these strips! :-)

And, last but not least Paula, Teresa, Sweet P, Lurline and Julia I promise you that I will have your packages with your goodies and treasures in the mail by Tuesday. I've been very remiss about getting those together, please accept my sincerest apology.
Thank you for reading my silly/boring blog; I appreciate that you do! Come again and come often!
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I couldn't help myself! I had to hold off the plans for the day and finish it! And, I have to admit that I am quite smitten with this one.

This pattern is "Raggedy and the Red Quilt" by Liberty Star and has been on my 'to do' list for a long time. I have a spot in my living room where I'd really like to hang this so I must quilt it ASAP. BTW, it's only 40" x 52" but only so charming!

Thanks for taking a peek - come again soon!

In Friendship!
Taking A Break!

The cleaning, tossing, rearranging, organizing, etc continues. It's definitely a major project and one that I didn't realize would be so big. I'm very determined to get it done and get rid of the anchor hanging around my neck. I know it'll feel wonderful when I'm finished. :-)

But a break was needed so last night I worked on these blocks for a small project. This project has been calling out to me for a several months and I decided it was time last night. Hopefully they will be into a quilt top later today. My DH has been ill the past few days and I'm feeling a bit punky this morning so sitting at my sewing machine may be just what the doctor orders.

Jeanette, your e-mail about how I prep my applique arrived as "no reply" however if you check out Wendy's blog she has a wonderful tutorial on her side bar for freezer paper applique - my preferred method for prepping. Good luck! :-)

Thanks for popping by and thanks for the e-mails regarding my need for a rescue team. LOL

Come back later - there might be a quilt top for you to see (this would be my first finish for 2009 - woohoo)

In Friendship!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Block 1 - check!

I spent most of the day sitting on my fluffy behind working on this charmer and I'm happy to say that it's done! WooHoo! I need to add buttons to the vine however that will have to wait.

I have to admit that this little guy had me smiling most of the day.

Tomorrow it's back to the giant sewing room decluttering! Ugh!

Thanks for visiting - come again soon!

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Baskets, Blessings & Flora

Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs has announced a free mystery BOM called A Tisket, A Tasket on her website. I downloaded, traced and prepped Block #1 today and I'm ready to start stitching! WooHoo! Once I get all the pieces/parts sewn down and the embellishments added it's going to look terrific. Anne is using Frosted Dots from Lakehouse Fabrics for all 12 backgrounds and I happened to have a couple of yards in my stash - Bigger WooHoo!!!!! Anne, thank you so much for bringing this adorable design for us to enjoy!

When the ladies from Me and My Sister Designs were headed to Market this past Fall they asked if there was anything I wanted. I simply said "If Bunny Hill Designs has something new I'd love to have one of her patterns" and didn't think any more about it. Sometime in December I got a wonderful package from Anne with all of her latest patterns. And, all the patterns were autographed with personal little notes just for me!!! I was beyond thrilled and not ashamed to admit that I cried because I was so excited. I don't think Anne remembers that sometime back (a couple of years, actually) I sent her an e-mail explaining that I'd just started appliquing and had chosen Pumpkin Hill as my first project and that I was so smitten with her designs I could be the President of her fan club. LOL Anne, I've already thanked you via e-mail however I want to say a huge thank you once again!

Do you see the little itty bunny in the center of all the patterns? That Flora - isn't she adorable?

Thanks for visiting - come again soon and I'll show you my finished basket block! :-)

In Friendship!

My New Toy & Major Goal!

I has occurred to me that I haven't shown you my new toy! This is my new 'netbook' aka tiny laptop. teehee!

I'd seen these little guys advertised several weeks before Christmas and thought it might be perfect for my needs. See, I have a wonderful desktop computer and while I wanted a laptop I didn't see the need for one. So, one evening before Christmas my sweet hubby went with me to Staples so I could check this baby out and I was instantly smitten. He bought it for me right on the spot and I've been a happy girl ever since. You can see by my 6" ruler just how small my new toy is and look at my tiny travel mouse on the right! Now, I can sit with my hubby in the living room in the evening and still 'play'. LOL Maybe I'll be better about responding to all your kind comments.

I've been reading about everyone's quilting goals for 2009 and I've been thinking about mine. I have a very long list of projects I'd like to complete but I have one major goal. I've decided that it's time to go through my entire stash (fabric, tools, etc) and eliminate all the "what was I thinking" stuff. I've been giving careful consideration to how I'm going to get rid of what I don't want and have some ideas. I'm going to sell off some of the fat quarter bundles/towers that I know I'll never use and I'm going to donate fabric to a group that makes quilts for children, Vets, homeless shelters, etc. I've started this daunting task but I still have a ton of work to do.

Thank you for letting me share and especially thank you for stopping by to visit! Come again soon!

In Friendship!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!
(scroll down to read about my Lil Sis)

May 2009 bring you health, wealth and happiness! I especially wish you many hours of enjoyment with your needle and thread.

I'm very excited about 2009 because I'm making much needed changes in my corner of the world. I've been self employed for 6 years and in 2008 the demands of my time with this business became beyond stressful. I have decided to close my business. I, also have a part time job and plan to continue working two days a week for awhile until I decide what the next chapter in my life will be. This decision was not an easy one for my sweet and supportive hubby and I to make but it's the right decision for us. I'm really looking forward to enjoying a much needed respite. I especially looking forward to many, many hours with my needle and thread. :-)

My Lil Sis :-)

I received the sweetest package from my Lil Sister, Tammy! You may have noticed in comments that Tammy and I leave for each other that we refer to each other as Lil Sis and Big Sis. In fact, I've gotten a couple of e-mails in the past asking whether or not Tammy and I are really sisters. LOL No, we're not sisters in the true sense of the word but if I could pick a little sister it would be Tammy!

Let me share the "Sister" story! Last January I called The Country Loft in California to sign up for the Primitive Four Seasons BOM and I got to speak to Joanne (aka JAM - designer of the patterns). I told her that Tammy had told me about the BOM and she said that Tammy had just been there. So, later in the day I sent Tammy an e-mail and asked her what she was doing at the Country Loft. LOL She responded with "How did you know I was at the Country Loft today?" I told her that she needed to be careful because Big Brother is always watching - LOL - she said she knew that but in her case it was "Big Sister" (Me). And, we became Lil Sis, Tammy and Big Sis, Darlene. I hope that one day I will have an opportunity to travel to Southern California and give my Lil Sis, Tammy a real hug - she doesn't know how much I adore her. :-) Please don't tell her - she'll be very difficult to live with. LOL

So, here's a picture of the treasures and goodies that my Lil Sis, Tammy sent to me. I love everything and will enjoy everything for years to come!

Tammy, thank you so much for the wonderful package.

Thank you for stopping by to visit - please come again because you know I love it when you do!

In Friendship!
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