Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Have Ya Heard?
Start Spreading the News!

What you ask???? Nan is about to launch an internet business with patterns she is designing! Stop by her blog and give her a lots and lots of encouragement - her patterns are absolutely darling!

This is exciting news!

Way to go, Nan, someday we'll be able to say we knew you when! teehee! I'm so excited for you!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Charming Surprise!

Look what I made in a matter of hours this morning! This little cutie is a surprise for a fellow blogger and I'm posting this picture as a teaser (yes, I'm evil - LOL) I can't tell you who she is - it would truly ruin the surprise.

I've been promising this blogging friend a package for awhile now and I believe she's probably given up on me by now. Never give up on me - I usually fulfill my promises! When this blogging friend started leaving comments on my blog I was doing a lot with charm squares and she'd say that she was amazed at what I could do with so little. I thought that was sweet! Well, I decided that I needed to make a little something with charm squares for her so I started searching for 'the' charm squares. Nothing was calling out her name to me so I've been struggling. Well, this morning I was searching for something in a drawer and I came across some packages of Spencer Museum by Moda and her name immediately came to mind. So, with two charm packs I made this little tabletopper for her. I'm hoping to stop by the quilt store later today for some backing fabric as I'd like to quilt it tomorrow and get that long promised package in the mail. I get the feeling that she lives in a charming home with her family so hopefully this little charmer will appeal to her.

So, what do you think - will she like it????
Speaking of promises! I have a ton of saved e-mails and comments that have been waiting for responses from me - remember I eventually fulfill my promises so I promise you that I will respond to each and every one very soon. Maybe tonight - my D'backs are having a day game so it would be the perfect opportunity for me to spend a few hours in front of this computer monitor!
The birthday celebration continues - off to dinner with my DD and her family this afternoon. See, a birthday should be a month long celebration. LOL
Thanks for stopping by - I love it when you do!
In Friendship!

Friday, July 27, 2007

She's Exposed!

My 'partner in crime' aka my sewing machine is exposed for the world to see! :-) She's not shy! teehee Actually, it was time to give her some TLC. I try to be diligent and give her some TLC after every five to six bobbins. I completely expose her and use a soft brush to clean out the lint and dust, I give her a little drink of oil, I change her needle and wind five to six bobbins. After everything is put back in place she's ready to rock and roll - she hums and purrs. :-)

On occasion I also clean out my pincushion. WHAT? Yes, I believe that if my needle is getting dull when I'm using it then obviously my pins have gotten dull with use. I had an acquaintance laugh at me about a year or so ago when I told her that I do that but I like a nice sharp pin as much as I like a nice sharp needle. That nice sharp pin will glide into my fabric like BUTTAH!!! :-)

You saw my rant recently about running out of thread. I wasn't talking about running out of bobbin thread, although that drives me crazy, too, I was actually talking about running out of spools of thread. I try to buy 3 to 4 spools of thread at a time but sometimes I'll use the last one - run out while I'm sewing - reach into the drawer for a new spool and there are no spools. AARRGGHHH! I primarily use cream and grey for piecing and I keep a spool or two of white for those projects that must have white thread.

So, I'm asking:
1. Do you do regular TLC maintenance on your sewing machine?
2. Do you clean out your pincushion? (are you rolling your eyes at me - LOL)

3. What habits do you have with regards to making sure you have piecing thread on hand?

4. What kind of thread do you use for machine piecing and why? Colors?
5. My DH wants to know if you hide treasures from your DH? snicker - he thinks I don't. Silly man!
Thanks for popping by!
In Friendship!

The Envelope Please!

My helper was up at the crack of dawn this morning and used an on-line randomizer to select 10 pincushion winners!

Without further ado - drumroll please - the winners are:

1. Linda - All Stitched Up

2. Nadine - Friendship Threads

3. Judy - KJQuilts

4. Kim - Kim's Big Quilting Adventure

5. Belvie - This Quilter's Empty Nest

6. Leigh in AU - Cinnamon Sticks

7. Yvonne - Quilting Down the Stairs

8. Beth - Beth's Quilts

9. Vicky - LA Quilter

10. Jeanne - Luv 2 Stitch

So, ladies, please send an e-mail with your address and I'll pop your pincushion in the mail ASAP. BTW, let me know if you have a color preference and I'll try to accomodate you. :-)

I hope that you'll do a little show and tell on your blog when you receive your pincushion!

You should know that I bought a 25 lb bag of crushed walnuts to stuff pincushions so don't be surprised if you are the recepient of one of my cuties! teehee!!!

In Friendship!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Party is Over!

I didn't realize that so many of you would be attending my little birthday celebration - thanks for coming! Did you have as much fun as I did? teehee!!! Thank you, thank you for all the birthday wishes and comments on my 200th post. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that you read and hopefully enjoy my blog.

Bet you thought I'd be the only one opening gifts? Well, guess what? I have gifts to share! Remember my mystery tease earlier this week? Well, they were pincushions waiting to be stuff and finished. *evil giggle* I think these are the cutest pincushions and the pattern is free here. I'd love to send a pincushion to each and everyone of you but the postage would devastate my fabric buying budget. I do try to keep my priorities in order, afterall it's all about ME - LOL! So, tomorrow morning I will post a list of 10 winners that will be receiving a pincushion from me! I have to wait till tomorrow cuz my trusty helper is sleeping. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Let me tell you about my day. I spent all morning playing in my sewing room and I finished this! This is Coventry from Comfort and Joy by Acorn Quilt and Gift Co. You might remember, I fell in love with this book when it was released in May. Yummy projects! In fact, I'll have another finished soon.

I wasn't feeling very well Wednesday night so we opted to wait a day or two to go to dinner with my DD and her family. I want to enjoy a nice meal. One of my neighbors called to tell me that a package had been delivered at their house so would I please pop over to pick it up. Well, it was all a ploy - it was a package with a gift from my boyfriend Buster (remind me to tell you about Buster another day). He attempted to order the Vintage Charm BOM project but there was something else in the box. I was excited about my gift but it was like opening a gift and you can't play with it because it's broken and must be exchanged. The box just taunts you. LOL
Tomorrow that little problem will be remedied and hopefully my BOM project will arrive next week. I can wait - no really I can! LOL

After that excitement, a friend stopped by with a quilt shop gift card, a very large cupcake and balloon to wish me a Happy Birthday!

When it was quiet we sat and watched my D'backs win a four game sweep against the Marlins. WooHoo! While I watched the game I stuffed and finished pincushions!

A very good day, indeed!
In Friendship!
53 and 200 - Just Numbers!

53 - Today is my BIRTHDAY!!! I love birthdays and don't mind telling anyone that it's my birthday. teehee I believe we should celebrate for an entire month and just enjoy! And, guess what; I don't mind being 53 - I was so excited when I turned 50 cuz now I had an excuse for every little goofy or silly thing I do. A good friend told me recently that she believes I'll be a fun old lady - that was a true compliment. LOL

200 - This is my 200th post on my blog! Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but I love blogging so it's a big deal to me. :-)

To celebrate I was going to do something fun here today but I have something else up my sleeve! I'll tell you more later - shhhh it's a secret. *snicker* It involves birthday gifts - oh no, I've said too much!

Thanks for visiting. You know I love it when you do. I'm off to enjoy my day - yes I'm skipping off!

In Friendship

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just A Little Tease :-)

I had to show you this stack! They looked so cute in that pile I had to take a picture to share.

But, what are they? Soon, soon - guess you'll have to stop by again.

In Friendship
Nothing New!

I don't have anything new to show you so I'm going to give you a link to my webshots albums! They haven't been updated in a very long time so please be kind!

My Webshots
(that's not my current 'haven' - that was in our old house - really need to update those pics)

I'll have my Roman Holiday stars ready to show soon!

Thanks for visiting - you know I love it when you do!

In Friendship!


I must rant - please indulge me - I really must rant!

I love to sew and can spend hours at my machine sewing, sewing, sewing...............

BUT - here it comes - are you ready - brace yourselves --------------- I get really tired of running out of thread!

Sigh - I feel a little better - thank you for letting me rant!


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

You Must Buy This

edit: I remembered this evening that Vicky told Carol and then Carol talked about Mary Ellen's Best Press. And, now it's Nan's new best friend. Last week I walked into my nearest quilt store as the owner was unpacking a box with lots and lots of bottles of all three scents. Well, Carol raved about it so naturally I had to grab not one but two bottles - Lavender Fields and Caribbean Beach. A little spritz adds just enough body to your fabric and the scent is wonderful but not overbearing - only lingers for a bit. By the way, it really does help with pressing!

So, again, you must buy this!!!

Thanks for stopping by - I love it when you visit. :-)

In Friendship!

Monday, July 23, 2007


If you're a handquilter you now have my utmost respect! I love to do a variety of handwork i.e. hand applique, stitchery/embroidery, handsewing bindings, etc. I've had a very strong desire to learn how to handquilt so a friend said that she'd very happy to teach me one-on-one; be my mentor. We arranged to meet this morning at 10:00am at a local quilt store and off I went.
I'm not sure that handquilting and I will ever get along! First of all you must use a thimble - I hate thimbles - I don't use one, don't like to use one and own only one cheapie. Did I mention that I hate thimbles!

We started out talking about needles, thread and then the dreaded thimble. She brought one I was able to borrow from her to work on this thing called HANDQUILTING. What was I thinking???? Someone should have stopped me! OK, so I don't use a thimble, therefore I'm not comfortable wearing a thimble and now I must learn how to do at least one stitch.
:-( Wasn't happening!

I couldn't get comfortable, I couldn't hold the hoop and do all the finger aerobics I was suppose to do, I was very stressed and frustrated! And, quite frankly near tears! (I've been very weepy lately - sigh!)

No, I'm not going to give up! In fact, she gave me some 'homework' to do and we plan to meet again next Monday!

So, if you're a handquilter, I mean it when I say you have my utmost respect!
I appreciate your visit!

Friday, July 20, 2007

I Miss My 'Nest"

There's been some discussion on the PrimitiveFolkApplique2 yahoo group regarding stitching spots in your home. By the way, I love that group - I don't participate much but I love to see what they're up to. I just lurk. teehee

Until we moved into our current home two years ago I had a spot to stitch - what I referred to as my 'Nest'. My favorite chair and my little red cabinet where I could store and hide my current only-by-hand project(s). In this home my little red cabinet sits off all alone in a spot (just cuz there's room there). I sit on the end of the sectional sofa/couch. I have a tendency to pile stuff on the cushion to my right and I'm just not comfortable. The arm of the sofa on my left is a bit too high - it's too cushy - yada, yada, yada. LOL My DH is very accommodating and keeps telling me that we need to figure out a spot for me but quite frankly it just won't work in our greatroom like it has in the past. Sigh!

I want to tell you about little red cabinet - just cause I love it and have a need to share. :-) I saw that 'apothecary' style chest in a JC Penney ad one Sunday morning 15 years ago and knew I had to have it. I watched the clock and was at the store when they opened. I was so excited I could hardly stand it. Well, they didn't have any in stock so I ordered it and waited patiently for it's arrival. It appears to have eleven drawers but in reality there are only three. It's a perfect cabinet for a stitcher's nest - wouldn't you agree?

A friend stopped by one day and noticed my cabinet and said that since I wasn't really using it she'd buy it from me - not NO but heck NO!!! LOL

Do you have a spot in your home? Your own special 'Nest'. I'd love it if you'd share a picture. :-)

Thanks for visiting!


Thursday, July 19, 2007


I've been reading about "pay it forward" on numerous blogs and had decided that I wasn't going to "play". I believe I have a very generous spirit but ... well, I won't go into my rant because it just doesn't matter.

Sharon posted a Pay It Forward on her blog and I was lucky to get in so now it's my turn.

Here's how it works:

The first three people to join me will receive a handmade gift from me. I have 365 days to make and send it. I'm a bit excited about this so it won't take me that long. :-) Now, each of you three must also put this on your blog and get three people each to sign up. Then you make your three people a handmade gift.

Doesn't this sound like fun??? OK do you want to play???

If you decide you want to play with me please tell me your favorite color(s). :-)
A Spring In My Step!

I did some bonding with fabric and my sewing machine yesterday afternoon and evening :-) Yes, I was definitely smiling. That always amazes me.

I found a project for my Roman Holiday fat quarter bundle - took a quick run to the nearest quilt store for background fabric and started sewing. It's obviously not a difficult project but I am having fun. Another 'start' is not bugging me as I plan to see this one through to the end and hopefully that will push me to pull out one of those other 'starts' and get it finished. I'm not one to have so many UFO's - starting and setting it aside is not my usual MO. I'm not going to fret about it right now - just plod along and enjoy.

While watching my D'backs finally win a game last night I finished another Quilter's Journey block - I'll show that to you another day.

Thanks for visiting!


Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Natalie at Cinderberry Stitches has tagged me to list 7 Random Things about myself. I've done this before but I have more I can tell you about myself. LOL

1. I owned a x-stitch shop in TX for 5+ years

2. I'd been coloring my hair for 8 years and I've decided to go grey. The jury is still out on this but I have to try or I'll never know.

3. I do not enjoy cooking.

4. I'm a 'perimeter type' person - preferring to assess a situation or crowd before jumping in with both feet.

5. I am a magazine and book junkie.

6. I love totebags, tins, jars, baskets, etc.

7. I wear my heart on my sleeve and will run in an opposite direction to avoid confrontations and such.

8. I crave rainy days! (this one is a bonus #8) :-)

I'm not going to 'tag' anyone in particular but if you feel like sharing a bit about yourself please do.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

OK, Maybe He's Right!

Today is a better day - not great, mind you - but definitely better! This morning, my Sweetie (remember he's the guy that was walking a wide path around me yesterday) may have hit the nail on the head. We were chatting about how I was feeling - yada, yada, yada, yada - then he suggested that maybe I'm just frustrated. Why? He went on to explain that I have not completed anything - I have lots of 'starts' in my world (not necessarily just in my quilting). For instance, I've started working on the chair in the bedroom, I've started rearranging the pantry, I've got a few projects started in my neat and tidy sewing room and yet I have accomplished absolutely nothing. He knows I'm results oriented and it's been awhile since I've seen results. And, since I have so many starts in my sewing room I have not allowed myself to start anything else however I'm not interested in those starts. In fact, when I cleaned my sewing room last week I put all those away.

I do believe he might be right because all of that definitely equals frustration.

After our little chat, I skipped off to work and when I was finished he told me that he needed to run to Staples and would I like to join him and he'd treat me to lunch at Chili's. WooHoo - let's go! :-) I grabbed a handful of patterns to peruse in the car and off we went.

I've given myself permission to try to put all those 'starts' out of my mind and look for a brand spanking new project! You see in the picture - on the left is Allspice Tapestry and on the right is Roman Holiday (that was a recent gift from a dear friend) and two Celebrate Spring Jelly Rolls. Those may or may not be involved in my new project - still thinking!

By the way, lunch was yummy - thank you, Honey!

Again, thanks for tolerating, Mz Grumpy and for your wonderful comments and words of encouragement. I appreciate your friendship.


Monday, July 16, 2007

Still Grumpy! :-(
(my 2nd post today)

I've continued to be grumpy today! AARRGGHHH I'm not happy with the results of my time spent on my vacation and now we can add that I must be hormonal because I've shed a tear or two today. I've been experiencing overwhelming sadness today. Sigh!

My wonderful Sweetie has been very understanding today - walking a wide path around me. He suggested that I go some place - it's too HOT. Thank you, Honey! He's now gone to a meeting and I'm sure he's really happy to be away from me.

So I found something to occupy my mind for a bit.

A couple of weeks ago I did an on-line search for mini whole cloth quilt kits - thought it would be 'the' perfect thing to begin my hand quilting journey. I found Christian Lane Quilters and ordered the Sunflower mini quilt. Actually, I think that Libby may have posted a link to that site in the past. By the way, their service is really fast. I pulled out a large piece of muslin and some thin cotton batting and basted my mini whole cloth quilt - note that it's very well basted - that puppy is not shifting! When I was out and about one day last week I picked up thread, needles, a thimble and a 14" hoop. I didn't spend a fortune so if this project is abandoned I won't feel guilty.
It's ready to go but I'm not sure I am. Wish me luck, please!
Thank you, thank you for all your sweet comments today - it's not been easy to be my friend today. If I've snapped at you please accept my apology - I'm not usually so rude!
In Friendship!
Just Call Me Grumpy!

I'm very, very grumpy this morning so please bear with me! My vacation has come to a sad end and I accomplished absolutely NOTHING! I had a long mental list of everything I was going to do and accomplished very little and what I call NOTHING.

Mental list:

Clear off the pile of stuff in the chair in the master bedroom - No

Refold the pile of quilts on the chest in the master bedroom and make them look tidier - No

Rearrange the kitchen pantry - No

Prep several applique blocks for a few applique projects - No

Finish one or two UFO projects - No

Quilt one or two quilt tops - No

Prep more Quilter's Journey embroidered blocks - Yes (can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this project)

Clean my sewing room - Yes (it's a much happier environment)

Reply to e-mails and blog comments - No (I'm so sorry)

Prepare and send packages to a few friends - No

There was lots more on my mental list but it doesn't matter cuz I didn't work on it. I'm very unhappy with myself as I did nothing. The first week was ridiculously HOT here on the Surface of the Sun - it was easier to just lay in front of a fan and take a few long naps. The second week just went POOF - did have to work one day so I met a deadline but then POOF it was gone.

I'm very unhappy and upset with myself today!

Thanks for letting me rant.

Appreciate that you visited me today even though I'm not fit for company.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Stringing Along!

Things have been quiet on the quilting front here. Yesterday I spent the majority of the day cleaning my sewing room - it was beyond messy - completely out of control. It's a pleasant environment now. :-)

This morning I made a quick run to the nearest quilt store just for giggles and grins and it was a rather boring visit. Maybe I just wasn't really in the mood to be there. Oh well.

Since it's been quiet and I don't have much new to share I thought I'd show two old string quilts that I made several years ago. One quilted and one still a 'flimsy'.

Thanks for visiting!!! TTFN

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I Won, I Won!

It's definitely very hard for me to believe that I finally won something - I never win anything. OK, I can't say that anymore. :-)

Natalie at Cinderberry Stitches was having a drawing on her blog so I left a comment and I was one of four winners. WooHoo! If you're not familiar with Natalie's stitchery/embroidery patterns you must visit her blog and her website and check out all of her patterns. We were to select any pattern except Vintage Garden and I had to look through them over and over before I finally chose one. I chose this particular one because of the sentiment "Stitched Angels Gather Friends". During the time I've been blogging I've gathered many, many friends so I thought it was very appropriate.

I'm planning to trace this cutie very soon. She won't be a bag (you know I'm bagophobic) but she might be a pillow/cushion.

Thanks for popping in!


Monday, July 09, 2007

My Lazy Summer Daze

I didn't accomplish much during my vacation week. I did manage to take some short and long naps; finished a book; traced some applique; assembled some of my Quilter's Journey pieces parts into whole blocks; lots of laundry (how do two people go through so many articles of clothing?); played a few games on the computer; lots of time on the computer however I haven't been very good about leaving comments or responding to e-mails (please forgive my laziness). I have been reading your blogs and enjoying your inspiration. :-)

Guess what? My boss has decided that I can have another vacation week - WooHoo! There is a small caveat but I'm willing to do just about anything to have a few more days to play. I have to work tomorrow and then my time is mine till next week. So my 'Lazy Summer Daze' will continue for a bit longer. I'm not sure what I will accomplish this week but I'm hoping it will be more than last week. I'm going to take a look at the numerous projects I have started and hopefully finish one or two. Assemble more Quilter's Journey blocks (I'm really enjoying the embroidery) and look at prepping lots more hand applique projects. BUT, no pressure and/or stress is allowed! It's all about me for another week. LOL

I must RANT - please bear with me!!!!!!! You are all well aware that I live on the Surface of Sun - it's been sizzling hot here. Imagine stepping into a HOT oven and attempting to breath and walk - UGH!!!! It's really not good to be a menopausal woman living on the Surface of Sun. OMG, I had some rough nights last week - yes we have the A/C cranked down and the ceiling fan full blast and small fan blowing directly on me. I'm still HOT!!!!!


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pieces Parts
I've been working on pieces parts of blocks 4 and 6 of my Quilter's Journey by Leanne Beasley. (sorry they aren't pressed but I couldn't wait to show you). The instructions tell you to do the embroidery after you've assembled the entire block. I did block #5 that way and wasn't thrilled so I decided to try it 'my way'. Well, I'm not too crazy about 'my way' either - guess I've reached an impasse. LOL It doesn't matter - I'm having fun with this project but I've made a HUGE mess in my sewing room - digging through scraps and fat quarters. Oh well. :-)
I'm still on vacation and I might have my boss convinced to let me have next week off, too. Actually, I think if I work one day she'll be very agreeable. Keep your fingers crossed for me. :-)
By the way - it was 115 degrees here today - guess where I was? Yep, inside with the A/C.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Bit Chatty!
Get comfortable - I have lots to say. :-)

Happy 4th of July - I hope that you and yours enjoy all the freedoms that we have! Please be safe!

Can you say RUDE? RUDE - that's me!
A while back I did a tiny favor for Linda - it was truly no big deal. She insisted on sending a little something and a few days later I received this wonderful book. It's delightfully full of stitchery designs. Have you been to Linda's blog? I'm in constant awe of her beautiful stitchery projects.
So, Linda, please accept my apologies for being so rude and not publicly acknowledging your sweet 'fun mail'. I'm not usually this rude!

More 'Fun Mail' - giggle!

Last week Sharon started putting some of her adorable totes and bags in her Etsy shop and I couldn't resist this adorable drawstring bag. As a child I had lots and lots of paperdolls and that fabric brought back a flood of fun and happy memories. Oh, I wish you could have the presentation in the box. The bag was wrapped in that cute yellow and white stripe tissue paper and tied with a ribbon and the sweet cookie/candy cutter (it's a 'Wabbit'). Another talented lady in blogland. Thanks, Sharon - I'll be back to order more goodies so get busy! teehee

My First Day of Vacation!

Accomplishments - nothing! However it was a blissful day!!!!!
Well, I spent quite a bit of time on my computer responding to many saved e-mails; reading blogs; window shopping, etc. I had a great time - bliss! Then I took a two hour nap - bliss! And, later my Sweetie cooked dinner - baked potatoes and yummy grilled porterhouse steaks - bliss. And then I sat and watched baseball on TV and worked on more GFG rosettes - bliss. Since I'm obviously too dense to figure out how to assemble them into a quilt, I'm going to keep making them and putting them into a pretty box. Years from now my DD, Kris will find this box with all the pretty rosettes and note at the very bottom explaining why they aren't in a quilt ("too dense to make a quilt with these - good luck" Love Mom - LOL) Oh, don't feel sorry for me - I've purchased books, had diagrams e-mailed to me, researched the Web, etc - I just don't get it. :-(
Once again, I need to say thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comments. If you don't leave a comment I really wish you would.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I ‘heart’ fun mail :-)

Yesterday I received some wonderful ‘fun mail’ – teehee! On Friday, Wendy told me that she mailed a package to me via air mail so I knew that the package would arrive some time this week. Can you imagine our surprise when it arrived yesterday – from Canada. I believe it was on an airplane that broke the sound barrier. My goodness it got here in true record time.

The first picture is the outside of a bag that Wendy made for me for my punch needle supplies. Remember my first punch needle project from a few weeks ago – Wendy made the bag and then added my finished piece to the front. Isn’t it adorable – I love it! And look at the next picture – the inside of the bag – she really captured ‘me’. There’s an adorable vintage graphic of a girl stitching and the words underneath say “she spends hours in the sewing room” – yes that would be ME. And, there’s a button with the letter D; laces, buttons, beads and wonderful prints. Isn’t it beautiful? By the way, this is Wendy’s pattern and you should see her workmanship – what a talent!

And, that’s not all that was in my box – look at my new sewing bag; now I can replace that tacky plastic pencil box that I’ve been using. That bag was a total surprise – the zipper pull is a fob with a bead and sewing machine on the end. Love it, love it! And, she included some cute fabric and one of her wool strawberry pin keeps. Wendy made the sewing bag, as well – she’s a true talent. You know I’m very bag phobic - LOL

Last but not least is an adorable card – the front says “life’s garden should be full of friends like you…” with a grandmother’s flower garden quilt on the front. Perfect card – again capturing ME.

Wendy, thank you so much for your generosity and for sharing your talent with me!
I finally convinced my boss to let me take some time off from work – she’s a real witch and doesn’t allow much ‘play time’ (btw, I’m self employed – teehee). I’m taking most of this week off to just play. In fact I’ve declared today an “Official Play Day” – I’m going to put my goodies in my new bags; I’m going to see about tracing more stitchery for my Quilter’s Journey project; I might see about tracing and prepping some hand appliqué – I’m just going to play! Sigh – I’m in need of serious play time.

Part of my playtime will include prepping some 'fun mail' packages that I plan to send.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Decorating with Quilts
I was born without the 'decorating gene'. I have so many quilts that I want to use in decorating but it just doesn't seem to happen.

I have an entry way that's wonderful for seasonal decorating however it's seldom decorated. So, today I decided to pull out some of my patriotic treasures, quilts, pillows, etc and give it a go. So, the first picture is what you see when you enter my home. Not bad, eh??? LOL
I took a close up of the end of the table that you can't see in the picture and then a close up of the top of the quilt rack.
And, last but not least is a picture of my kitchen table with my patriotic tabletopper I made a month or two ago.

All the pillows in the pictures are counted x-stitch. It was a major passion until quilting came along. :-)

I hope that my friends in Canada had a wonderful 'Canada Day'!

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