Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another Year of Schnibbles

Here it is the end of January and it's time to post my favorite Schnibble.  Although, I do love every Miss Rosie's Quilt Co Schnibble, Little Bite and/or large quilt pattern I think my most recent favorite is Bounce.  I had lots of fun making it in October 2012 using Hello Luscious by Moda. 

Bounce - Miss Rosie's Quilt Co
fabric - Hello Luscious by Moda
This the same picture I used in October because sadly it's still not quilted.  What is up with that????  LOL
It's also time to post my January finish for Christmas Through The Year but unfortunately I can't.  :-(
At the end of February I'll post my January and February finishes.  :-) 
My main computer met an untimely demise last night (may we have a moment of silence, please) and I'm posting on my little Netbook.  I have to learn how to upload my pictures, edit them, etc.  I know it'll be a small learning curve I'm not at that point yet. 

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit - please come again.
I hope your days have been pieceful.

In Friendship!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spools A'Plenty - check

The order with the background fabric I needed to complete my Spools A'Plenty quilt arrived yesterday!  WooHoo!!!!  Today I spent most of the day getting it to the flimsy stage. 
I hope you don't mind if I take a few minutes to pat myself on the back.  I've been all over the place with projects and such so I'm quite proud that I finished it.  :-)
I know exactly which fabric I'd like to use for the backing and binding. 
Spools A'Plenty with Tapestry
both by Fig Tree Quilts
It obviously needs a very good pressing so please ignore the wrinkles and such. 
 However, if the wrinkles bother you then by all mean avert your eyes.  LOL
I hope your days have been pieceful.  I've been peeking in over your shoulders and you've all been busy, busy, busy.  I do believe your days have been very pieceful. 
I so appreciate your visits - come again very soon.
In Friendship!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spools A'Plenty Progress

I spent the evening working on my Spools A'Plenty project and I'm truly lovin' it. 
There was a near panic but fortunately it was averted.  LOL
The pattern calls for almost 4 yards of the background fabric; my local quilt store only had 1.25 yards on the bolt and 4 fat quarters.  I bought that thinking I'd find the rest on line.  The joke was on me - no one seemed to have it stock.  After a little more searching I found it at Thrifty Needle - whew!  LOL

Spools A'Plenty with Tapestry by Fig Tree

Two rows down/two to go - woohoo!!! 
I haven't worked with Fig Tree fabrics in a quite awhile so this is a nice change.

I'm meeting a friend first thing in the morning and when I get home I'm planning to sew the day away.  Won't finish this baby but I'll get as far as I can. 

I hope your days have been pieceful.

In Friendship!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Quilt Police

Why is it that we all worry so much about what others think?
We fret and wring our hands about how many quilts and/or quilt tops we have, our large or small fabric stash, the points we cut off when we piece blocks (oh by the way why do we feel the need to point that out), whether or not we ever finish the project du jour....OK, I know you get the idea.  LOL 
We fear the judgement from others.
 I've been giving this a lot of thought because I have HUGE fear of judgement.
I've decided that when we judge ourselves (fairly or unfairly) we invite others to judge us. 
How do we break that vicious cycle?
 I don't have the answer but it's a cycle I need and want to break.
I just want to have fun without the fear of judgement!

This is who we fear ..."The Quilt Police"
Those two silly women, aka the Quilt Police, are laughing and giggling at us because we have allowed them to judge us.
We've taken everything 'they' say to heart. 
Surely you've met them!
Oh they look sweet but they wield a mean tongue - they judge us and we allow it. 
This must stop NOW.
Don't allow The Quilt Police to get you down!

My first step in banishing the Quilt Police from my life is to start yet another project. 
I hesitated at first; what would they think, what would they say, another project, I already have several started. 
Here I am judging myself, therefore inviting and allowing others to judge me. 
I am done explaining myself to the "Quilt Police".
Yes, I have started another project, yes I have several others I'm working on now....who cares????
If you care and you're keeping score, please stop!
 In the grand scheme of things does it really matter? 
No, it doesn't!!!!

Here's my first block...
The quilt is Spools a'Plenty and fabric is Tapestry both by Fig Tree Quilts.
Stay tuned....I may finish it before I start yet another project; then again, maybe not.  LOL

It's time to rebel against the Quilt Police!

In Friendship!
(this post is very tongue in cheek - I hope I made you laugh)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

On a Whim!

When it comes to stitching, sewing and/or quilting I seem to be flying by the seat of my pants. 
 Some would think it's a bad thing but for me it's all good! 
Flying by the seat of one's pants can be lots of fun. 

When I stop to think about classic quilts ... 9 patch and log cabin quilts come to mind. 
 Would you agree?
So today, on a whim, I decided it would be fun to start making a bunch of nine patches.
They had to have dark corners and the same background print.

 I have an idea for a setting but I need to make lots more blocks!

25 - 6" nine patches
CW Reproductions

Sweet pile of 9 patches

Have your days been pieceful? 

I appreciate your visit .... come again soon.

In Friendship!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Join Us!

Recently, Kathy at Kindred Quilts made one of the quilts from this book and I commented that I, too, owned the book, loved her quilt and she should consider making every quilt in the book.  :-)

She said, "I will if you will"  LOL
I thought about it for as long as it took me to snap my fingers and said, "yes, let's do it". 
We exchanged a few e-mails about the details and decided that every other month would be a perfect. There are 20 quilts in the book so this could take awhile - LOL. 
I thought it would be fun to invite ALL of you to join us in the fun and Kathy agreed!

"Granny's Scrap Box" 18" x 21"
Simply Charming by Tara Lynn Darr
I couldn't post about our endeavor without making one of the quilts. 
I cut and pieced my first mini today - I haven't played with reproduction fabrics in ages.  I'd forgotten how well they 'play together'.  I was smiling all day. 
I felt like I was channeling Kathie at Inspired by Antique Quilts - she makes the best quilts using reproduction fabrics. 
All the quilts in the book are fabulous and Tara's directions are terrific. 
I couldn't post about our endeavor without making my first quilt.  I kept flipping the pages trying to decide which mini to make first.  Sigh - talk about a tough decision. 
I finally decided I'd start with the first quilt in the book, "Granny's Scrap Box". 

Kathy and I would love it if you'd join us in February with your first "Simply Charming" mini quilt. 
Kathy plans to add a link so you can link up your blog and share your mini.

We want this to be all about stress, no competition, no real commitment (if you want to play that's fine and if you don't that's fine, too) 
A mini quilt every other month in 2013 means 6 mini quilts by the end of the year. 
Doesn't get any better than that!  :-)

I wish you pieceful days.

In Friendship!

Now What????

I see you scratching your heads!  LOL 
You're asking yourselves "now what is she doing?"
My 'blob' days are over and I'm in quilting bliss.  teehee

Come back later for a fun announcement.  :-)
Are you having a pieceful day?

In Friendship!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Scattered Blob :-)

I have not been pretending to be a blob - I have been a blob!  My friend, Cheryl, says she's been a blob, too, but she posted some serious eye candy on her blog this week.  Besides being a blob isn't really that bad, is it? 

Thank you for signing up for my birthday list last week. Thank you for allowing me to celebrate your birthday with you.  

I've been incredibly scattered with my sewing plans.  This, that and the other thing - that's what I want to be working on.  LOL 
It's time to get busy!

Last week I told you that I'm super crazy about all of Camille Roskelley's (Thimble Blossoms) new patterns.  I've made plans with Round & Round and now I'm moving on to Juggle.  It's an adorable pattern featuring a new Moda precut, Honeycomb that won't be available until late Spring.  Fortunately for us Camille has included templates in her pattern so we can cut our own Honeycomb pieces.  woohoo!!!

I had a Moda Layer Cake of Sew Stitchy that would be perfect for Juggle but I could only get one Honeycomb (hexagon) template from each - way too much waste.  I asked my computer guru (aka Mr Daze, Ron, Sweetie, etc) if he could resize both templates required.  Well, of course he could; that's why he's my computer guru!  Thank you bunches, Sweetie, I love you!

New templates made using several layers of card stock - perfect!

Drawn template on several charm squares

Pieces/parts of Sew Stitchy after I cut all the hexagon pieces!

Honeycomb (hexagons) ready to sew  :-) 
I'm a happy girl. 

Tomorrow I'll cut the white strips required to cut the triangles. 
And, then I'll be ready to sew.  woohoo!

While cutting this project the wheels started turning and I have a few more projects I'm going to cut soon.  I do so much better if I take the time to precut as many projects as possible. 

Wishing you pieceful days....In Friendship!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Time to Create!

I'm excited about celebrating birthdays with many friends! 
My birthday list is now FULL!
 I'd love to tell you that I've been busy doing this and that but alas that's not the case.
I've been doing a pretty good job of pretending to be a blob.  LOL

Earlier this week I decided enough was enough it was time to get creative.  woohoo!!!

Have you seen Camille Roskelley's new patterns (Juggle, Round & Round, Fireworks, Turn About, & Zipper ).  Happy Go Lucky for Moda is the new line of fabric to be released in May.
You won't be surprised to learn that I am totally smitten with ALL of 'em.

I've decided that "Round & Round" should be called "In Friendship" - seriously it's made using friendship stars.  I rest my case.  LOL (I hope Camille forgives me) 
The pattern features a large quilt and a mini quilt; I've hit on an exciting idea. 
 I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it.  (doesn't take much - hee)

Are you on my birthday list?  If you aren't, you might wish you were.  LOL  If you are, then chances are you'll receive a mini "Round & Round" quilt from me. 
May be ruining the element of surprise but I can't help it - I'm super excited.  :-)

I've already made two and I'm anxious to make more.  :-)
I'm excited about these because I can embroider 'in friendship' (or any other word) in an open space.  These would be adorable as table toppers - with the addition of 'in friendship' or whatever word it would  provide an element of surprise.  Wouldn't it?

Round & Round made with Cherry Baby by Lakehouse Fabrics
embroidered with "in friendship"
Round & Round made with Ruby
embroidery to be added

The one on the left is the first one I made using Cherry Baby by Lakehouse Fabrics; can you see 'in friendship' in the lower right hand space?  Yes, it's a little crooked but would you care?  ;-)
The one on the right is made with Ruby but is lacking the embroidery; although I'll add that later today. 

So, tell me what you think about my 'lightbulb moment' idea? 
Would you be excited to find one of these in your mailbox? 
 Could be for your birthday, Christmas, just because, etc. 
So, if you give me your birthday there might be one in your mailbox?  Just sayin'   teehee

Enjoy a pieceful day.....In Friendship!

My e-mail address will remain wabbit4412 at - I'm finally back in business.  whew!
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