Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Quilt Police

Why is it that we all worry so much about what others think?
We fret and wring our hands about how many quilts and/or quilt tops we have, our large or small fabric stash, the points we cut off when we piece blocks (oh by the way why do we feel the need to point that out), whether or not we ever finish the project du jour....OK, I know you get the idea.  LOL 
We fear the judgement from others.
 I've been giving this a lot of thought because I have HUGE fear of judgement.
I've decided that when we judge ourselves (fairly or unfairly) we invite others to judge us. 
How do we break that vicious cycle?
 I don't have the answer but it's a cycle I need and want to break.
I just want to have fun without the fear of judgement!

This is who we fear ..."The Quilt Police"
Those two silly women, aka the Quilt Police, are laughing and giggling at us because we have allowed them to judge us.
We've taken everything 'they' say to heart. 
Surely you've met them!
Oh they look sweet but they wield a mean tongue - they judge us and we allow it. 
This must stop NOW.
Don't allow The Quilt Police to get you down!

My first step in banishing the Quilt Police from my life is to start yet another project. 
I hesitated at first; what would they think, what would they say, another project, I already have several started. 
Here I am judging myself, therefore inviting and allowing others to judge me. 
I am done explaining myself to the "Quilt Police".
Yes, I have started another project, yes I have several others I'm working on now....who cares????
If you care and you're keeping score, please stop!
 In the grand scheme of things does it really matter? 
No, it doesn't!!!!

Here's my first block...
The quilt is Spools a'Plenty and fabric is Tapestry both by Fig Tree Quilts.
Stay tuned....I may finish it before I start yet another project; then again, maybe not.  LOL

It's time to rebel against the Quilt Police!

In Friendship!
(this post is very tongue in cheek - I hope I made you laugh)


Samantha said...

Love it! The post and the new quilt you started! :D

I worry about the quilt police too, but that is because occasionally they send me judgey email before I even judge myself. Usually I just ignore it since I sew for MY enjoyment and the enjoyment of those nearest and dearest to me.

Have fun making those spools!

antique quilter said...

what you need to do is stop worrying, The quilt police used to comment on my blog but after telling her look I am having fun and this is how I work, so what if I have 20 quilts going on at once, I make a lot of quilts each year she doesn't comment on my blog anymore
I work in spurts on some quilts , sometimes I make elements for quilts all year then make a quilt, sometimes I pull elements out and whip up a little quilt.
YOU HAVE to stop listening to her. SEW Have fun.

Kaaren said...

You answered your own question, Darlene when you said...

"Who cares?"

Humbly said, you spend waaay tooooo much time worrying about what these quilt police "might" be saying or thinking about you and your projects. When it's all said and done, the only person you have to be accountable to is yourself and if you're happy, then everything else shouldn't matter. And it sounds like you're enjoying yourself.

You Go Girl!!!

Deb said...

I am a rebel! and never fear what others think, I have respect of others words but still decide on what is best for me.
I have more projects started and waiting for finishing but I know where they are and when I am ready I enjoy them.
I see you enjoy your projects and that is all that matters love new projects, update on old ones and when they are done the taa daa
Give yourself a hug

Carol said...

I'm standing on a chair, clapping and cheering for you my Friend! You're doing what you want, you're enjoying what you're doing and that's all that matters...I'm CELEBRATING for you and with you! Just keep having FUN!

Anonymous said...

awesome post Darlene,do whats right for you my friend,have fun.xx

Debby said...

Cute post!! I am my own quilt police when it comes to having sew much fabric!! I feel like I am wasting money if I don't use it all up :(

Cindy said...

Yippee, Yahoo and KUDOS to you, Darlene!! Choose a quilt, choose your fabric and SEW ON!

Shakerwood said...

We are our own worst critics! There are far worse things to worry about. For example, I have to go out to the Wool Barn and work this morning but it's 20° outside and the building isn't totally insulated yet. If you are up at 4:20 your time (and I think you are), have a cup of coffee, put your feet up and think of me freezing over here on the other coast!

gardenpat said...

I used to always envy my friend's ability to "coordinate" all of her fabrics in any quilt she would make while my quilts put the "scrap" in scrap quilt!! Funny thing was, one day as she and I were talking, she confided that "she" felt envious of "my" ability to take seeningly clashing fabrics and turn them into "amazingly beautiful" (her words!) quilts in a way she never could!!!! Who knew? After that, I tried to just enjoy the quilt-making journey!!!

Cheryl said...

Don't we all have 4 or 5 or more projects all going at once. I know I do and that is how I like it. I don't even finish half of them. I have to clean and cook, but my sewing room is where I don't HAVE to do anything I don't WANT to. Now just go have fun.

Prairie Pines Sewing Room said...

I love your outlook about the "Quilt Police!". Sew to enjoy. My husband always tells me "make tea, sew, have fun!". Sounds good to me.

Vicky said...

Fabulous post, Darlene! I decided in the last year or two that those taking pot-shots at us are just jealous. Don't give them another thought. They'll never change and it just colors our world with negativity. You're my hero for the inspiration you give, the projects you share, and your totally awesomeness!! Just keep doing what you happily do!!!!

Stitched With Prayer said...

Standing ovation for my Wonder Quilter....Bravo...Encore...throwing bouquets of fat quarters and charm squares!!!!! Well done my sweet friend, I think I will erase my "reminder board" that hangs in my sewing room and holds the dreaded list of 'UFO's' to finish before rewarding myself with a new project! Than I'll just scribble across it..."Create something today". Thank you Darlene,
I'm ready to open up a quilt kit called Desert Sunset that I bought in Sedona Az. over 2 years ago and have been letting my few UFO's hold it hostage. So "NAN NER NAN NER NAAAAAANNNNERRR...To the Quilt Police! Big Big Hugs coming your way...

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Hey I have over 50 UFO's, and I have started 8 new ones so far this year. Even though I had a rule to myself, finish 2 then I can start one new one. Oh well. I do know that most new projects get started at the beginning of the year. I should be able to get quite a few of the UFO's out of their piles and finished, I want to use those UFO's. So that is why I want them finished.

julieQ said...

The only quilt policeman I fret about is my husband!! He feels all quilts should be gigantic bedsized quilts...and I love all sizes of quilts. As far as the stash, I fret about using it all up! But truly...this thing we do? Is for pleasure and service and just plain fun...so I am with you, let it go and quilt police stay away!! Aren't we so lucky to have quilting in our lives??

Sue said...

Oh yes, good for you! I'm done with the Quilt Police too and it's not why I quilt. I quilt for pure enjoyment and therapy and what others think matters not to me.

You just go ahead and enjoy that new project. I've cut another one out this week myself ;-)

Bethany said...

The best way to handle the quilt police is ask sweetly for a lesson. If you're so good at it, show me how to do it. Usually they back off because they aren't very good or don't really care.

Some quilt police are happy to share their knowledge though and I've learned a lot.

I think we are all guilty of being quilt police even unintentionally. It's too easy to judge quilts and make assumptions.

Do what you love to do and try not to worry about your mistakes. That's how you learn. Each of us have a talent in our quilting to share with others. Even the quilt police make mistakes in their quilts.

Love your post!

Phyllis in Minnesota said...

You are tooooo funny and I love it. When the walls of your home/sewing room began to bulge...then it's time to worry about those UFOs and your stash!!
Until then ENJOY....

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Great post! The only quilt police I have to deal with is me - I'm my own worst critic. Working on it...

pcflamingo said...

I understand completely. My dad was a CPA with a very orderly mind. My mom is an artist in many media (now 93 with Alzheimer's) who always had a dozen projects going. The mom's side of my brain always struggles against the dad's side of my brain, especially against what I call the Tyranny of Symmetry. I want things to be too matchy-matchy if that is even a word. Quilt Police, begone!

Annette said...

I think I am my own worst quilt police woman. I need to fire that part of myself and just enjoy the journey. Thank you for a great reminder. Oh, and I LOVE those darling women under the table. How fun! (If you don't think of them as police women that is)

Shelley said...

I know you said "tongue in cheek" but in all truth, there is a very active bunch of quilters out there trying to set the rules for the rest of us! I "gasp" actually have one such person in my personal quilting group. I ignore much of what she thinks on how much stash and projects one should have. This is a very open can of worms here Darlene:) Statements about stash and projects should always reflect FUN! Are you having FUN yet because I AM :) Great post girlie!

AnnieO said...

That's a great cartoon! No judging from here, Darlene, I enjoy seeing whatever you are up to! All creative types get joy from starting new things, it is completely and utterly human to be attracted to something NEW! Love your spools!

Loris said...

These blocks look lovely sewn up in these beautiful fabrics! It must feel good to sew with them.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I have given up on the Quilt Police. Early in my quilting hobby, I used to bring my latest creations to friends to show and those that know the craft would, nicely mind you, rip my work apart - cut off points, mis-matched seams and the like. It really brought me down and I was ready to throw in the towel. I know I was just learning but the Quilt Police words hurt. I decided that I enjoy sewing and quilting and if my points are cut off... I DON'T CARE! My daughter sees my creations as beautiful and she's waiting for the day where she can make a quilt "Just like Mama". I rejoice when my points AREN'T cut off and all my seams match perfectly.

So I say - have fun! Start a new project when you have 20 started already and waiting in the wings. You'll get back to them someday. Because that is my plan for 2013. Finish what I've started but if I feel I need to start something new (which I plan to do this weekend), so be it. That's the way I roll.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

LOL Love it! I see no problem with having however many projects started that you desire. ~the ones that I'm not working on now are 'fermenting'~ waiting for the 'bright idea' to strike. LOL No worries~ just fun! Looks like you have something fun to play with~ enjoy!!

Glenna @ Hollyhock Quilts said...

The quilt police quit coming to my house many years ago! I say SEW ON, GIRL!! We stand firm together!

Robin said...

I enjoyed your post today because I have been hesitant in posting my latest finish because of what people might think -
"What! She's finished another applique block? I thought she was working on something different. Doesn't she know she's supposed to finish something before she starts something else?"
Yadda yadda yadda Who cares?

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

It is so true about the quilt police being out there - but even if you don't start new projects all the time and don't have a big stash - they still will chase after you. I've always been a "one quilt at a time" - "finish one before even looking at new fabric" kind of quilter. It is who I am - it is what I do. It is not who I expect or want my friends to be - it is just my way.

I've been told that I'm psychotic (in the nicest possible way - HA) - I've been told it is unnatural (to whom?)

I have decided that the quilt police should stop policing and start quilting - I think they should make quilts like you do - lots of starts and lots of finishes - or like I do - one at a time - or maybe some other way - but make quilts they should - and then we can walk past their quilts - admire them, tell them how beautiful they are - rejoice in their projects (and then perhaps they will learn to not be police any more - but to be happy and enjoy their time) You think?

I also never had a stash - except for my 30s fabrics - I have a boot box full of it. I've had "friends" threaten to take me shopping and make me buy fabric - I've had exclamations of how one can't be a good quilter without at least 300 fabrics to pick from (excuuuuuse meeeeeee - I'm a very good quilter, and I buy fabric for one project at a time - and none until the current project is done. I've had people tell me that I'm not supporting the fabric industry and the local quilt shops by not maintaining a big stash. Am I supposed to buy 6 cars to support the local car dealers? Or 10 gallons of milk for the dairy farmers?

All in all I've ignored the quilt police - I've enjoyed my journey through quilting (since I was 7 - and I'm MUCH older than that now) and I've decided that my quilt making portion of my life is now over. You want to hear yelling and screaming and policing???? Just tell them you aren't going to be quilting - and then tell them you are delighted in your decision. Poor quilt police, guess they have nothing else to keep them busy - but I've tried to do my part in that matter - they can police me whenever they want - then they can leave my friends alone. Happy quilting or happy not quilting - to all.

Patty said...

I've personal met the Quilt Police and though very nice ladies they have me being careful not to talk about my projects or my stash. Ithink they keep a running tab on me and a few others. Not this year! This is the year I will join you. I plan on taking delight in starting and sewing what ever I want.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Love your spools! Keep doing what you enjoy Darlene!

Linda said...

Hear, hear! You go girl! Start as many projects as you want. The whole point is enjoyment. It doesn't matter if you finish as long as you enjoy the journey! I keep telling myself that too. I enjoy the process as much as I enjoy the finished product. I have ALOT of UFO's and I'm working on them. I plan on finishing them but I also like the pleasure of new projects too. I love your spools. I hope you enjoy your new project and if the quilt police come over, give them some fabric and a cutter and tell them to help you finish your projects or don't come back to harrass you!

QuiltSue said...

Yes, I laughed, but it's so true. There are many of us who worry too much not just about the quilt police, but about any one judging us. We really need to do what you have done, say "to heck with you, if I want to start something new/read a book instead of ironing/etc, then I will and what's more, I'll have fun doing it, so there!"

Becky G said...

Wool barn!?!! Love it! (Tho i am a wuss when it comes to cold.). I have seen your wools... Lovely.

Sinta Renee said...

I think it's like doing all your prep work ahead of time... even if it takes me months to get back to a new project I've cut out... it's all good! You go ahead and be a rebel! Isn't it a funny paradox that we do something so creative... yet some quilters give themselves (and us) rules and worse yet, judgement???

Becky G said...

Love your spools!
This post really got me pondering. I'm not sure i have experienced much, if any, out loud critism from "quilt police." But then i rarely post on a blog... It seems folks sometimes loose their manners when they write ( plus some writers' styles are more curt than others.). My problems are my inner critic and i want my cake & to eat it too! I love planning, and designing & the thrill of seeing it come into reality, but i also lose interest. I also really want the projects completed so i can give them away and check them off my list. I am my own quilt police.
I do love your cartoon... But i saw it differently before i read your post. I saw two old women who are playing as they once did as children.... Who have thrown off the yoke of convention and are just reveling in their freedom. Thanks for the thought provoking post and your tongue-in-cheek levity has made me smile!

Wendy said...

You have the best questions. I don't care what others say. I'm happy with what I do and that's all that matters. Don't worry, do what makes "your heart sing" always. Isn't that what you said? I love your posts and your new quilt.

John'aLee said...

Your posts always make me smile! Love the block!

QuiltNut Creations said...

Love this post! I almost pointed out a cut-off point in my latest blog post but I was too excited to see that out of all the points in the quilt, I only whacked off one! go me! :)

Kindred Quilts said...

Such a cute post... still laughing! We quilt for ourselves... yes, we finish projects and give them away as gifts, or whatever the case may be. But really, the true pleasure is all ours, and we deserve it! So if my UFO's total into the double digits, it's my choice, and no "cop" can make me feel guilty about it!

Quilter Kathy said...

Love the spools...I just have to make some myself some day!

Cheryl said...

Do you write this post just for me :-)!!!???? Down with the quilt police!! And by the way, those same quilt police are ready to judge at every turn...booooooo to them!!! I love your new block. Great post!

OhioLori said...

I got this in my Email from you...laughed sooo hard!!! Thanks for such fun giggles! Then I sent it on to my "Bestest" friend...and wrote to her...this pic is us...drinkin our tea & perusin the quilty books (like we do NOW...lol)...but this pic is of us..IF we EVER Grow-Up!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha (Not sure bout Her...BUT I Never will!) LOL

OhioLori said...

Forgot to tell ya....I'm in noooo way.. any sort of Quilt Police person.... I just loved your "tongue in cheek" comments....my friend & I love perusing quilty books & magazines together...over cups & cups of tea... We sew together too...NO QP's allowed to ruin our fun! Ever!!

Sooooo....no more worrying..."ENJOY the Moments...Always" :)

Huge Ohio Hugs to you!!!

Ranch Wife said...

LOL - you are a hoot my friend! I think we are our own worse critics and I agree, it must stop. I vow to thumb my nose at all quilt police this year, and that includes not fussing about my own projects. Honestly, this journey is supposed to bring us joy, not grief.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Great post! In the spirit of having just started another project myself (using Avalon fabric from Fig Tree... maybe they are the culprit!) when I had at least four others laid out on my table, I would like to link back to your post from mine tomorrow. I gave myself permission Saturday to start something new because I wanted to do it. I am my own worst critic about this. Thanks for the post! Jennifer from Houston

pandchintz said...

Thank you - great post! I agree whole heartedly! I've started about 5 new projects so far this year and finished nary a one - but I don't care, cause I'm having too much fun!!

Richardson said...

I just really needed to hear this tonight. I am always looking for the same material in the magazine, cause that's the way its supposed to be. My DH keeps telling me no its your quilt, your way, it doesn't have to be just like theirs. I would get so into it that I will forget to enjoy the journey. Thanks for letting me know it's Ok.

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