Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Busy June
Is July really around the corner? How did that happen? June was a busy and productive month for me. Didn't do much sewing but I did quite a bit of de-stashing & de-cluttering in my sewing room. Still more to do but for now I'm enjoying time with my sewing machine :-)

Here's my "Between Charming Friends" quilt. I used two Shangri-La charm packs and a sweet background print (white with tiny green dots). Don't ask me why I used the red corner stones in the border - just a whim! LOL

Thank you, Kelly, for doing a fabulous job hosting the quilt along. It's really been a lot of fun hopping around blogland seeing all the wonderful versions of the "Between Charming Friends" quilt and the larger version, "Between Friends". :-)

June's Year of Schnibbles pattern was "State Fair". I made mine in February '09 - woohoo!!! I opted to do a regular border and added a red peeper (aka flange) just inside the outer border as an accent.

Mr Daze and I lost a very dear friend on Tuesday night so we've had sad day. Really puts life in perspective - take care of you and yours!
I appreciate your visit - thank you for popping!
In Friendship!
Don't miss this one!
Go here NOW!!!!

I hope you're enjoying time with your needle and thread. I've finally gotten back into sewing mode! I'm having a ton of fun. :-)

Thanks for stopping by - I'll be back later with a bit of show and tell.

In Friendship!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Memories
Faded Memories
(picture heavy w/repeats)

I've had a ton of fun making new memories with Faded Memories by Moda.

You might recall I found a huge ziplock bag with a long ago abandoned UFO while I was de-stashing & de-cluttering. Sigh! Thought about giving it away but I immediately knew what I wanted to do and kept my fingers crossed that it would work.

I had to call on my friend, Jack the Ripper so we could take apart a bunch of 9 patches!

They became scrappy 16 patches - remember the Angels singing. lalalalalalalalalala! LOL

The light bulb moment involved the following pattern - my ziplock had everything I needed to make this quilt except yardage for borders. I'd deal with that issue as I moved along. :-)

Here's my quilt top (aka flimsy) without borders - what to do, what to do????? Yesterday afternoon when I finished assembling the guts I was beyond ecstatic - I was a super happy girl. (cue the Angels, please - LALALALA) LOL I still had to deal with searching for yardage for borders. I was able to locate some of the large floral prints for the outer border but couldn't find any of the tone on tone fabrics for the inner border. What to do, what to do?????

You guessed it - another light bulb moment!!! Use the background fabric from the stars and make an inner border and then use all the scraps for piano keys. And, to add more interest to the piano keys I also used some of the 2.5" squares to make piano keys. Then I used the background fabric to frame 4 patches to use as cornerstones in the piano key borders.

There are so many other projects that need my time and attention but I absolutely HAD to work on this one. I'm sure you understand exactly how I felt.

I'm thrilled with my completed flimsy so.......................................

La, La, La, La - means I love it
(aw, come on, you knew it was coming - LOL)

Thank you so much for visiting with me today. Come back soon because Sweet P, Paulette has dropped the gauntlet and dared us to post our UFO's. LOL
In Friendship!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Stash Manicure

I am here today!

In Friendship!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Want one?

Everybody's talking about it! There are giveaways going on all over blogland, Facebook, etc. I haven't entered any of the giveaways because my chances of winning one are slim to none. LOL

When I first heard about these wonders I wasn't sure I would ever want one. I've been on the fence - Yes! No! Yes! Definitely Not! LOL I fear that I would use it initially and then it would sit on a shelf - I don't want one just to be able to say I own one. Does that make sense?

I have a little stash of cash from my recent de-stashing sale and I don't want to spend it on wind sauce and air pudding (giggle). Mr Daze keeps telling me that I should spend it on something fun i.e. a new 'toy'.

So, can we talk? Do you have one? What do you like/dislike about it? Do you want one? Why?

Talk to me!

Thanks for popping in to visit. Come again soon.

In Friendship!

p.s. Mr Daze wants to know whether or not he can use it to 'fussy cut' pasta. LOL

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Winners!
Hello my name is Nibbles and I am a member of the Wabbit Daze Gang. Mr Daze and I have worked very hard this morning to draw the winners.

Without further ado I'm here to announce the winners of all four party games and the grand prize winner!

drumroll please................................................

Day 1 - there are 315 pins in the pink bowl
Day 2 - Strawberry Lemonade fabric bundle
Denise in PA
Day 3 - Schnibbles patterns
Day 4 - answers
a. June 11, 2006
b. Mr Daze, Hubby, Sweetie, RJ and anything else you found. :-)
c. The Wabbit Daze Gang
d. Thimbles, Joy, Miss Millie, Snippet, Bea Happy Bunny, Patches & Nibbles
Cindy - Collection for a Cause Jelly Roll
Paulette - Thimble Cottons Jelly Roll
Nancy - Minick & Simpson Layer Cake
Joanna - Collection for a Cause Layer Cake
Grand Prize Winner

We've had a ton of fun and appreciate that you came to our party. We hope that you'll continue to read Darlene's silly blog.

Don't forget to send Darlene an e-mail with your mailing address because we'd like to send your prizes to you, ASAP.


Naughty Can Be Nice
Nibbles & The Wabbit Daze Gang

Monday, June 14, 2010

Four Years Ago
Day 4

The Party is Over at 63 comments plus a handful of e-mails.

We'll be back later today to announce the winners! Thank you!

We're back - heheheheheheehehe :-) Remember us???

Darlene is super busy today - laundry, groceries, etc so she asked us to host the last day of the party. WooHoo!!!!!

We've been partying right along with you the past three days and on behalf of Darlene we want to thank you for coming. We hope you had as much fun as we did.

So far all the games have been some what easy - would you agree? Well, you're going to have to party a little harder today - we need to end this with a BANG!!!!
If you read this blog on a regular basis then you know that we post on occasion; usually with Darlene's hubby's help.

The game - Answer the following 4 questions (all the answers can be found throughout The Quilting Daze blog and its archives):

1. When did Darlene start blogging?
2. What name does Darlene use when she refers to her hubby?
3. What does Darlene call us?
4. What are our names? (in no particular order) Hint: one of us is called Patches!

The prizes - four winners - play along and we'll toss your name in the hat for a prize.
(Cotton Blossoms jelly roll; Collection for a Cause/Heritage jelly roll; Minick & Simpson layer cake; Collection for a Cause/Heritage layer cake)

When you post your answers be sure to tell us your preference :-)

Grand Prize: Answer all four questions correctly and we'll also toss your name in a drawing for these two fat quarter bundles - Sunshine by April Cornell for Moda. (this means that you could win twice)

Good Luck!!!!
Darlene will be back tomorrow, Tuesday, June 15th to announce all 8 winners!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Four Years Ago
Day 3

The Party is over at 94 comments!

We'll be back later today to announce the winner.

We're still celebrating my 4th anniversary in blogging and the start of year #5. Will we be celebrating a 5th anniversary next June? HMMMM :-)

Today's game is easy peasy - don't get too comfortable though because tomorrow is Grand Prize day and you might have to do a little more work. LOL

There's been a ton of attention this year on patterns by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co (Carrie Nelson). I've been a huge fan of her patterns for large quilts and her Schnibbles quilts for a long time. Lately I've been making quilts from her new book "Schnibbles Times Two", too. Yes, I do enjoy her patterns but there are other pattern designers I enjoy, as well.

The game - are you drawn to patterns by a particular designer? Do you find yourself waiting anxiously for the newest pattern by a particular designer? What do you like about their patterns and why?

The prize is 5 Miss Rosie's Schnibbles patterns but I will try to include a pattern by your favorite designer, as well.

I'm looking forward to hearing all about your favorite designer(s) and why.

Reminder: Winners will be announced Tuesday, June 15th.

Thank you for playing my silly games. I hope you're having as much fun as I am (Mr Daze is enjoying your comments, too).

In Friendship!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Four Years Ago
Day 2

The party is over at 109 comments.

We'll be back later today to announce the winner!

Yes, I'm very late today. I'm terribly sorry I took my hubby, aka Mr Daze to breakfast this morning. :-) It's very important to keep him happy - he works very hard to keep me happy!

Here we are ready to party again. WooHoo!! Thank you for playing yesterday - I enjoyed reading your guesses. :-)

It's been super hot this week here on the Surface of the Sun - 109 degrees - ugh! I've been searching for refreshing, thirst quenching drinks. There's been ice cold bottled water, ice cold caffeine free diet coke and ice cold sweet tea but one of my favorite refreshing drinks can be found at The Red Robin - it's called Freckled Lemonade aka Strawberry Lemonade. Lemonade with chunks of strawberries and crushed ice - YUM!!! Serious YUM!

So, to quench your thirst for some fun fabrics today's prize is called Strawberry Lemonade by Me & My Sister Designs for Moda - there are 39 pieces ( cut approx 10" x 18") + a panel.

Let me toss your name in the proverbial hat by telling me what you would do with these cuties if you won. See easy peasy - no guessing game this time. LOL

I'm looking forward to your comments about this sweet prints.
Reminder - I'll announce the winners of all four prizes on Tuesday, June 15th.

See you tomorrow for Day #3, Game #3 & Prize #3
In Friendship!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Four Years Ago

The party is over at 112 comments.

We'll be back later to announce the winner.

June 11, 2006 I started my blog, Quilting Daze. I wasn't sure I'd stick with it because it was really new to me but four years later I'm still blogging. I'm not going to get philosophical about my blogging journey - let's party! LOL

It's all about the number 4.........................

Four reasons to visit my blog
Four Party Daze (Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday)
Four games
Four prizes

The rules - very simple because, quite frankly I'm going to be lazy!

Just play the game and leave your guess/comment. Very important - if you are set for "no reply" then you must include your e-mail address. See, easy peasy! LOL

Winners will be announced on Tuesday, June 15

Here we go - Good Luck!
Today's prize - Magnetic Pin Caddy by Clover

Today's game - how many pins are in the pink bowl? (you know I love guessing games - LOL)

Thank you so much for visiting my silly little blog. Whether you're a long time visitor/reader/lurker or first time visitor - thank you !


Let the games begin - see you tomorrow - day #2, prize #2, game #2.


In Friendship!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow
is only a day away!

June 11, 2006 I made the leap into the Land of Blog and set up my Quilting Daze blog. It's been 4 years; hard to believe. Sigh!

I've been thinking, thinking and thinking some more about how to celebrate this fete. I looked back through my blog to see what I've done in the past.....

1st blogiversary: I had you guess how many quilts I had stored in my big red quilt cabinet. (prize was a beautiful hat box full of notions & such)
2nd blogiversary: I had you guess how many yo-yos were in the jar - Thimbles was hidden in the yo-yos! (prize was a sweet quilt embellished with yo-yos)
3rd blogiversary: I had you guess the contents of a sweet lunch box tin. (prize was the lunch box and contents)
So how should we celebrate this year? I'm looking for ideas and suggestions - what would you like to do to help me celebrate. Any prize ideas??? Here's your chance for you to tell me what you want!!!
By the way this is post #600 - I've either had too much to say or not enough to say. LOL
I'll be waiting to hear from you..........................until then I remain................
In Friendship!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Between Charming Friends'
Quilt Along

The Charming Guys and Girls Club is having a "Between Charming Friends' Quilt Along" in the month of June! Please feel free to quilt along with us. :-)

It's really exciting because Kelly (our fearless leader) has chosen my "Between Friends" pattern - woohoo! I as incredibly honored and pleased when Kelly asked if she could make a mini version to offer as a quilt along. Naturally, I said YES!!! LOL

You have choices - my large version or Kelly's mini version.

You can find the pattern for my large version here. Feel free to download it - it's free from me to you! You can make it with fat quarters, jelly rolls, layer cakes, charm squares, etc. I won't bore you with weekly instruction because the pattern is very easy to follow. However, please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. :-)

Here's Kelly's adorable mini version. Visit her blog to get a schedule of the quilt along for her sweet quilt - it's made with two charm packs and background fabric.

I've already made my version two times so I'm going to quilt along and make the mini version.

Update on the Big Sort; De-stashing & De-Cluttering - I'm almost finished!!!! WooHoo!!! There will be one more De-stashing Sale later this week - I'll announce the exact date soon.

Thanks for visiting with me - I hope you'll come again very soon.

In Friendship!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Creative Juices

While doing my de-stashing & de-cluttering (basically removing the 'stuffus') in my sewing room I discovered a few old projects. In a large ziplock bag I found this Faded Memories (Moda) project that I was talked into making and hated it from the moment I started sewing. Ugh! I remember sadly stuffing it in the bag! While cleaning I couldn't part with it - "surely I can save it", I said to myself.

OMG, OMG I have a plan and I think it's going to work nicely. Yes, I will have to call on my good friend Jack the Ripper but I don't care because I'm excited. I'm going to need fabric for an inner border and an outer border - keep your fingers crossed for me!

My Big Sort project has been incredibly successful. So much has gone to new homes and next week I'll have a bit more for sale but I'm almost finished. WooHoo!!!!

I decided it was time to enjoy my room and sit at my machine with a very happy heart. :-)

I'm off to play with Jack the Ripper and Faded Memories to make new memories.

I appreciate your encouragement and support during my BIG SORT. Kim at Magnolia Bay Quilts threatened to call Mr Daze to tell him all about my de-stashing - she's sure I need an intervention. He's been cheering me on. LOL

With a happy heart I remain....

In Friendship!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

De-Stashing Part III

Welcome back!

Thank you, thank you so much for making my 'de-stashing' sale an incredible success. There's not much today but in a few days I'll announce "Destashing-Part IV". I need a little break to do some sewing and take care of a few other obligations. Stay tuned! :-)

Description and price under each picture. Price does NOT include shipping. I will use USPS Priority Mail flat rate boxes. I will accept PayPal or Money Orders. Send an e-mail to if something catches your eye. Serious buyers only, please!

1. Leaving the Century by Moda - 48 fat quarters - $60.00 (sold)

2. Leaving the Century by Moda - yardage to go with the fat quarters

1 yd black small floral; 1 yd burg tone on tone; 1 5/8 yd lg floral; 5 yds rose = 8 5/8 - $22.00(sold)

3. Variety of Halloween fat quarters - 17 fat quarters - $22.00 (sold)

1 1/2 yard of witchy undies and such - $4.00 (sold)

4. Splish Splash by Moda - 30 fat quarters & panel - $40.00 (SOLD)

5. Charm packs - Spencer Museum x 2; 26 Letters x 3; Old Fashioned Charm x 3; Nell's Flower Shop x 1; Scaredy Cat x 1; Buttercream & Figs x 2; Prairie Paisley x 1. $3.00 each (all sold)
Spencer Museum - sold
Old Fashioned Charm - sold
Buttercream & Figs - sold
26 Letters - sold
Scaredy Cat - sold
Prairie Paisley - sold

Nell's Flower Shop - sold

6. Moda Tins - each contains one charm pack and a CD with pattern(s) - $6.00 each (all SOLD)


Again, thank you for taking a peek. I appreciate your cheers and support. It's been a huge undertaking but I feel so much better.


In Friendship!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

De-Stashing Part II

Here we go again! :-)

Description & price under each picture. Price does NOT include shipping. I will use USPS Priority Mail flat rate boxes. I'd be happy to ship internationally but the price is outrageous.

I'll accept Paypal or money order for payment.

I don't want to overwhelm you or myself so I'll post De-Stashing Part III on Thursday, 6/3.

1. Porch Swing by Moda - 45 fat quarters $60.00(SOLD)

2. Porch Swing yardage (gold 3 5/8; green 3/4; red tone on tone 1 5/8; red w/gold 1/2; taupe 1/2; tan w/flowers 1) $20.00 (I'd prefer to sell all together, please) (SOLD)

3. Country Paths by Moda - 38 fat quarters $50.00 (SOLD)

4. Nature's Kalidescope by Moda kit $30.00 (SOLD)

5. Batiks - 7 fat quarters $9.00 (Sold)

yardage - red 3 1/4 yd; pink 1/2 yd; 1 1/2 black with hearts $15.00 (sold)

6. Paint Box Stars kit by Thimbleberries $50.00 (SOLD)

7. Harvest Time kit by Thimbleberries $35.00 (SOLD)

8. Cherries, Daisies & Stripes by ? 29 fat quarters $30.00 (SOLD)

9. Happy Hollow by Moda - 52 fat eighths (9" x 21") - $35.00 (SOLD)

10. Folk Art Christmas by Moda (Robyn Pandolph) - 27 fat quarters $35.00 (SOLD)

11. Hexagon Magic Moda University Kit - Wuthering Heights - $45.00 (SOLD)

Take a peek at my closet - woohoo!!! I know what's in every bin and drawer!!!

I appreciate your cheers and support - thank you bunches and bunches!

In Friendship!
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