Saturday, July 31, 2010

Joy Luck
July Schnibbles
I kept procrastinating about making the July's Schnibbles quilt, Joy Luck because I couldn't decide on fabric. Silliness, I know! Last night I walked into my sewing room at approximately 9:00PM and dug out two Blush charm packs and some Bella yardage. Started cutting and then sewed until 4:00AM this morning - LOL - gotta love a second wind. :-) I just finished the outer border so it's done - woohoo!!! Bring on the August assignment - I'm RED-DEE!!!

Enjoy your week end - I am! :-) I appreciate your visit and your comments. Come again soon.

In Friendship!
Catching Up!
(incoming & outgoing mail; birthday surprises; flimsy teaser)

Snowbound blocks for July finished and sent to Terry & Kelly earlier this month.

Surprises received from bloggy friends - wool candle mat from Karen. Thank you bunches, Karen. In the center of the mat is a darling pair of scissors from Carole (enlarge the picture - it's a wabbit - teehee) Thank you bunches, Carole.

I had a birthday earlier this week and a few surprises landed in my mailbox :-) From Carol a sweet Longaberger Basket, fabulous Dovo embroidery scissors and adorable pincushion & cute pins. Thank you bunches, Carol. :-)

A birthday surprise from Mary. A framed wool basket (yummy) and sweet red work pattern. Thank you bunches, Mary. :-)

And another birthday surprise from Carol - two Lumiere de Noel charm packs and some dots that will be fabulous background. The charm packs were wrapped in the dots and tied with the sweet ribbons. I didn't want to unwrap them - sweet packaging. LOL Thank you bunches, Carol.

Last but not least the sneak peek of the flimsy I finished earlier this week. Remember it's my evil twin, Evilena who makes me do this..............bahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

I hope you're having a fabulous week!

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me - come again soon!

In Friendship!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

AOL & Me

Recently I encountered a problem - grrrr! Yesterday I read through quite a few blogs leaving comments (sometimes just lurking). Then I was sifting through and attempting to respond to my long list of e-mails from comments and such. After a few minutes AOL stopped sending my mail - they have decided that I'm a 'spammer'. LOL We've tried to figure out why but to no avail. Yahoo refused to deliver my e-mails and I received quite a few as 'returned mailed". So, we've decided that I needed to delete all my 'saved e-mails' and start anew. If you've left a comment with a question and didn't get a response from me please accept my apology and send it again. And, I've also been receiving many comments on my blog from so many that are set for 'no reply' - sadly I can't answer your questions or just say thank you for stopping by. Please set your blog to show your e-mail address - you'll be glad you did. If you don't want to use your regular e-mail address then set up a new one just for your blog.
I've finished another flimsy - want another teaser or does that frustrate you? LOL I plan to reveal my recently completed flimsies soon. Stay tuned! :-)
I'll be back later with pictures of incoming and outgoing mail. I just had a birthday and some bloggy friends remembered. :-)
In Friendship!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Little Teaser
(insert - evil laugh)

I've been sewing, sewing, sewing - like the wind or like my hair's on fire - your choice. LOL

I showed the results of all my pre-cutting here. And, now it's time to precut again because these are all officially flimsies. Wahooooooo!!!!

The flimsies - top to bottom - Breakfast at Tiffany's, Botany, Oz & Bliss

Yes, yes I hear you - you want to see them unfolded and spread out - not yet!

insert evil laugh -


I've been having so much fun - I hope you have too. Gotta go; I hear my rotary cutter calling!


In Friendship

Friday, July 23, 2010

I Failed! :-)

I walked out of my sewing room to have dinner and got involved in the baseball game. No Friday Night Sew-In for me! Maybe next time. :-)

I will sew tomorrow - yes I will. :-) I hope you do, too.

In Friendship!
"Between Friends"

You must visit Mary on Lake Pulaski to see her Bliss Between Friends flimsy - it's beyond adorable!

Many have asked about my pattern - it's free here!

Thanks for your interest! I need to figure out a way to post it on my sidebar - don't know how to do that. Sigh!

In Friendship!
A First Time for Everything!

I've been sewing like the wind lately. Actually a better description would be 'sewing like my hair's on fire' LOL I've challenged myself in a BIG way so I need to keep sewing (like my hair's on fire LOL)

I thought it might be fun to join the Friday Night Sew-in because it definitely sounds like a ton of fun. :-)

Won't you join us?

Happy Friday to you!

In Friendship!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Raggedy & Friends

We have a winner!!!! Carol from Brown Quilts 4 Me - come on down!!!!

Do you know Kaaren at The Painted Quilt? She's one of the most talented bloggers around - I sit in awe of her talent. Sigh! :-) She designed and made the cutest Raggedy & Friends quilt and starting today is offering it as a free BOM on her blog. I was so excited when she announced it and couldn't wait for July 20. teehee There will be a new block or blocks on the 20th of every month until April 2011. SWEET!!!! :-)

I've downloaded and printed the first two blocks with plans to trace later today. I'm anxious to start stitching. :-)

I'm looking for someone to be my "Raggedy Friend". I plan to start stitching this sweet project for me and a "Raggedy Friend".
Are you interested?

Leave a comment telling me why you'd like to be my "Raggedy Friend". Bear in mind that you're all my "Raggedy Friends" but only one of you can get the stitchery blocks. :-)

I'll draw someone's name Wednesday, July 21.


In Friendship!
P.S. I don't do perfect stitchery but I do enjoy it. I've been stitching the Snowbound free BOM by Bunny Hill Designs since January for Terry & Kelly and they seem to be pleased with my work. :-)

Friday, July 16, 2010

What a Waste!

Yes, I know I've probably discussed this with you before but I've forgotten everything you told me. Bear in mind, I've been blogging over 4 years, I'm 4 years older and I have lots of new talented bloggy friends. :-)

Look at that mess - I've been using snippets to start & stop all my seams when I'm sewing. I've decided it's a waste of thread and effort. Sigh! Many of you use a 'leaders and enders' system to make second blocks - what's your method for getting organized? Would you please share some tips with me?
If you've read the Stash Manicure blog this week there are two fantastic posts about 'leader and ender' projects.
Maybe I'm just doomed to use the snippets of fabric! LOL
I've been sewing like the wind the past two days - there's definitely a smile on my face and a song in my heart!
Are you having a good week?
In Friendship!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Charming Girls Quilt Club

I love being a member of the Charming Girls Quilt Club and I can't believe it's already been a year - a fun year!

New year - new club goals. WooHoo! Thank you Kelly for making time to facilitate this fabulous club. :-)

We're not setting monthly goals - now we're setting goals for two months at a time. And, it's not just about quilting and such - it's about so much more Works for me! :-)

July and August Goals

A theme for us is "SELF CARE" as well as quilting and such. I'm going to try to incorporate "self care" into my quilting. I love to sew - I'm a processor - for me it's about doing and staying busy! I find myself holding back from sewing because I get asked on a very regular basis why I sew so much. Why do I have such an urge to make so many quilts? What am going to do with them? Etc. I hold back because I'm made to feel that I have to apologize for having a hobby that I'm truly passionate about. Yes, I know I'm the only one that can control my feelings but I was raised in the "Church of Perpetual Guilt" so ......... (well, you get the idea - LOL). So part of my "SELF CARE" is to work harder at just enjoying everything I love to do without feeling that I have to explain myself. It's all part of my 'seeking acceptance' personality quirk.

I have big plans - huge - really big - I plan to SEW LIKE THE WIND! Ya'll ready for ME? LOL

I will continue to work on my stitchery projects - gotta have something to do while I watch baseball.

I will work very hard to keep up with my Block of the Month projects.

I spent last Saturday pre-cutting some projects. You know I can be very prolific when I spend time precutting.

Breakfast at Tiffany's by Fig Tree Designs for Moda (finished this one yesterday - I'll show you soon)

Bliss - my all time favorite line introduced at Spring Market in May. Swoon!!! :-)

Oz by Senae for Moda (very different for me but I love it)

Botany by Moda (again very different for me but it's perfect for the project)

I almost forgot about Year of the Schnibbles projects for July (Joy Luck) & August - this has been so much fun. Sherri & Sinta have worked so hard and made it so much fun - thank you, Ladies!
I'm really excited about my goals and projects - I hope you'll cheer me on!

Reminder: Don't forget to visit Kelly at Charming Chatter to post a link to your "Between Charming Friends' quilt - it's time for the parade of quilts. WooHoo!

Again, thank you so much for your care and concern for Mr Daze - he's doing great. I tried to reply to all your good wishes and good thoughts from Tuesday and working on yesterday's comments. For some reason some of my responses for bouncing back but please know that I have replied to your comment as long as you weren't set for "no reply".

In Friendship!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Power of Prayer
is Amazing!

After a very long and exhausting day on Tuesday we came home with very happy hearts (no pun intended). It appears my man's BIG heart has a small problem that the doctor believes will be fine with a prescription. Ron had a triple by-pass 12 years ago and all the by-passes are clear and in excellent shape. I'll bet you heard our sighs of relief worldwide. Sigh! He has to lay low for a couple of days and then back to see the doctor next week.

Mr Daze, our family and I appreciate your prayers, good thoughts and kind words - thank you so much!

And, now back to my regularly scheduled sewing! Woohoo! :-)

In Friendship!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Plans Change!

I was going to do a blog post about incoming and outgoing mail i.e. surprises arriving from friends & July Snowbound blocks heading out to Kelly & Terry. I spent Saturday afternoon having a major cutting frenzy. I had grand plans to show you the piles of fabric I cut for four projects with plans to do some serious sewing!


I'm here to ask for good thoughts and prayers for my man, Mr Daze (Ron). He's having an angiogram tomorrow afternoon because there's a problem with his BIG heart that needs to be identified. I'll spare you all the details because they don't matter - we've been dealt a challenge and we need your thoughts and prayers.

This evening I plan to sew - need to keep my mind occupied!

Thank you!

In Friendship!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Magic Closet

I'd been anxiously looking forward to today and I can truly chalk it up to one of the best days I've had in a very long time.

A dear friend invited me to visit. I was looking forward to many, many things - a look at fabric introduced at Spring Quilt Market, lots and lots of chatting about quilting, chatting with her Mom, spending time with a true 'Cover Girl', sharing lunch (yummy Chinese salad and brownies) and seeing her newly remodeled sewing room, especially "The Magic Closet". :-)

You've probably guessed that I spent time with Carrie of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co, her delightful mom and the beautiful 'Cover Girl', Miss Rosie (she's a real sweetie).

I wanted to take gifts but what do you get someone who has lots of wonderful treasures. Carrie loves storage jars so I had an idea and Mr Daze (aka Ron) helped me get it together! A one of a kind jar with treats for Miss Rosie. Although I'm sure Carrie has already claimed the jar to use in her fabulous sewing room.

And a one of a kind Schnibble jar with treats (chocolate) for Carrie and her mom. I feel sure the jar has been moved into the sewing room and filled with other treasures. She already has a jar full of treats. :-)
You'll have to ask Carrie to share pictures of her sewing room - Oh My Goodness - seriously Oh My Goodness! I only took a handful of pictures - this is the area behind her sewing table. The Schnibble quilts are beautiful hanging on the rod.

Recently Carrie and I were chatting about different lines of fabric and during the conversation she said "well, let me look in "The Magic Closet". What?????? A "Magic Closet"????? I couldn't wait to see it. LOL

Wouldn't you love to have a Magic Closet just like this one in your sewing room? I wanted to paw through it, pull everything out, drool on it, fondle it, pet it and maybe put it all back. LOL

I didn't want to over stay my welcome so I picked my heavy bag of treasures and goodies that Carrie had for me, gave Rosie a love pat, hugged and thanked her mom, hugged and thanked Carrie and headed home. When I called Mr Daze to tell him I was on the road I couldn't stop talking about the fact that I'd had the most amazing time. I knew it had to end but I didn't want it to - the most wonderful day I've had in a very long time.
I drove home with a very happy heart!

Carrie, thank you so much for inviting me into your lovely home! I especially enjoyed seeing The Magic Closet. :-)

Thank you for letting me share my day with you! I hope you had a wonderful day, as well.

In Friendship!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Heat is On!

Our temperatures have been real scorchers recently - 115 degrees a couple of days last week. It's 8:00 PM and it's 102 degrees. Ugh! I was telling a friend the other day that it was so hot it felt like I was walking in an oven. The next day he pointed out that we had a slight breeze - I rolled my eyes and said "ok, so now I'm walking in a convection oven". Double Ugh!!!! LOL

I've been spending time heating up my sewing room and having lots of fun. :-)

Another attempt to manicure my stash. Not long ago I cut my American Primer fat quarter leftovers to make Big Schnibble "Plan C". I put it all aside because I couldn't decide on a background fabric. On Sunday I exchanged e-mails with Vicky and we agreed that Bella Ivory by Moda would work beautifully. Thank you for your help, Vicky! I had also been second guessing using the green prints. Sunday I decided it was time to git'er dun. LOL I have to admit that I LOVE it. :-)

Fresh Cottons by Fig Tree Designs is sweet line of fabrics. Just two layer cakes to make Big Schibble "Little Red". Today I ordered the cream tone-on-tone for the inner border and the brown large floral print for the outer border and binding. I can't wait to see it with the borders.

I'd much rather spend time heating up my sewing room than walking in the outdoor oven (regular or convection). LOL

I hope you're heating up your sewing room, too.

I appreciate your visit - I hope you'll come back soon.

In Friendship!
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