Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Taking A Break!

The cleaning, tossing, rearranging, organizing, etc continues. It's definitely a major project and one that I didn't realize would be so big. I'm very determined to get it done and get rid of the anchor hanging around my neck. I know it'll feel wonderful when I'm finished. :-)

But a break was needed so last night I worked on these blocks for a small project. This project has been calling out to me for a several months and I decided it was time last night. Hopefully they will be into a quilt top later today. My DH has been ill the past few days and I'm feeling a bit punky this morning so sitting at my sewing machine may be just what the doctor orders.

Jeanette, your e-mail about how I prep my applique arrived as "no reply" however if you check out Wendy's blog she has a wonderful tutorial on her side bar for freezer paper applique - my preferred method for prepping. Good luck! :-)

Thanks for popping by and thanks for the e-mails regarding my need for a rescue team. LOL

Come back later - there might be a quilt top for you to see (this would be my first finish for 2009 - woohoo)

In Friendship!


Stephanie said...

Sewing is the best medicine! :o) I'm nicely recovering from my ills...hope to get lots of sewing done. I'll be back to see your finished top.

rachel griffith said...

ohhh NICE blocks!!!
i'll check back later for a quilt top.

zizzybob said...

Can you please give me a link to Wendys blog?
You got me hooked on the Tisket Tasket BOM. My colors look alot like yours, but your applique is way better.

Libby said...

Love those four patches . . . hope you are feeling well again soon *s*

Wendy said...

Oh you've got me curious about your new blocks...they look like I should be making that one. Nice colour choice.
I hope you are feeling better.

Carol said...

Hope you and Hubby are feeling better. Love your blocks...can't wait to hear what it grows into.

Quilts And Pieces said...

BABY - just send me those 4 and 16 patches. I love those brown and black fabrics! No wonder I love the quilt so much!

Nan said...

I am lovin' those blocks! For moi? H'moosies!!

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