Sunday, October 14, 2012

Christmas Through The Year

 I have not nagged you about making a Christmas gift (or two) in quite awhile. ;-)
I hope you're beyond thinking about making gifts and starting to do your sewing because this jolly guy is coming whether we like it or not. 
Can you imagine sitting back a few days before Christmas relaxing with a nice cup of hot cocoa, tea or coffee knowing that all your gifts have been made? 

The Christmas Through The Year train will be pulling into the next stop on October 31.
Cheryl and I hope you'll be aboard with a few gifts completed. 
If you're stuck for ideas you need to visit Cheryl - she's been posting so many incredible tutorials.

Enjoy a pieceful Monday.

In Friendship!


Sisbabestitches said...

Only a few left to get done, which will hopefully be before the end of November. And I am so thankful to you and Cheryl for helping me have a restful and relaxing December, er, though maybe I am counting my chickens a bit early? Please crafting gods do not send me a plague of un-sewing Gremlins!!! lol

Unknown said...
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Cheryl said...

Yep, we are on the home stretch now!!! You have been the best partner in crime ever....and never, ever a nag I might add!!! (hugs)

Cheryl said...
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Betty Lou said...

Have my Christmas table topper together, now I just need to get it quilted and I'll be ready for CTTY.

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