Monday, October 29, 2007

What are you doing?

Yes, this a boring post - no pictures to share!

What's happening in your little corner of the world? What's keeping you busy?

I was inspired to pull out my Quilter's Journey blocks and get back to stitching. All the blocks are now pieced (that's a tedious process because I have a tendency to over think random scrappy - LOL) And, I'm trying very hard to get all the stitching finished! I just can't stitch fast enough. :-) My goal (probably a bit unrealistic) is to finish this project by the end of the week. I'm sure you're tired to seeing block after block after block so the next picture I post should be of the completed quilt top.

Are you tired of my silly questions? I have another one to post but don't want to bore you. Let me know!

Have a wonderful Monday and thanks for popping by!

In Friendship!


Unknown said...

Well Darlene, I'm waiting on a pattern to arrive so I can make a start on Hollie's Christmas gifts. Have a blogger birthday gift to make and am busy putting heart blocks together, quilting the "In My Father's Garden" wall hanging, and,and,and......the list goes on and on.
I for one am not tired of seeing your beautiful blocks to the Quilters Journey. So please post away.
Not tired of your questions, it's the only way to get answers.... But I do have to ask. Are you writting a book?

Anonymous said...

Do I dare saying I'm .... crosstitching (!?!?!) Yes, my friend, Idid that to myself : I signed in a winter crosstitch swap. As YOU would say : I needed that like a hole in my head ! LOL Fortunately, this doesn't involve too much time, and the due date is 1st December.

How could you bore me with your questions, which by the way are NOT silly at all ? I just LOVE them, and I'm learning much when reading all the answers you get (I bet I'm not the only one). Reading these answers in your comment section, is like having a cuppa' at your home, together with a bunch of quilting friends (can you hear them/us chatting and laughing ?) LOL

Can't wait seeing your stitcheries top, but in the meantime PLEASE, Darlene, come back with your next question !

A biiiig ((HUG)) and smiles !

Beth said...

Well let's see, what am I doing right now??? I spent the weekend getting my HQ16 table adjusted by my hubby in order to accommodate a new tool that I got for it. Then I loaded a quilt top last night and today I plan to get it quilted. I have one more quilt after that to finish before Friday so that I can deliver it to it's owner at retreat.

I'm also still getting ready for retreat. I plan to have the car all packed up on Thursday night so that I can just hop in the car on Friday morning and head for the mountains :)

I am not at all tired of looking at your Journey of a Quilter blocks (especially since I'm working on the same quilt) but I cannot wait to see the finished top!

Please fire away with another question. I have been ejoying the questions as well as the answers.


Wendy said...

Silly me I took a buggy barn quilt class on if I needed to start another quilt. But the class was free and I had a kit waiting for this quilt. I cut 26 blocks in about 1 hour using the buggy barn stack method. Now getting it all sewed together is a big task.

I also needed to finish a block for a swap I'm doing with my Tue stitching group, which is due tomorrow. The block is the same one you did recently Wig Rose I think.

I'd love to see more of your stitcher blocks and would never tire of your questions. Love it when you ask.

Pam said...

I am working on my Secret Santa gift this week.

Keep posting your questions - it is always so much fun to respond and then read all the responses - never tiring at all :))

Carol said...

I never get tired of seeing your blocks...especially now that I'm going to start it, I need all the motivation I can get. Tired of your questions...NEVER! Ask away my friend.

Not Lucy said...

Not doing much on the quilting front since I am trying to get some computer work done for our appliance repair business. I am taking a few minutes each day to do a little sewing on my grandson's twin size quilt which might be a Christmas/birthday gift this year (his birthday is the 22nd and he will be 2 so won't realize it is a combined gift!)

I love your questions and reading all the answers.

CONNIE W said...

Miss Darlene :- Hello there!
Let's see...I bought new shelves at Lowes yesterday for the longarm room and I filled them with baskets of fabric groups (stash). Then I cut & sewed my very first DJ block. This morning I moved three small televisions in the house (sort of a TV shuffle) to make rooms more efficient perhaps...I like the results so far. I cleaned my sewing desk in my sewing room, put some things away, did some organizing. I am ready to mark the embroidery lines on Block 2 of Journey BOM...hope to do that after I finish my coffee break (going on now as I type)...I have on my "to do" list to cut/stitch the borders on the Christmas swap project so I can move on to the next step. Would like to get that done this week. I have a quilt on the longarm that I wish to finish up within the next few days so I can load up the next on in the queue. I have laundry piling up as I write...and dust...not letting it get to me though...managing to ignore it for the time being. Going to meet some family members for supper tonight at a Mexican restaurant. OK...I definitely gave you much more information than you really wanted.

~Bren~ said...

I have been reading. I would say life is MORE boring without your away!!!

Vicky said...

I've just been appliqueing! There are tons of things I should be doing, but I don't want to!! LOL

tami said...

I'm not tired of your questions at all. It makes it easy to think of something to comment.
I haven't been up to much. I made an assortment of blocks for a start of a Round Robin I joined. I posted them for opinions, but so far from my comments only 2 had a preference. I have also been knitting. I told a friend from work I would knit him a sweater and he reminded me the other day that it was starting to get cold. :-D

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Bring on the questions!!! We can take it! LOL!!!

Mar said...

never tire of your questions silly girl! gee guess what I'm doing? LOL

Anne Heidi said...

I'm working on a new wallhanging with yummy fabrics from the Paris cats line. I'm using a pattern from Love of Quilting, and can't wait to get it finished and hung. I've quilted it at work today, and now there's only the binding and sleeve (oh, and the label) left. Keep those questions coming- you know we love them!!!

Juliann in WA said...

I love your questions too. I am avoiding thinking about a number of things that have due dates coming up but I am almost done with a birthday gift quilt so that is a good thing.

Nan said...

For one thing, your questions are not silly! I love that you ask them, and reading everyone's answers is wonderful!
I am working on the challenge table topper that Kim put on her blog this weekend. Kim has sewn 2 of them, and I'm still working on one! I failed the challenge, but I'm not giving up!
Aren't you glad you asked? lol!

Yvonne said...

I've been finishing up my pumpkin swap and trying to get out of my own track. Getting ready to start some some snowladies. :)

Carole said...

Well, I'm sitting in bed, Maggie (cat) by my side and attempting to play catchup on blog land! Of course, our internet connection has been a pain all day! I'm really in a vegitative mode at the moment! George Cluny phoned me asking to marry me! I've been thinking about doing the new BOM at the Quilted Crow, but really I shouldn't. I have way too many projects going at the moment. I don't know how I'll manage to finish anything. My sewing room is a mess! I have laundry that has been piling up! A load in the wash, one in the dryer. My cutting table piled with the embroidery mess I made while making treat bags for the party. I took our new addition, Princess Stella (who was a stray), to the vet to get whatever it is that they do on a female(neuter sprayed it confuses me). Sigh... Oh, and there are a couple of papers I need to write soon as well as lots of reading to do. I also need to plan for Thanksgiving. We are having Stephen's family up with cousins, which means about 30 people to feed and find a place to sleep. Oh, that's George on the phone again! Gosh, what a borring life I lead. Let's see, will it work..... 1....2....3..... press the button!

Carole said...


May Kristin said...

Your blocks are wonderful! Look forward to see them all together! I am sure your quilt will look great!
And guess what! I saw Leannes quilt for real this week-end! It is gorgeous! And the lady herself is so sweet!
Keep on your questioning! I have never answered them, but have had fun reading the questions and answers!

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