Saturday, July 01, 2006


A slump or lack of inspiration??? Maybe feeling paralyzed by my so called "stash. Is it because my room is a mess and I don't like to work in clutter (yet, I'm not inspired to clean it either - LOL) Doesn't matter, I simply have not been sewing!!! I had a long talk with myself and decided that it was time to find a project that would be quick and easy and make friends with my sewing machine again - it's been missing me! LOL And, so I sewed this week - WOOHOO! The floral project - "Turning Twenty-Again" is done with 12 floral fat quarters. Quick, easy and done. And the pastel quilt is a twin size (it's folded in half) Yellow Brick Road quilt. I purchased the fat quarter bundle of those plaid pastel fat quarters over 7 years ago and have been hoarding them for "the" quilt. I found them on Wednesday and decided that they would be a great Yellow Brick Road and I love it. I even had border and backing fabric in the drawer with the bundle. Another quick and easy project - call them DONE!!!!! OK, so they're not quilted - technicality :-)

Now, it's time to search for a new project. Am I ready for something with more grit and substance (triangles, etc) or should I find another quick and easy? More questions - sigh!!!!!!

On a different note. My daughter, Kristie and I had a girl's night out on Thursday and we went to see the premiere of "The Devil Wears Prada". We laughed and laughed and had a wonderful time. On the way home we did "dashboard dining" - had Chick Fil A - yum! Thank you, Kristie!

Thought for today: "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm" Ralph Waldo Emerson

My only daughter, Kristie
Time to sew


Vicky said...

Is Chick FilA good? They put a new one in right by my house but haven't tried it yet.

Those quilts are just stunning! I'd say you and your machine have bonded!

kcamou said...

Your FQ quilts look great! I know I definitely don't sew when my "area" is overwhelmed with "stuff". So, good for you in getting back into the swing of things. And I'm so envious of your night out with your daughter. Mine is still a bit young to do that kind of thing, but we make do.
Vicky, yes Chick Fil A is so very good!!!! One of my favorites!

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