Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More Progress (another little teaser!) teehee

Last night I finished sewing the bazillion half square triangles and got all the paper torn off. I pressed a handful just to post a little teaser this morning. I really enjoy doing this - it's my evil side. LOL

I've got my handful of half square triangles on one of my favorite tools - an Olfa Rotating Mat. This mat was a Godsend last night when I was cutting my triangles apart - slash/spin/slash/spin, etc. High recommended!

I've been playing a bit too much so now it's time to get to work - it's starting to pile up so I must get busy.

Thought for today: "The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity" Dorothy Parker

Gratitudes: Early morning quiet (a favorite time); a cup of fresh coffee


Suze said...

I just ADORE HST's........... Yours look like fun to play with.

Libby said...

What can it be? I will stay tuned *s*

Bonnie said...

Your Thought For The Day is great. I love Dorthy Parker's humor.

When will we see your HST's sewn together - and how will they be sewn together? Just curious!

Lisa D. said...

It's great how something simple like your 6-1/2" squares could help to get your creative juices flowing. Glad to know you're inspired again. Yes, sewing does make one a happy girl!

Judy said...

My gosh that is a lot of HST's! I've never used that method before. I either do the strips and sew back together method or I prefer to use the Easy Angle Ruler method.

I love your fabric though, it's so pretty. I like how the lights are so warm looking!

Doodlebug Gail said...

Once again I love your colour palette and I cannot wait to see what you're going to do with all those HST's. Have you seen the book "Spectacular Scraps?" Every pattern is based on a HST - really nice book.

I'm happy to be able to post to your Blog again.

Vicky said...

Well, missy, you certainly are being quite the little tease here! We'll get you for this!

I love that line. My friend, Mar, is making a quilt from it, and it's going to be gorgeous!

Can't wait to see yours! Or are we going to get another tease?


Dawn said...

So what are they going to be? That is one of my favorite lines of fabric!!!!

Kristie said...


Gonna have to steal it when its all done.....hee hee

Now do a good job, Okay!

Susan said...

Darlene, I hope your slump goes away. I do that sometimes, too. Usually when I've either been doing too much, or there's an overwhelming amount to do!

Love you quote, snagged it for my siglines. =)

I hope you enjoy your 3-day retreat. Maybe that will motivate you out of the sewing doldrums.

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