Monday, May 21, 2007

About Me
(had to add an 8th little tidbit)

I’ve been tagged by Nadine to list 7 Things You Don’t Know About Me:

1. I spent my childhood on a ranch in South Texas. (you can take the girl out of Texas but you can't take Texas out of the girl)

2. I’ve been married twice. First marriage was a rebound situation but thankfully my daughter Kristie came from it.

3. I graduated from Kubasaki High School in Okinawa (no reunions for me)

4. I’m married to a man who is 13 years older than I am.

5. My only sibling, a sister, is 16 years younger (I’m basically an only child).

6. I’ve lived in the Far East (Okinawa) and Europe (Germany). I visited East Germany (Berlin) while "The Wall" (aka Iron Curtain) was still up.

7. I've only been quilting for 7 years.

8. I speak Spanish fluently. (I used to read and write it, too, but I've lost it)

I’ve been tagged by Mary Anne and Linda to list 7 Weird Things About Me:

1. I can remember numbers (old phone numbers, social security numbers, old addresses, etc)

2. I have an affinity for dates – when something happened in my world.

3. I can and will pinch you with my toes. LOL

4. I can’t stand to have long nails – need to be able to feel with the tips of my fingers.

5. I won’t eat raisins – they remind of bugs (yuck)

6. I don’t like crowds; I’m claustrophobic

7. I have friends and acquaintances but I’m basically a “loner”

I'm not going to "tag" anyone, as I believe most have been tagged. And, if not then consider yourself "tagged".

I'll post my Celebrate Spring Fat Quarter Challenge teaser tomorrow - I haven't progressed much since last Monday. :-( Nicole, Sister's Choice Quilts and Dawn, Quilts and Pieces posted their teasers today - be sure to visit their blogs to see their progress.


tami said...

He he he. I pinch with my toes too. ;-D DH calls me monkey toes.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know some of your "secrets" ! LOL

... 7 years quilting ??? only ???? .... I would have thought you've made it your whole life through ! You're sooo talented ! (I guess you had the gene in your veins !)


KC Quilter said...

Okay, now I'll never eat another raisin!!!!

Libby said...

I thought I was alone in remembering every phone number, address, birthdate that has come my way. I feel better now *s*

Lisa D. said...

Only quilting for 7 years with all the quilts you've finished? Oh no, I don't believe that! OK, I'm convinced... you don't SLEEP either, do you?

Wendy said...

Thanks for sharing...only quilting for 7 years. You must be a natural.

I did it right the second time around as well, 9 years younger.

Patti said...

Aha! Caught up with reading your blog and learned more interesting tidbits about your life. I think it's that way with many of us quilters - we have friends and acquaintances but are very happy being all by ourselves for long periods of time. Need it, in fact - to stay sane! You've certainly accomplished a lot in 7 years - including developing a wonderful proficiency in applique!

Carole said...

I've really enjoyed reading about people. BTW, I pinch with my toes too! LOL Glad to read that you had a good time at the retreat! Looking forward to seeing your challenge quilt. Keep well and happy quilting!

Anonymous said...

Your husband is older, woo, tell us how you met him? ^_^ Now, as a wine makers wife I must wag my finger at your grape/raisin issues. Grapes are our income! Now, having said that- Ryan HATES raisins too. Go figure. Won't even eat grapes. Sheesh. Thats like making cheese but being lacose intolerant.

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