Saturday, February 12, 2011

Scrap Basket Sensation Blog Tour
Day 3
Here we are at Day 3 of the Scrap Basket Sensations Blog Tour; are you having fun?
By now you've hopped through Sherri's & Mary's fabulous blogs. If you're just discovering this blog tour then please go back because they have posted some wonderful completed projects and projects in the making. They have also included questions/answers they posed to Kim Brackett the author extrodinaire of this fabulous book. 10 autographed books will be given away during this blog tour so don't miss a single opportunity. Today it's time to visit talented Stephanie at Loft Creations - go NOW.
then on to:
Nicole at Sister's Choice Quilts - February 13th
Millie at Millie's Quilting - February 14th
Sinta at Pink Pincushion - February 15th
Look it'll be my turn
Darlene at Quilting Daze - February 16th
Karen at Nana Girl Quilts - February 17th
Sue at Quilt Times - February 18th
Carol at Brown Quilts - February 19th
You may want to visit all the stops on the tour everyday because I've noticed some project sneak peeks; adorable peek at Karen's (Nana Girl Quilts) yesterday. :-)
Good Luck!!!!!
In Friendship!
(while you're hopping & enjoying your Saturday Mr Daze and I will be celebrating our 34th wedding anniversary. Woohoo - they said it wouldn't last - HA!)


onlymehere said...

I've been following this and it's been lots of fun! It sure seems to be a great book. I'm excited for your turn! How's your husband healing? I've thought of you often but haven't had time to really make the rounds to everyone this week. I hope all is going well.

Joanna said...

Thanks for posting about this everyday, because it makes it easy for me to visit the blog of the day. It does seem like a nice book to add to my resources.

Dresden Quilter said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary!! My DH and I will have 38 in a few months!!

Kim Brackett said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Daze! I hope you have many, many more happy years together! Behave yourselves tonight and don't stay out too late!

Sarah Craig said...

This looks like such a great book! I can't wait to check it out.....

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Happy anniversary! I'm loving the quilts in this book! :-)

sunny said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow - 34 years. That's fantastic. Off to do some blog-hopping now!

Allie said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!! Congratulations on 34 years!

Jana said...

Happy Anniversary! I am little bit behind, my DH and I will have 26 in a few months.
Greetings from Jana in Prague, Czech Republic

Becky said...

Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful tribute to marriage! Hope Mr. Daze is on the mend:) Take care!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Hope your 34th wedding anniversary was very happy!!

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