Monday, August 06, 2012

Gifts, Christmas and Sewing!

(picture heavy long post)

I decided I'd share the wonderful birthday gifts I received from special friends. They never forget! I'm sure you are aware that there are friends and then there are REAL friends. :-)

I'm very blessed to count these ladies as REAL friends. :-)

Carol at Brown Quilts 4 Me sent a package of fun. I felt like a kid in a toy store. Staples is a toy store to me. LOL These fun treasures represent the bright colors I've been using in my quilts so much in recent months. Sticky notes, a fun spiral notebook with matching pen, cute mechanical pencils, zippered bags and sadly I cut out a cute plastic box. Thank you, Carol, you definitely know me. LOL

Carol at Carol's Craft Blog sent a gift certificate for the Fat Quarter Shop and I promptly ordered With Fabric and Thread by Joanna Figueroa/Fig Tree Quilts. No grass grew under my feet - LOL

Thank you so much, Carol.

Here's a little known fact about Carol and I.....we live in the Phx, AZ area....she in the West Valley and me in the East Valley (approx 75 miles apart) and we've never met. :-)

Mary at Quilt Hollow sent the beautiful green mat. It's actually beyond beautiful - my horrible picture doesn't do it justice. I'll try to remember to post a better picture when I decide where I'm going to put does need a place of honor. Mary, thank you so much!

Giftees from Wendy at Snippets of a Quilter. She knows that I'm seriously bagophobic so she surprised me with three adorable bags. The small half moon style bag is very, very cute. It's my favorite but don't tell the other two. LOL

This sweet My Buddy case was sent by a mystery friend. I've been wanting one of these cases for a very long time but just never treated myself. I've already set it up with scissors, needles, wonder clips, etc.

Thank you, Miz Mystery, you definitely ROCK. ;-)

Speaking of gifts!

We need to talk about Christmas gifts - nice segue, huh? LOL

Have you started working on Christmas gifts for the month of August? I'm not going to bug you too much today - it's too dang hot and who wants to think about Christmas NOW.

But, trust me, I will be back to bug you very soon. LOL

Yes, yes, yes I've been spending lots of time at my sewing machine and having a grand time. This is finish #2 of my precut projects. WooHoo!

It's Dottie by Cluck, Cluck Sew made using Sew Cherry by Lori Holt.

I'm not going to bore you with all the details of my journey with this quilt. There were lots of twists and turns; forks in the road, etc. When all was said and done I decided that I'm Lovin' It. :-)

I came very close to finishing precut project #3 this evening but we had a sudden tragedy. Please bow your heads in a moment of silence - my Rowenta died. She served me very well - 7+ years.

Guess she decided it was time to cool her steam vents. :-)

Here lies a steamy little number


Enjoy a pieceful day!

In Friendship!


QuiltNut Creations said...

Beautiful gifties Darlene. I love your quilt; congrats on the finish!

Not much is worse than losing an iron. Good luck with picking a new one.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Darlene,you received some beautiful gifts,enjoy.xx

Carol said...

Love Dottie...and I'm heading your way to sneak a bag or two out of your house...LOL! Gosh those are cute! Oh no...not your iron! I'm sad! I'm still loving mine and All Brands ships really fast.

Betsy said...

Great gifts Darlene.happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Another well used iron bites the big one but not without a great workout first. I can't believe you already have another top completed and it's another beauty. Congrats on birthday again dear deserve it!

Debby said...

Happy Birthday!!! What wonderful gifts you recived.

Cheryl said...

Wonderful gifts! Loved seeing what you were given. Wow, you whipped that one up fast. Adorable.

Yvette said...

Somebody must have been a good girl this year! Happy belated birthday!!

Your quilt is very pretty! I love those colors.

Lastly, I would like to off my condolences to your Rowenta. She/he will be joining my Rowenta that perished in July.

Thimbleanna said...

Happy Belated Birthday Darlene -- it looks like you were treated royally!

Christine said...

Lovely gifts .. thanks for sharing. Dottie looks fabulous ... I like your choice of fabrics.

paulette said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Darlene!! Is it me, or are the years coming on a little faster...didn't you just have a birthday?? :o) I guess that's a sign that we are having too good of a time because that 'time'is going by a little too quickly! Lovely gifts and your quilt is such fun!! Love it!

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Well someone made out like a bandit - I'm so glad you shared your loot! You deserve to be celebrated! Now I think you and Carol need to make plans to meet up! Dottie looks darling in Lori's cute line! Love that border. My iron is going on strike so I ordered the same one Carol did from All Brands. I've had pretty good luck with Rowenta, although they never last as long as I think they should. I think we. as quilter, just work them to death.

Wendy said...

The gifts are soooo lovely, enjoy them all. Oh my I love your Dotty quilt, you always pick the right fabrics. My travel Rowenta kicked the bucket on me a few months ago. I used that little iron a lot in my sewing room.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Your gifts are wonderful - as are your sweet friends! I loved them all.

Carrie P. said...

Happy Birthday! some really nice gifts. You deserve them.

Lori said...

So much goodness in one post...except the iron death. So sorry.
Love your little quilt despite the twists and turns.
Happy birthday Darlene!! You received some wonderful gifts.

Nancy E said...

Some wonderful gifts! Thanks for sharing them with us1

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Kaaren said...

Happy belated birthday, Darlene. Your friends know you very well. Enjoy!

Richardson said...

Those are some awesome gifts. I am in love with the My Buddy Box where in the world do you find one? Hope you had a Wonderful Birthday!

Vicki R

Unknown said...

Hi, I am new to blogs,etc. Have just started one of my own. How could I get involved in the "Christmas Throughout The year" ? Sounds like lots of fun and a good way to get your Xmas gifts done early.

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