Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tagged Again & More!

Last night before bed I found that Wendy had “tagged” me again with the "Thinking Blogger Award. Thanks so much Wendy!

I’ve thought about the other wonderful blogs that provide me with so much inspiration. Blogs that I read on a very regular basis (without fail) and feel slight disappointment when there’s nothing new. LOL I’m going to list a group of talented women and their blogs – these are women that I’d love to know better. You know exactly what I mean – you leave a comment on occasion on their blog but you always read it and they leave a comment on your blog and you hope that they always read yours as well. You want to be friends with them; you admire their work (and tell them); you’d love to sit and sew with them. Anyway, you get the picture!

Judy – I’ve been visiting Judy’s blog since I started my blog. She is a woman of many talents. She does incredible hand appliqué (have you seen it?????), she can quilt on a regular domestic sewing machine (I can’t do that), she does beautiful handwork and her eye for color is incredible. You must stop by her blog and see it ALL.

Hanne – So much I could say about Hanne but her blog will speak for itself. Such talent in those hands!

Cynthia – I’d love to live near Cynthia and be a part of a sewing group with her. She’s multifaceted.

Paula – I’m in awe of her knitting talent. Oh my goodness! She does beautiful quilting, as well, but it’s her knitting that speaks volumes to me. I don't knit so I admire hers from afar.

Gail – A kind soul with so much talent. And, she's an awesome Mom to Captain Cool and Sweetie Pie.

Paula (Coffee Time Quilter) - Paula used to quilt in her "younger" days (sorry Paula) and stayed away from it for a long time but has found this passion yet again. Her work is wonderful.

I'll be back later with "the more" - I need to take a picture or two!


Paula, the quilter said...

I'd knit you some Crazy Woman Sox but I use wool and you're in AZ! LOL!

Sweet P said...

Thanks for mentioning me. I'm so happy I've found my passion in life. Well, I should say my other passion, DH does come first.

I think it would be fun to have a blog get together. Maybe I'll nominate myself to plan one for next year.

Judy said...

Gracious thanks again Darlene! It's easy to do something we love so much!

swooze said...

Pppssssstttt I tagged you too but I let you get "off" without responding as you already have so many times!

Kris B. said...
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Kris B. said...
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