Monday, July 23, 2012

Christmas and More

It's that time again - yep - gentle nagging time. LOL

July 23 - 8 more days in the month - ACK!!!

If you haven't made at least one Christmas gift this month you still have time.

Psst - if you've made one then you have time to make one more. teehee!

If you want to be on board the CTTY Train when it pulls into it's next stop on July 31st and you need inspiration. Run as fast as you can to visit Carol because she's been providing tons of Christmas inspiration with her own Christmas in July challenge. I look forward to every day because I'm anxious to see what she's made. There are tablerunners, mug mats, wallhangings, oh my! She's posting something every day in July - yes, every day - I'm not kidding. GO NOW!!!!

It's ok you can admit it - you secretly wish you were on her Christmas gift giving list. :-)

Lest you think I've just been sitting around under an a/c vent. OK, you got me I have been doing exactly that (it's so stinkin' hot) however I have also been plotting and planning projects. teehee!

I've spent the past two days cutting projects.

Are you curious?

I'll be back later to share the cute piles and stacks of fabric ready and waiting to be introduced to my sewing machine.

Based on the bucket of colorful snippets and pile of white snippets how many projects do you think I cut?

Enjoy a pieceful day!

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QuiltSue said...

I reckon it's either 1 lap quilt or 4 table runners. The colours look great and I am looking forward to seeing what you are doing with them.

Cheryl said...

Love those snippets there...hmmmm, it's going to be wonderful for sure!! Great talking to you yesterday.

Deanna said...

I have finished two small projects so far. With luck, I'll finish another, but I am not counting on it. My sewing luck has not been great lately.

Wendy said...

Those are interesting snippets. Maybe another quilt in the works. I wish you some cooler days ahead.

QuiltNut Creations said...

Very pretty snippets! I'm wondering if you were playing with a Twister?

sunny said...

What pretty snippets! You're doing a great job with your pom poms. I'm off to check out the inspiration now.

Michele said...

Did you cut 3 projects? If you cut one or more I'm impressed :-) Cutting is my least favorite part. I'm loving Carol's posts :-)

Mama Spark said...

Looks promising! Are all those strings coming to me for my knitted rug? LMK and I will send you my address!!!

Just Ramblin' said...

Am very curious to know what you are going to do with those snippets. Can't wait to see! It has been hot here also. Hope you soon find things a little cooler in your area.

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